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Here we like to supply links to various of our partners and friends and people we think are cool.

Some Friends of Ours
Shangcorp . com
Unlimited 'free' SMS (IM) for Cell Phones
Dynamik Web design and IT
Dynamik's Cool Techy News Site
Psygenix Music
Automatic Cafe at Crown, Trendy Cafe/Bar
Soul Mama, 100% vege trendy cafe
Sopranos Pizzeria
Transport Bar expose at Fed Square, Funky Cafe/Bar
Shine TV, Christian TV Channel
X-mods.co.nz, all good xbox stuff
Best Aussie Ski Website
PlayBox Digital Video Editing
Advanced Technologies New Zealand
Blue Tongue - game software development house
University of Melbourne, Australia
Interactive Taxi Adds

My ex-Workplace
Uni Melb (1995-1997)
Quest (2000-2003)
ACTek (2004) [DEAD]
Local Rain Radar

Melbourne City Webcam

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