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Family heritage

Dad in Greatcoat. His brother Rod in full ceremonial.

Arm patch

Dad in Egypt. Warrant officers and sergeants mess outing to Cairo 1953. Second battalion Grenadier Guards, stationed in Port Said, Egypt. Dad; front row, fifth from left.

Dad meets Queen. Adelaide Town Hall.

Dad meets the Queen. Adelaide Town Hall. S.A. Guards Association.

My father has written a lengthy account of his experiences in the Grenadier Guards. He presents the story along with fascinating photographs of Anti-tank guns in the Egyptian desert and Queen Elizabeth's coronation. In fact while in Germany with the Grenadiers, Dad bought a fine German SLR camera which he used to good effect. His writing is very descriptive but combined with these pictures he is able to recreate the past as if it happened yesterday. His story is so voluminous we have had to break it into 3 parts and put groups of photographs on their own pages, linked to the text with clickable thumbnail pictures. The reader can digress to the photos and then will be returned to the same location in the text to continue the story.

My life in the Grenadier Guards. James A. Hill

Some of my Great Grandfather's paintings. (note Scotney Castle tower. see Scotney travel gallery)

Family works.

Grandmother's painting. Great Grandfathers models. Grandfathers painting.

Visit to Grandmother's home in Leicestershire. August '97.

Bateman anscestry

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