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Product Overview

The fastest, most accurate way to track and profile your Web site activity. This powerful analysis tool was designed to provide you with all the information you need to help you optimise the effectiveness of your online investment.

Ideal for any medium to large online business, eCommerce or education site, it gives insight into everything from server load, customer buying patterns to Intranet analysis. It allows you to gain essential feedback on visitor behaviour and preferences so you can customize your site to your clients needs.

Its intuitive user interface, accuracy and depth of analysis means its dead easy to use, even a monkey or your mom could use this. Sophisticated charts and graphs and customizable output allows data to be deployed across departments or directly into publications such as annual reports or business plans.

We have also included new features like Streaming analysis, for QuickTime, Real Video and a number of other streaming formats. PDF output option has also been included so you can save reports to a single file, and RTF output has been improved to output to a single file.

Price? 100% FREE
The software has no usage limitation. Free to use , so enjoy.

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Perpetual Beta at this link : iReporter_Setup.exe

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