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Little Marbled Bark Scorpion
Lychas marmoreus
Granny Moth
Dasypodia selenophora
Ship model
Grapevine Moth Caterpillar
Phalaenoides glycinae
Elephant Weevil
Orthorhinus cylindrirostris
Feeds on Eucalypt trees.
Crusader Beetle or St. Andrews Cross Beetle Nymph
Mictis profana
Tobacco Looper Moth
Chrysodeixis argentifera
Huntsman Spider
Isopeda immanis
Social Huntsman Spider
Delena cancerides
Common Mud Dauber Wasp
Sceliphron laetum
Caper White Butterfly
Belenois java teutonia
Wanderer or Monarch Butterfly
Danaus plexippus plexippus
Glatigny's Tiger Moth

Hakea Moth
Oenochroma  vinaria

Robber Fly

Parasite of other insects.
Crusader Beetle or St. Andrews Cross Beetle
Mictis profana
Red-shouldered Phasmid
Tropidoderus childreni
Feeds on leaves in canopy of  Eucalypt trees.
Common Papernest Wasp
Polistes sp.
Wattle Snout Moth
Pararguda nasuta
Praying Mantis
Tenodera sp.
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Living in a fairly young suburb, built on grazing land near remnant bush means that we see a great diversity of creatures from time to time. Our garden is designed and maintained with these creatures in mind and remnant indigenous trees just by the fence increase the likelihood of their visiting. This we welcome and encourage. In over a decade here we have seen some amazing creatures. Many of them we have only seen once which would indicate that their numbers are far from plentiful. We do all we can to ensure their survival including keeping our two cats indoors or on harnesses.
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This is the 'Bugs' Page
This is the 'Bugs' Page