Payne family from the 17th Century

Note: Randolph George Stewart Payne was the first of my Payne line to arrive in South Australia in 1857 although his uncle George had already settled in SA in 1853.

Some South Australian Families

Benjamin PAYNE

Note: Details of Benjamin PAYNE (alternatively spelt as PAIN) have been extracted from The Paynes In Australia, IGI data, John Ward's research and information from Dr Ian Payne FSA. (see Sources below). Father: not known
Mother: not known

Family: Elizabeth JOHNSON

CHILDREN (IGI data; to be confirmed; sometimes shown as PAIN):

  1. John PAYNE (c. 25 October 1738, Burton Overy, Leicester, England)
  2. Benjamin PAYNE (c. 29 July 1740, Burton Overy, Leicester, England; d before 1745?)
  3. Elizabeth PAYNE (c. 1 October 1741, Burton Overy, Leicester, England; d 1741?)
  4. Randal (Randolph) PAYNE c. 16 January 1743, Burton Overy, Leicestershire, England
  5. Benjamin PAYNE (c. 30 April 1745, Burton Overy, Leicester, England)
  6. Thomas PAYNE (c. 13 March 1747, Burton Overy, Leicester, England)
  7. Elizabeth PAYNE (c. 24 January 1749, Burton Overy, Leicester, England)
  8. James PAYNE (c. 30 September 1751, Burton Overy, Leicester, England; d 1751)

Randolph PAYNE

Note: according to research by John Ward and confirmed in The Paynes In Australia (see Sources below) Randolph PAYNE's first name was often recorded as "Randall" (or variants). Father: Benjamin PAYNE b 1714
Mother: Elizabeth JOHNSON

Family: Eunice FREER

  1. Dorothy PAYNE (b about November 1769, Narborough, Leicestershire; d Unknown)
  2. James PAYNE (b. about January 1772, Narborough, Leicestershire; d Unknown)
  3. Charles PAYNE, b. 1773, Huncote, Leicestershire; d. August 1833, Huncote, Leicestershire
  4. Mary PAYNE (b. about June 1778, Huncote, Leicestershire; d. Unknown)
  5. Thomas PAYNE (b. about July 1782, Huncote, Leicestershire; d. May 1834, Huncote, Leicestershire)
  6. George PAYNE (b 1784, d 1838)
  7. Elizabeth PAYNE (b. about November 1786, Huncote, Leicestershire; d. before 1792)
  8. John PAYNE b. c. July 1789, Huncote, Leicestershire
  9. Elizabeth PAYNE b. c. March 1792, Huncote, Leicestershire; d. Unknown

George PAYNE

Father: Randall PAYNE
Mother: Eunice FREER

Family: Susannah JARVIS

  1. Susanna PAYNE (b 1808, Barkby Thorpe, Leicestershire; d about November 1823, Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire)
  2. George PAYNE (b 15 June 1811, Barkby Thorpe, Leicestershire; d 16 December 1889, North Rhine, Keyneton, South Australia)
  3. Joseph PAYNE(b April 1813, Barkby Thorpe, Leicestershire; d September 1840, Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire)
  4. John PAYNE (b 1815, d 1878)
  5. Amelia PAYNE (b November 1818, Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire; d January 1822, Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire)
  6. Eliza PAYNE (b October 1820, Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire; d Unknown)
  7. Sarah PAYNE (b August 1822, Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire; d Unknown)
  8. Jarvis PAYNE (c 5 June 1825, Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire; d 1883?)

Notes on some of the children and grandchildren of George PAYNE (1784 - 1838) and Susannah JARVIS:

George PAYNE (1811 - 1889) married Elizabeth Anne SHARPE at Sileby Leicester, England in 1833 and they had the following children:

  1. Joseph PAYNE (1834-1835)
  2. Frederick PAYNE (1835-) m Charlotte BARNES (19y), 24 September 1863, at the residence of Samuel Barnes, Evandale SA
  3. Eliza PAYNE (1838-1839)
  4. George Arthur PAYNE (1840-) m Sarah Ann JACOBS (d 9 September 1880, Keyneton) 19 June 1861, Keyneton; m Hannah C BLACKHAM (28y, f Henry Hamilton Blackham), 21 February 1883, Wesley Church, One Tree Hill, South Australia
  5. Anna PAYNE (1842-) m Archibald MOONEY (21y, f John Mooney), 12 March 1863 at the residence of Mr Payne, Nth Rhine, SA
  6. Joseph PAYNE (1844-1868)
  7. Susannah PAYNE (1846-) m William BARNES (23, f Samuel BARNES), 16 November 1865, at the New Independent Chapel, North Rhine, SA
  8. Charles PAYNE (1848-)
  9. Alfred Edward PAYNE (1851-) m Emma BARNES (22y, f Samuel Barnes), 6 April 1874, at the residence of Samuel Barnes, North Rhine, SA
George, Elizabeth and their surviving family migrated to South Australia on the Ann Holzberg (Captain W Harris) which departed from Liverpool, 4 May 1853 and arrived in South Australia, 15 August 1853. According to The Paynes In Australia, it appears that, tragically, Elizabeth Anne PAYNE (nee SHARPE) died on the voyage in childbirth within sight of Kangaroo Island South Australia. George PAYNE became a farmer at North Rhine, Keyneton, South Australia.

Thanks to John Ward and Julie Rowe whose excellent work demonstrated that George Payne and his family settled in South Australia before the arrival of my great grandfather, Randolph George Stewart PAYNE. Possibly uncle George helped organise RGS Payne's meeting with and employment by John Howard Angas (see obituary of RGS Payne below).

The Paynes In Australia is a comprehensive family history of this branch of the Payne tree.

John PAYNE - details below


Father: George PAYNE
Mother: Susannah JARVIS

Family: Lucy Wetherall STEWART

  1. Lucy Stewart PAYNE (b 11 May 1840, High Street, Saint Martin, Leicester; d 13 February 1929, Hutchinson Hospital, Gawler, South Australia)
  2. Randolph George Stewart PAYNE
  3. Ebenezer Stewart PAYNE (b 1844, Leicester; d 1889)
  4. Susannah PAYNE (b 1848; d 1852)
  5. Emma Julia PAYNE (b 1850, Leeds, Yorkshire; d 1921)
  6. John Arthur PAYNE (b 1852, Leeds, Yorkshire; d 1883)
  7. Edward Bailey PAYNE (b 1855, Leeds, Yorkshire; d Leeds, 20th November 1936, from acute bronchitis and senile decay)
  8. Agnes Emmeline PAYNE (b 1856, Leeds, Yorkshire; d 1895)

Notes on some of the children and grandchildren of John PAYNE and Lucy Wetherall STEWART:

Lucy Stewart PAYNE married John Dickinson LEATHART (born 9 July 1832, Alston, Cumberland, England, f John LEATHART, m Margaret SETREE), 13 November 1860 at Parish Church, Leeds, England, by licence (information discovered by John Ward). Lucy and John had at least 2 children in England and then migrated to South Australia in 1871 or 1872 where they had 4 more children. They probably had 3 more children (a boy and 2 girls) in England - Lucy's death certificate indicates she had 9 children in all (3 boys and 6 girls). John LEATHART died at North Coolgardie in West Australia in 1899. Their children included the following:

  1. Agnes Emily LEATHART (b 11 Feb 1861 [teaching record], Newcastle-upon-Tyne; m James Lynch BLACKHAM, 14 May 1890 at North Adelaide, SA; d 26 October 1951, Adelaide, South Australia)
  2. Clara Maria LEATHART (b 30 May 1862, 8 Cromwell Street, Elswick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; m James WILLIAMSON, 1882 at residence of JD LEATHART, Walkerville, SA; d 26 May 1914, Lower Light, South Australia)
  3. Lizzie Beatrice LEATHART (b 4 July 1874, Walkerville, South Australia, d 12 May 1884 at Prospect, SA)
  4. Arthur William LEATHART (b 1 June 1876, Walkerville, South Australia, m Florence May WILDEN [f Thomas WILDEN], 12 November 1912, St. Mark Church, Maylands, South Australia; d 13 April 1944)
  5. Edward Norman LEATHART (b 7 November 1878, Walkerville, South Australia, d 23 April 1880 at Walkerville, SA)
  6. Lucy Norma LEATHART (b 13 November 1880, Walkerville, South Australia, m Peter ROSS, 29y, (f Peter ROSS) on 23 August 1905 at Methodist Church, Lower Light, SA; d 19 December 1980 [100y], buried Centennial Park, SA). According to my mother's notes Lucy and Peter had 4 children (2 boys, 2 girls - Gwenda Leathart ROSS and Isabel Norma ROSS).
Lucy Fry (formerly Leathart nee Payne) - about 1903
(photo courtesy of Claire Humzy) At the age of 63 (7 October 1903), Lucy LEATHART, nee PAYNE, married widower James FRY (71 years, father Abraham Fry) at the residence of Mrs E Priest at Mintaro, near Clare, South Australia. It appears that he was a schoolmaster at the Mintaro school from 1872 to 1902. James FRY (b 17 March 1832 according to his teaching record) died at Mintaro on 10 August 1909 (77 years). Lucy FRY (formerly LEATHART nee PAYNE) died on 13th February 1929, aged 88, and is buried at Walkerville Cemetery.

Thanks to John Ward with assistance from Anne Leech and Julie Rowe for some of the details about the Leatharts. Photo of "Mrs Fry" courtesy of Claire Humzy (another Payne descendant).

Randolph George Stewart PAYNE - details below

Edward Bailey PAYNE - according to my mother's notes this younger brother of Lucy and RGS PAYNE remained in Leeds. It appears my mother did not know of the other siblings identified by John Ward.

Randolph George Stewart PAYNE - 1919 Randolph George Stewart PAYNE - about 1900

Randolph George Stewart PAYNE

Father: John PAYNE
Mother: Lucy Wetherall STEWART

Family 1: Elizabeth HOLMES (parents Henry and May Ann, b 12 May 1846, Angaston, d 5 October 1869, Angaston)

Elizabeth Payne (nee Holmes) died in childbirth (a son - stillborn). The following grim notices appeared in The Register on 11th October 1869:

PAYNE - On the 5th October, at Salter's Springs, the wife of Mr RGS Payne, of a son, stillborn.
PAYNE - On the 5th October, at Salter's Springs, Elizabeth, the dearly beloved wife of Randolph George Stewart, son of John Payne, Esq., Leeds, England, and the daughter of the late Mr. Henry Holmes, Angaston, in her 23rd year. She sleeps in peace. English papers please copy.

Family 2: Jane HARRIS

  1. Ernest Edgar Leonard PAYNE (1872-1908)
  2. John Randolph Stewart PAYNE (b 19 October 1873, d 2 August 1902)
  3. Oliver Percival Luff PAYNE (b 22 April 1875, d 9 September 1954)
  4. Edith Bessie PAYNE (DABOVICH) (b 13 October 1879, d 1 September 1959)
  5. Ethel Annie PAYNE (b 24 September 1880, d 24 March 1889)
  6. Emmeline Clara PAYNE (b 23 October 1882, d 31 January 1967)
  7. Hubert Edward Harris PAYNE (b 5 March 1884, d February 1957)
  8. Alexander Russell PAYNE (b 10 May 1886, d 1927)
  9. Ross Campbell PAYNE (10 May 1886, d 1964)

The following death notice appeared in both The Advertiser and The Register on 17th May 1921:

PAYNE - On the 16th May, at his son's residence, Opie avenue, Hyde Park, Randolph G. S. Payne, of Glen Osmond road, Frewville, late head master (50 years) of Public Schools, in his eightieth year.

The following obituary, handwritten by my mother, appears to be have been copied from a newspaper article (possibly The Register, 20 May 1921):

Mr Randolph George Stewart Payne

The death of Mr R.G.S. Payne in his 80th year occurred at his son's residence, Opie Avenue, Hyde Park, on Monday morning. For more than 50 years he taught young people in schools in South Australia and he was well known, particularly in the country districts.

Born near Leicester on January 21st 1842, Mr Payne was educated at Leeds Grammar School and Pontefract Commercial College with the idea of becoming a chemist. His father was a manufacturing chemist. However in 1857 he came to South Australia. He had letters of introduction from his parent to commercial acquaintances who included leading chemists in Adelaide. On the night of his arrival he met Mr John Howard Angas who had come from Angaston to look for a bookkeeper for his father (the late Mr George Fife Angas [1789 - 1879, merchant, banker, landowner, philanthropist]). Mr Payne accepted the position and remained for several years.

In Adelaide, later, he met Mr John L Young, "a pioneer educationalist" and joined his Adelaide Academy. After 5 years Mr Payne's health broke down and he then went as a private tutor in the mid north. There he opened a school but ill health again compelled him to relinquish his duties. He moved back to Angaston where he opened a private school.

Then at the request of Mr [John Anderson] Hartley (Education Department [1844 - 1896, educationalist, first Inspector-General of Schools]) Mr Payne joined that Department and was appointed to Golden Grove (about 1874). In 1878 he opened a new school at Crystal Brook - his next transfer was to North Adelaide under Mr Gill - then he was sent to Clarendon and in 1880 he opened a new school at Snowtown. Nine years followed at Campbelltown then at Kangarilla and later he spent 13 years at Wilmington. From there he retired in 1912 [70 years] to live at Glen Osmond Road, Frewville.

Mr Payne took a keen interest in sport. At Snowtown he was secretary of the Agriculture Association while at Wilmington he was President of the Institute, Hon Secretary of the Agriculture and Horticulture Societies, Chairman of the Agriculture Bureau, a trustee of the Oddfellows Lodge, a member of the Vigilance Committee, Secretary and Captain of the Rifle Club and President of the Frome Teachers Association. He was a lay reader in the Church of England and was a member of the Flinders Lodge of Freemasons and member of the Parkside Bowling Club.

Wherever he went Mr Payne was well liked and he was highly esteemed among a wide circle of friends. He has left a widow and four sons and two daughters Mr O.P.L. Payne (Frewville), H.E.H. Payne (Hyde Park), R.C. Payne (Torrensville), A.R. Payne (Evandale), Mrs A. Dabovich (Pt Lincoln) and Miss E.C. Payne (Frewville).

RGS Payne's Teaching Record - from Brian Condon's Database (qv)

Teacher ID - 8014

1867 - 30 Jun 1870 - Salter's Springs
1872 - 1876 - Golden Grove (Head Teacher)
1877 - Crystal Brook (HT)
1878 - North Adelaide
1878 - Training College (Feb to Mar)
1878 - 1881 - Clarendon (HT)
Aug 1881 - 1885 - Snowtown (HT)
1887 - 1893 - Campbelltown (HT)
1894 - 1898 - Kangarilla (HT)
1899 - 1911 - Wilmington (HT)
Leave Without Pay 16 May - 14 Oct 1911
October 1911 - Burnside
November 1911 - Kangarilla
1912 - Wilmington

Date of Retirement - 29 Jun 1912

Oliver Percival Luff Payne - 1904

Oliver Percival Luff PAYNE

Father: Randolph George Stewart PAYNE
Mother: Jane HARRIS

Family:Edith Alma BARNES

  1. Edith Alma PAYNE b 23 November 1904; m Otto MUNZER 31 January 1937; d (75y) 6 April 1979
  2. Marjorie Luff PAYNE (my mum)
  3. Jean Olive Stewart PAYNE b 27 May 1909; m Leslie ROWE 6 July 1935; d (82y) 31 December 1991

Marjorie Luff Payne - 1927

Marjorie Luff PAYNE

Father: Oliver Percival Luff PAYNE
Mother: Edith Alma BARNES

Family: Norman Ernest Fogden CHILDS

  1. Ethel Jean CHILDS (b 19 January 1931, Warraweena Private Hospital, South Australia, d. 4 July 1985, Glen Osmond, South Australia)
  2. Robert Norman CHILDS (b 1949, Mile End Emergency Hospital, Mile End, South Australia)

_ Randolph George Stewart PAYNE +
_Oliver Percival Luff PAYNE______ |
| |_ Jane HARRIS +
|--Marjorie Luff PAYNE
| _ Henry BARNES
|_Edith Alma BARNES__________ |
|_ Alma Roberta CARLIER


Some South Australian Families

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