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XFILES will encode any file you want into a normal RAW WAV file (uncompressed) that you might happen to RIP from a CD using CDX tools. The file will be encoded in such a way as to not effect the WAV file in any way that a human can hear, you will hear NO difference at all, it will be undetectible.
So if you are an agent or spy or just a 12year old that wishes to keep secrets or a musician that wishes to store 'cute' band stuff in their songs, then get this. Once your sound files are encoded, no one will know that there is data in them, they will just think its a normal song on the CD. Its perfect! And since you have the source here, you can change it, and crypt it your own way and hide it in your own custom way so no one can even find it if they even dared to try.

Its here, just download it and run the program , or download the source code is the full source code to the program, because source codes are good to your health and the best way for software to be.

Run it, select your source file and then select a clean WAV file (16bit) and run ENCODE. And bingo the file is encoded, you may now delete the original file and burn the wav file to a normal AUDIO-CD. No one will ever know that you have secret hidden files in that audio cd, not even the CIA. Then when the right time comes you can just run the program , select the wav file and do DECODE and it will decode the audio file to give you the original file. Other uses ofcourse are custom CDplayers which could encode images or karoke texts or low bit rate video, or bio's or any thing. NOTE: the crypt function is not yet enablde, but will be soon.

As far as I know no one has ever thought of this before, so this is a first.

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