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(These are lists and a few links. Apart from a few articles and album releases, actual works are not online)


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  • Robert Childs - BandCamp site Listen to and purchase songs and albums
  • Robert Childs on TwitMusic
  • Robert Childs on Route Note
  • Robert Childs - Facebook page
  • Robert Childs - songwriter (Facebook page)
  • Robert Childs - songwriter (Blog)
  • Robert Childs nimbitmusic page (purchase songs/albums)
  • Robert Childs Reverbnation page (listen to some songs) see widget below
  • Robert Childs on SoundCloud
  • Robert Childs - Songwriter Rebelmouse page
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  • Robert Childs - Twitter page

  • Robert's YouTube Channel
  • Robert's Garden Path (Blog)
  • Robert's Rebelmouse page
  • Robert's Google Profile
  • Some South Australian Families (family history)
  • Songwriter Recordings Blog (and RSS feed)
  • Songwriter Recordings on Myspace
  • Songwriter Recordings on Reverbnation

  • Websites I used to maintain

  • Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association (SCALA) Archived site - all my own work!
  • Robert's Bandcamp store
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