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09.11.06 - Web Log Reporter
Cool website log reporter, to make cool usage reports, coming soon.

15.07.06 - Newscaster Screensaver beta
Just a cool screen saver + news scroll bar, it syncs and shows latest news and cool hires webcams from around the world, totally configurable to include any links/files content you like, and even supply your own xml update feeds.

15.06.06 - Ski Videos updated
Updated with the latest of this year, and videos are up on google video now.

15.06.04 - Ski Videos up
I have added some cool ski videos which I have had for a while but reprocessed to be nicer with an actual html page this time. Basically its a bunch of timelapse videos composed of daily webcam images of the ski fields, they cover most of the season, but I should really do all 365 days in future.

12.03.04 - New Software Added
Our massive R&D effort (just me) has just released a beta of Auto-Q-Prompter, its a teleprompter for use in tv stations/cabletv stations and any one that needs a live reader to read of a cue sheet. It has great interactive controls for the controller, and provives nice and easy to use scroller thats smooooooth. Beta so far is free, but final will be for sale ofcourse.

Product News

02.02.04 - Total New Site Revamp
As you can see the whole site has change , with reorg of all projects and data and links etc. Enjoy the new look and enjoy the products too.

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