Images of Sydney

Sydney is a wonderful place to visit. A real variety of things to see and do. It's 'the Big Smoke' for Australian's like myself who live in smaller centres of population. I lived there for over a year many moons ago (Wollstonecraft, Maroubra and Forestville/French's Forest) and loved the place. Sydney is Australia's oldest city (1788) and it's largest city. It's harbour is unbelievable and it is full of Icons such as the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Sydney Tower. It has a lot of character being amongst hills around the harbour with wide sandy beaches. Much of it is built on sandhills and there are huge outcrops of sandstone everywhere with roads cut through them and houses and footpaths perched on them.  The parks and gardens have had two hundred plus years to grow so they are very mature and Sydney has a warm climate with reasonable rain which supports tropical species from all over the world. The native fig trees provide some fascinating sights growing out of vertical rock faces throughout the inner city in the most unlikely places. Sydney can match and often exceed the worlds great cities in many ways. It's hotel accommodation is second to none. It's easy going, affluent, warm ambiance is reassuring. It is relatively cheap to stay, travel, visit and shop and whatever you want, you can find it here. There are innumerable places of interest to visit. This is a very modern, cosmopolitan city, coloured with people of many races, especially South Sea Islanders such as Tongan's and Maori's, and it's Chinese population have been here since the Gold Rush days of the 1850's. In many ways it can be compared with American cities but it is much more homely. People here get paid real wages and so do not expect or want tips or gratuity; they will help you out of sheer generosity of spirit. This is the priceless legacy of a nation born out of suffering, dragging itself up by it's bootstraps to become the worlds most affluent middle class. Whether we can retain this culture with the onslaught of globalisation remains to be seen. There is little antiquity such as can be found in Europe; Australia is a young country as far as built heritage, but it's British convict heritage is intriguing.  Its monorail, electric trains, ferries and catamarans going everywhere make travel interesting. Here are some shots from my last visit.

Manly Beach Opera House from the bridge The 'Bounty' sails by the Opera House The Bounty The Bounty Circular Quay Harbour Cruise Sydney Harbour Sydney Harbour Bridge Walking onto the bridge Top of the bridge Top of the bridge Stairs inside bridge Displays from stairs in bridge walking along bridge Stairs under the bridge View from Sydney Tower View from Sydney Tower View from Sydney Tower Darling Harbour Ferry arriving at the zoo
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