Muir Woods.

America has so much for the visitor to see. However, the single most important thing for me was the Giant Redwoods. I love trees and bigger has to be better. Pity we didn't have a William Kent in Australia at the same time that he was buying up this valley in California. This great man saved these huge trees from almost certain destruction and ensured that they would be kept for people such as me to travel half way round the world to see. In Australia we had taller hard wood trees but they were all felled. There are still some fair sized ones left but America now claims the record for the tallest trees.

Muir Woods is 554 acres (224 hectares) of old growth Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) forest, fifteen miles north of San Francisco. Coast Redwood is the tallest species of tree in the world today, although there are older and bulkier trees. The tallest tree in Muir Woods is 254 feet (77 metres), but a day's drive to the north, several Redwoods can be found around the 370 feet mark. The average age of the Muir Woods trees is 600 years. Many have been found of much greater age. A cut section on display in the park reveals the growth rings of a 1021 year old Redwood tree.

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