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WS-19 Aust's remote control type 'E'    two per set . 19-rem.jpg (24253 bytes)
WS-62 's local remote control unit on top of a 62.

The 'far-end' unit is similar to a key in  a cover.

62-remote.jpg (42268 bytes)
This is a WW2 Aust battery-box [6-volt] used with

No11 sets along-side a half finished remake.

batt-new.jpg (69732 bytes)
This is  John Wagener using a 101 in my yard on air.

John's father used them early  in WW2 .

101jw.jpg (1776 bytes)
WS-11 in closeup:showing the correct  WT  watch.1943 11setWT.jpg (2600 bytes)
WS-19 Canadian MkIII sitting in its packing-crate 19mkIIICAN.jpg (3924 bytes)
This 4 x 4 GMH body W-Truck is on a Chev 6 chassis INT-42chevwt.jpg (1818 bytes)
This Battery box has connectors on 1 side.The

restoration mysteries unfold...

bat-box2.jpg (2150 bytes)
This is  a   WW2 No.10 HF base with a W.A.A.remake ceramic version [ceramic makes it cost effective and allows the base to stand up to the weather better than rubber.] bases-10.jpg (2089 bytes)
This shows the 19MkIII and Linear Amplifier 120 wattsThe 19 linear amplifier was used in scout cars etc. INT-can_rad.jpg (2293 bytes)
122 Aust Complete station[accessories not shown]

note the clip-on ant.base at the back,and canvas .

INT-compSTATN.jpg (4426 bytes)
122[or22Aust]ready for backpacking-showing the

immersion cover , straps and special belt with pins.

INT-covers.jpg (1757 bytes)
Remote control unit 'F' used with the 122 Aust-enables

another remote operator to take full control of the set.

INT-F-unit.jpg (1774 bytes)
Inside the above 'F' unit showing the relays, bell,etc . INT-in-F-unit.jpg (3237 bytes)
Inside the 'J' remote antenna tuner used at the end

of a long feeder cable to rematch  the feeder to the Ant.

INT-in-J-unit.jpg (2049 bytes)
Inside the 22/122 Aust Power supply .Unbeatable

reliability - 2 similar transformers,3 identical 50Hz Cans

INT-in-psu.jpg (1775 bytes)
t101 in field use with a type 'A' remote control in use with a wooden box to protect the set from damage. 101field.jpg (2470 bytes)
No.11 set showing only the main set[no-psu] 1943 model. 11SET.jpg (19304 bytes)
122MkII.HP station used after WW2 but using basically WW2equipment.Note the 122 set is modified slightly, and the Linear Amp is a specially modified version of the British19 Amplifier.The roller inductor was used with this setup,and the operation is AUTOMATIC start,and 25secdelay AUTO shutdown,with break-in operation as well.this is by far the easiest WW2 aussie rig to use.Just clickthe key once, it starts up, you go on air, and walk away after.too easy! INT-radio_b.jpg (2948 bytes)
WW2 Japanese receiver from a transmitting station. jap-rx.jpg (10064 bytes)
a 122 Aust set up correctly in the back of a jeep on the

original mounting tray.

jeep122.jpg (39745 bytes)
This FS6 power supply is very different to the 101-set

power supply and the outer case is 40mm higher.

fs6-PSU.jpg (18703 bytes)
this photo c/o Sgt .Colin Wagener shows Adelaide's only British No.1.set in 1938 in use at Woodside.Colin is in the photo.This shows the Class'c'wavemeter in use-British version. VERY similar to the 101 and Aust Class 'c'wavemeter copied by A.W.A. for the 1941 production lines.Colin is on the internet and may be contacted from here INT-no-1-1938.gif (237359 bytes)
This is a No11 set remote antenna tuner-extremely rare

these days ,used with long feed cables.

INT-no11tuner.jpg (1225 bytes)
Shows 122 or 22 Aust power supply with canvas coverover the output connector to reduce the rain getting into the connector as a precaution. INT-psu.jpg (1845 bytes)
This is a rack that has a S27 Halicrafters 27 - - 130 MhzBroadband FM or SSB etc receiver -[top]

and an AR88   [2nd down] made by RCA   ww2

3rd: AR17 built in Australia by Radio Corp     [Aust]

4th: AR17's XTAL calibrator using 18th Harmonic.=Airport frequency standard

rad_rack.jpg (146063 bytes)
Aust ww2  RC8 for NAVY small ships and made 1941 . rad_rc8.jpg (148613 bytes)
WW2 A.W.A. AT21 =    USA -AMT150 all made by A.W.A.the AMT 150 is the U.S. designation for the lend-lease radio swapping arrangement. radio_a.jpg (123742 bytes)
Remote control unit for the NAVY  RC8 [bridge unit] shows pencil,clip,h/phones,mic,red-and-green-lights,and abovethat there is a downlight for writing on a pad etc., a key and a ?coffee making machine? rc8-rem.jpg (29317 bytes)
Re-enactment photo during a re-invasion of a town in

Canada. the is a  48 set / British -checking .

re-en18.jpg (24213 bytes)
This is the main FS6 set bulit by A.W.A. in 1941.originallydesigned as a high power version of the 101 for the Indian Army, it wasn't long before the Australian Army decided to get a few for their own use FS6-RIG.jpg (33837 bytes)
Captured Japanese NEW transmitter/receiver taken in the crate - which was opened for the camera,inapprox1943. station-crate.jpg (12773 bytes)
Meter for testing Aust No.1. test_set.jpg (30878 bytes)
This is an early 101 [dark paint] 101-use.jpg (64998 bytes)
Under a 122 Aust. main set.with all shields removed INT-undr-set.jpg (2477 bytes)
Original installation of a British 22 in a British ww2 Jeep. JeepBrit22.gif (104418 bytes)
Shows a design fault area of the 122 Aust that is hard

to locate;

Fault: BFO refuses to oscillate.

Problem : the design should have used a 500K resistor.

Factory used a 1Meg resistor,and ageing results in 2Meg.

= 4x spec'; so it doesn't get enough plate voltage.

R1D is hidden in the wax; and is inside "L8A"

L8A.jpg (54769 bytes)
Shows the Aussie     Blitz  G.M.H. wireless truck

-Same as my project [backyard rustpile]

LGE-sketch.jpg (120668 bytes)
What a waste - a 4x4 Chev / GMH wireless truck  on

private property beside the road and not for sale-[now bulldozed] 1999.

Murrayville.jpg (16869 bytes)
This 109 MkII** needs a power supply of its own,  1940 . 109-mine-front.jpg (187372 bytes)
My first Wireless truck body[no-floor]

Thankyou to Ian Styles [tracked vehicle enthusiast]     near Parkes NSW

myVAN2.jpg (21197 bytes)
WAAAFS using a 109 set in the field.very early WW2. sm-109-waaaf.jpg (108768 bytes)
This view from the 11 Aust manual shows all the small

extras that go with the set - mounting frame + earths etc.

11assy-view.jpg (112172 bytes)
No11 mounting frame views ahowing at best that the

concept is much the same as the 1936 British 11 frame.

slight differences are being currently looked at.: Brit/Aust.

11tray-view.jpg (70740 bytes)
Just post ww2 in 1948 The British Army added 62 sets

to the new LandRovers and also this WS19+AFV38 setup

For much clearer info go back to the main page,then to LandRover pix.

afv31-ws19best.jpg (144880 bytes)
This view of a British No'1' set in England is 1 of very

few left. some related parts are in Australia - Does anyone

have any parts of 1 of these ? I am interested in finding anything for it.

brit-1-set-front.jpg (98716 bytes)
This view of a No11 set before restoration.1998.Restored and sold. sm-before.jpg (2062 bytes)
109 mk1 inside the lid showing the earlier mic and headset.1937. sm-109-mk1-lid.jpg (95086 bytes)
133 set made by A.W.A. in a Victorian Signals Museum ..  Simpson barracks ? sm-133.jpg (44635 bytes)

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