Hi. Whoever's said, bah, Usenet's too hard? Yep, if can be. This guide is designed to show people who are new to Usenet a simple way to get started. It will make it as easy as BitTorrent, but heaps faster

In this example we will set up Usenet using the Internode customer supplied free Usenet account, though it should work with any brought Usenet account, and with any ISP (of course the settings in Grabbit would be different).


1) A Usenet account

2) Grabit. Linky to download Grabit.

3) A method of finding those linux iso's. In this guide we'll use nzbmatrix as it's the easiest and it's just a webpage based search engine. Linky to NZBmatrix.

Setting up Grabbit

1) Run the installer, make sure "Associate Grabit with NZB files" is ticked

2) Enter in the name of your news server. For Internode users it's "news.internode.on.net"

3) On the next screen untick "Retrieve grouplist from server when I click finish", unless of course, you like doing what Usenet was invented for and reading newsgroups :p

4) Optional but recommended for full speed. Change the "Maximum allowed connections" to 8 or 10 (set to whatever gives you max download speed). Internode, at the time of writing, allows a max of 20 connections.

Note: Internode customers are not required to enter any username or password in Grabit.

That concludes setting up everything you need for downloading those files.



Nothing needs configuring to use NZBmatrix though I recommend signing up for a VIP account. This will give you 400 days retention (if your usenet account allows), and enables direct downloading of the nzb file, otherwise you need to download the nzb zipped and extract it for Grabit to use the nzb file.

A lifetime VIP membership only cost $10 yanky bucks so go for it :)

That's it, Bob's your Uncle, too easy Campese :) Now get out there and start saving our ISP's some bandwidth since uploading is not required.

A good guide here also: http://users.on.net/~cooperj/usenet/