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This is a real cool screen saver, and totally free. What it does is show numerous webcams from around the world and update them hourly with news at the bottom of the screen like any news network channel.

Now the cool thing is, its totally configurable by you, so you can add as many remote urls as you want or as many local file locations of your own images as you like. (Only for personal use, any company or organization requires permission from me for a licence at a modest cheap licence). The software supports any jpeg/bmp images as well as AVI/MPEG/WMV files to be used instead of still images, they will be played once then move on to the next item in the list in sequence.

Price? Free or ?
The software has no usage limitation or crippleness, or spyware, or backdoors. It can be built for more dynamic content updates, but as is, it has zero outgoing network connections apart from the ones you define yourself as the source media content and source RSS news content. And there are no listening sockets/network ports openned by default.

All that I ask is, that if you really like this, just purchase some real affordable quality jewelery from I am sure the wide variety will appeal to ladies of all styles.

Beta at Download here

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