Galah Nursery

In November (late Spring) the Galah's use the Mallee Box trees in the gully behind our house as a nursery. They leave their young here, in their own trees but in the company of other galahs of similar age while the parents go off to find food. They return from time to time to feed their young. The feeding is a noisy affair and very amusing to watch and especially to hear. The young petition their parents for food with such a noise that one would think that they are being tortured. When the parent finally nonchalantly condescends to deliver the food, it does so by thrusting its beak into the beak of the young bird who makes a great show by throwing its head backwards and forwards while making a big noise. Galah's are seed eaters and the young get a regurgitated porridge. My family once reared a young galah and we kept it as a pet for over ten years. When young we fed it porridge with a tea spoon and it made the same action and noise. It learned to make a sarcastic cough to mimic our chain-smoking neighbour. It had a small vocabulary and would dance on request. On occasions it would hang upside down from the roof of it's cage and squawk extremely loudly while flapping it's wings, crest raised as if in surprise. I have heard the native birds making the same sound occasionally as they roost. They can be real clowns. Their flight is often aerobatic and they seem to enjoy their lives. A 'galah' in the Aussie vernacular is applied to a person who is a bit of a kidder and a clown or who is harmlessly foolish.

Here is a .wav file of the feeding noise.

Download File. galah3.wav 53kb

While filming Noisy Miners in the birdbath, a lone galah heard the commotion and came for a drink also. Just managed to catch it on film before the battery cut out.

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