Lizards in the garden

Eastern Bluetongue Lizard. Tiliqua scincoides

Shingle-back (Sleepy) Lizard. Trachydosaurus rugosus

Tawny Dragon. Amphibolorous decresii

Three-lined Skink Leiolopisma trilineata

Lerista bougainvilli

Early November 2005 saw three large lizard species visit the garden. Eastern Bluetongues are here permanently (see My first bluetongue story link below) and the Shingleback has visited before. (see Sleepy story link below)  I have seen the Bearded Dragon near the garden before but recently one ventured into the garden. I took a photo of the Leiolopisma trilineata last year. I remember seeing at least 3 of these lizards scuttling away from the house at dusk over several days in November 2004. The new young Bluetongue (pictures 2-7 below) lives under our garden steps in a drainage pipe. He suns himself on the step every day and I occasionally throw him lettuce which he eats straight away. Picture 1 is our old Bluetongue who has been around the yard for at least 7 years. Picture 2 is the latest lizard as he appeared in our courtyard one day. 3-7 are the same lizard sunning himself on the steps. Picture 8 is the Tawny Dragon in the field over our fence taken on the video camera. When he came to the garden I didn't have a camera handy as I was setting off for work. The last two photos are of the Sleepy lizard who came to the garden in November 2005. More pictures of him on the link below.

our old bluetongue a young bluetongue, 2005 a young bluetongue, 2005 a young bluetongue, 2005 a young bluetongue, 2005 a young bluetongue, 2005 a young bluetongue, 2005 Tawny Dragon Leiolopisma trilineata
My first bluetongue lizard in the garden.
The Sleepy lizard visits the garden.
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