Bluetongue Lizard.

Eastern Bluetongue Lizard. Tiliqua scincoides

Blue-tongue Lizard

November 1999 

Another surprise visitor greeted us as we returned home from work one afternoon. As we wandered the garden, a rustling of leaves at the base of the rockery drew our attention to a rather long snake-like lizard who had seen us and was intent on getting out of our way. My first reaction was to calmly draw my wife's attention to it, then attempt to pick it up and relocate it at her insistence. I am, however, always enthralled by big lizards and I watched it elude me into the safety of a rock pocket. The relative cave of a rock pocket had been filled by myself with soil only one year previous but now had opened up again, possibly having washed away with the rain over winter. An ideal habitat for the Brown Snake! This hole must be filled soon but tonight it will shelter our visitor who will no doubt move on in his search for food in the warmth of the day tomorrow. I'd like to have it as a permanent guest looking after our snail and slug population but the yard is open for him to come and go. I don't look forward to a further encounter with the world's second most deadly snake though. If the Lizards roam freely here, the snakes may also pay a visit, perhaps when their waterholes start to dry up.

The following day, the Bluetongue had again returned to his new-found home. (I may be able to talk the wife into letting him stay.) I wish I had kept the Sleepy now. We could certainly use some help with the slugs and snails. Must stop using the snail bait.

The third day he is still in residence. I have installed a saucer of water near his new home! Imagine if it is a female and we end up with lizard city in the front yard. I would be rapt. The ladies in my life perhaps not so.

Bluetongue Lizard
The Lizard took up residence.
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