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These web pages are a potted history representing thoughts and practices spanning a period of well over two decades. Below is a thirteen year old explanation of how it evolved. I have moved on from a lot of these things. The representations of my developing notions of physics and science and a smattering of philosophy in art are uppermost in my mind these days. Therefore the 'Art' button on the menu is the most relevant to my current circumstances. I am currently looking at modifying some pages to be more mobile phone compatible. There will be dead links here which will be annoying but nothing a back button wont fix. At one stage I had the site spread over four accounts with other ISP's and it became a real effort to re-code to the current circumstances. My social media accounts have had more content and more attention since 2008.

This page was last updated on 17/08/05.

This web site came into existence around ten years ago. There was no real reason behind it apart from the new-found novelty of being able to share like interests with complete strangers from all over the world. The service was on offer and it was a natural extension of the global information sharing ideal. I enjoyed visiting the "home pages" of the mainly academic people who were using the service in it's early days. There was a certain amount of excitement in being involved in new and ground-breaking technology which was being put into the reach of anyone who cared to take the time.

I started using personal computers at work in the 1980's. Tandy TRS-80 with system and data disk 5.25", no hard drive. 32K RAM. I learned TRSBASIC and wrote a few programs. I knew then that I had to have a computer of my own. When I got my first computer (486-SX with DRDOS) I remember thinking "well what do I do with it now". The word processor and the paint program, Corel 4 became my most used tools. I bought a Canon BJC-800 bubble jet printer and printed reams with it. When I installed a modem I knew that now I had a seriously powerful tool which would open up the world and give me a knowledge resource at my fingertips that could be accessed from home, very conveniently. Initially though, the information available was fairly limited. The interface in the very early days was text only but it was possible to download images in a fantastic new format, the .jpg. I, and many others wondered whether the internet would hold peoples interest and grow, or remain an eclectic "nerds" toy. I think we can say it has now become a part of the life of everybody in the developed world.

With over 3290 pictures, this is a public domain personal photo album.

I don't believe electronic text will ever replace the book. Part of my contribution to the written record is represented here. Follow the Self Publishing link and the whole of the text of my One Tree Hill Sketchbook will be unfolded to you. This is an online book. In 2003 it was archived by the State Library of South Australia and made available on line through their resources.

This book began as a medium to display my sketches. Some of those sketches and in addition, some paintings appear here. This is an online gallery.

Born in picturesque rural England, son of a Grenadier Guard, raised in the Australian desert amongst missiles and rockets. This is a life story.

Australians love to travel. My wife and I have travelled extensively. With over 3000 travel pictures, this is virtual travel.

Another love of ours is gardening. This site showcases our gardens and some of our botanical discoveries from our wanderings.

The British Empire was built and sustained by the wooden ship. The island continent that I call home owes it's civilization to one small English wooden ship and it's dedicated band of discoverers. I have been building a model of this ship and this 'hobby' is also showcased here.

When the Endeavour landed in this strange land, it carried botanists, astronomers and great navigators. They made many interesting discoveries which were carefully recorded and eventually presented to a world eager to know of all this planet's diverse productions. My own encounters with Australia's botanical and zoological productions are presented here.

I have tried to make the site attractive and innovative, but it's content is the focus. I return to old pages now and them to jazz them up or add or remove. I would like to develop more interactivity and design elements but not at the expense of the content or the speed and ease of loading. Everyone seems to be afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder these days and slow sites won't be accommodated. I replaced the wallpaper with a design I re-created from a medieval tile design I saw in one of my books. I then replaced this continuous design with one I found on tiles in Hoxne Church in Suffolk. The fleur-de-lis arrow image I use for my internal navigation has been digitally lifted from the tunic of the Black Prince's effigy in Canterbury Cathedral.

I began using the internet well before Tim Berners-Lee got his World Wide Web up and running. I was using the Mosaic browser with Compuserve. Eventually I leaned more to the web than Compuserve's world, but I was not happy to leave. In it's day their service was a mini-web and had many unique and valuable offerings such as 'forums' on myriads of subjects. They were the Rolls Royce of internet service providers and one of , if not the first to offer such services to the public. I stayed with them till AOL bought them out in 1999. I then signed up with one of the latest generation of ISP's, Chariot Internet. I was pleased at how much faster the connection was and how reasonable the rates were and the WWW was able to offer most of the things that Compuserve had, and more. The compuserve web site creation and publishing wizards were my launch pad to web publishing. I bought Laura Lemay's 'Teach yourself Web Publishing...' in 1996 and started adapting my pages with my own code. Helped Dad put his pages together and published them in December 1998. Transferred all of my web pages to Chariot's server in July '99.

Where to from here?  It is hard for me to delete things, I just continue to add stories and pictures where I can wangle some more space. One day I hope to be able to add more video with sound. I could do this now but it would be too clunky and space/time consuming to be worth the bother. It will come.

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