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Live2Mp3 is a realtime mp3 encoder for windows that records the input from your sound card right into a mp3 file (or any other format). All it really needs is Microsofts new Mediaplayer 5.2 or Netshow from HERE or you can just downlaod the here or from alternative site or last resort here at aol .

Its here, just download it and run the program , or download the source code is the full source code to the program, because binaries SUCK ASS and source code rules. Any one who doesnt release utils and source code is a 80s shmuck!!! What are you afraid of? This shareware requires that you pay $0.00 every 1 month of use, if not paid, it will expire in 100 years time.

Run it dude, and hit record , and it will do its work, if you are scared of running wierd utils, YOU have the source code now for you to read through and recompile if you wish or even to make it better!!! Because it uses the free codec from microsoft licenced from the Fraunhofer company, it is limited to 56kbits/24000hz maximum, which is the max anyway for a P200 or so computer to do well.

If you want other solutions, try IOmegas RECORDIT, its quite good, but its only for mp2 format, download it here.

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