Pond Carnage.

One Saturday in September, we arrived home after a morning out and, taking a leisurely stroll through the garden, heard a commotion from the 'Noisy Miner's' in the bush opposite. The Miner's were chasing and swooping a large White Faced Heron which was persistently flying around their territory. It alighted in a neighbours yard where I filmed it being swooped by the Miner's. In a short time, it flew onto the roof of our shade-house. I called for Suzy to come and observe what I thought was a rare treat. She immediately responded with horror, exclaiming that the bird had most probably devoured her goldfish from the garden pond which was it was now eye-balling from our roof. After I was coerced into shooing the bird away, we checked the pond and to our disdain could see no trace of the eight fan-tailed goldfish that we had raised from young born in this same pond in our last house. Eventually we found some hiding amongst the pond plants and all but three were relocated to a safer environment. Three of our largest fish had been the meal of the Heron. Had we not returned home when we did, we may well have lost them all. After some deliberation we decided that the pond was the only place for the fish and that it must be covered against the Heron. So the next day I set about purchasing and erecting a bird net and wire structure which is a necessary but rather unnatural looking addition to our lovely pond.

The Pond. before Heron on the roof. Heron on the roof. Heron on the roof. Miner swooping Heron
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