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We (that is me, myself and I) are a small group of dedicated visionaries that see far into the future of what can be and bring it forward.

I am a very experience software engineer with over 11 years commercial experience and 15+ years personal programming/design experience from the early days of C-64 to Amiga and Dos/PC to Linux and Windows then on to MacOS. I have delved in a lot of different systems over that time.

Commercial Experience
The commercial world expecially the corporate world can be tough, but not in terms of development and creating cool products, that part is easy (well for me) the harder and challenging part is working with the guys that pull the strings and set the direction (or kill it). Knowing the bussiness and marketplace is just as important as knowing the API of XYZ codec or network layer.

My two greatest success stories and experiences were being part of two different startups with two different results, the third is still developing.

The Early Days
One being a Digital Video Editing system (similar to Premier/Avid) but built on dedicate three machine system based on Amigas in 1993/4 using 14gig of HD space which at that time was something of high capacity that also was quite expensive. It compared to Avid well, but we only had three full time programmers and minimal funding, so we achieved a lot compared to million dollar companies with massive budgets, the software later was appropriated and morphed into Applied Magic Boxes which are dedicated rackmount slimline editing boxes. It was a great learning experience but pitty it died after no investment came along, but at least part of the software lived on.

The Big one
Number two was a project we started in 1996 at the university lab, a web log analyzer that I created and we left the university and started our own start-up. It primarily was made for the Mac at first, but soon ported by me to Windows and Linux. It grew well, became popular and well received and then got taken over by a NASDAQ company. Now the product is shelved and discontinued but available for free.

Recent achievement
Number three, this project was very interesting in that it involved hardware and remote deployment in a public place. I came along mid way to take over from a leaving developer, I quickly adapted and made great progress. The project is a Taxi Advertising system in the back seat developed for ITVME.com by ACTek whom I work for. Using embedded windows with custom hardware that used GPRS/Wifi for communication and data updates. Overall a great and exciting project, but badly underfunded and mismanaged by people who havent had experience in a combination hardware/software platform. But in the end it was working fully, even though there was a high amount of vandelisation done on the part of the taxi passengers (or perhaps friday night drunks). Not even coding
 If ( punched==TRUE ) CallNumber( "000" ); 
could fix that :-)

I am available for any programming/design contract work, or even permanent innovative work.

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