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This website started in August 2006.

Well there doesn't seem to be much about these on the internet so this website may help a few

more restorers with information and contacts eventually.

I have 2 empty radar trailers and one fairly complete one previously owned by Rowan.

 OK- here is someof the information I have found on the web or through other means -The Manufacturing Company was "British Thompson-Houston" so the badge was 'B' over 'T-H'  or BTH with the B at the top of the circular badge. At 5-1/4 tonnes and speed limited to 20 MPH in the Australian Army, they are difficult to move on the roads. One of the road transport considertions is that the lean angle is not very high - about 20 degrees. Also the pivot at the front means that the tilt-stability comes only ffrom the rear springs, so if the road leans to the left then the body leans over further. They do have over-rider mechanical 'Girling'UK brakes so they are safe for stopping.

The name for this trailer when it was at Woomera was "LUGS" [short for Bugalugs]

Its history is- [unknown when new]-then Woomera then DSTO then Rowan then Me .

I have noticed that many of them have had their tail lights replaced over the years but the original was a 1930s British Motorbike style of cylindrical red light about 1 inch in diameter...more soon.The project for building these 3mk7 s was called 'BLUE CEDAR" .possibly as early as Feb 1944 the project may have got started, and by 1945 the Radar sets went into production. Aparently  production stopped some time in 1946 .Other information from Rowan says that there were 326 of them made and his source says that production commenced in 1946.However they were used with BRAKEMINE [which may have been the codename for the 'Beam-Rider' missiles made in the UK. in 1945 so the trailers may have been sitting under a cloud of secrecy in 1944 & 1945.Rowan tells me that they were used in a number of Commonwealth countries.Much more information is  needed here.Please email me if you are able to add to this .I also hope that there might be someone who was heavily involved in using or designing parts of these radars who might be able to email me and help all of the other 'viewers' out here. The 3mk7 Anti-Aircraft Radar set was on the 3 Ghz band with a MAX-RANGE of about 50 km.The radar set can accept coarse information from another radar set and can refine it at the output,or it can be the main target follower. It can also be used in PPI normal rotating dish mode or in sector search mode.

These 3mk7 s were also used at Woomera Rocket Range in the 1950s and 1960s,and by the Australian Army in itsAnti-Aircraft Role.Also sometimes they were used to find the origin of Mortar firings.

Later some of them were painted white and used by Weather Bureaus as a remote control weather Radar.

The power supply was about 17.5 KVA American Delta 230 Vac between phases and 50 cy/sec .

the 3mk7 had a 3 cylinder Lister diesel plant, and the Mk8 version had a Meadows version .[Interchangable].

Many were not fitted with IFF units. There are also many variations and roles for this radar set.

They were aparently used with the development of project 'BRAKEMINE" at the end and just after WW2 - as a SAGW or Surface to Air Guided Weapon  project. The second door was fitted later on so there are some with the original single [RHS] door and many have the smaller 2nd door to the left of the original. This meant the ladder had to be moved to the other side of the trailer. The spare parts cupboard was sacrificed to make way for the 2nd door,and I am still trying to find out more about how they looked before modification.

In the future I will put the serial number or Army Registration numbers on this site of all the 3mk7s that have been

recently destroyed-melted down. This way if you are trying to trace a trailer you will know how it ended up.

I am trying to find websites relating to these radar trailers so if you see a good website about them then please send

me an email and I will add the link to this website. I hope this website becomes the main website for these radar sets in the long run. This is 'new' website-and for me it is early days in 2006,so more will be here in the future.


3mk7-AIR-CON.jpg (858208 bytes)  3mk7-Factory.jpg (708894 bytes)  3MK7-DISH-REAR.jpg (811000 bytes)

AIR -CONDITIONING               MAIN VIEW 3 MK 7                       GEARBOX SYSTEM

3MK7-CON-PANEL.jpg (1000935 bytes)  3MK7-DISH-LHS.jpg (849405 bytes)  3MK7-DISH-RHS.jpg (1037309 bytes)  TYPE3MK7-PT-ADEL.JPG (38355 bytes)

CONNECT-PANEL                  LEFT                          RIGHT                 INSIDE THE DSTO RESTORATION.

3MK7-MELB-TANK-MUSEUM-BELFIELD-4.jpg (181260 bytes)       3MK7-MELB-TANK-MUSEUM-SERVO-VIEW-5.JPG.jpg (168803 bytes)


According to Rowan -Other similar Radar sets were US - SCR-584  and the Russian Whiff/Firecan (S30) which was a derivative of the SCR-584.copied after the USA had a lend-lease agreement with Russia in the closing stages of WW2. [1939-1945]  Thanks again to Rowan for all his help.

If you want to email me - Andrew  - email here  -  tosty@internode.on.net   0422 574 723   within Australia    or +61 422 574 723 if you are not uin Australia