Childs family from the 18th Century

In Britain the spelling of this family name varied between "Child" and "Childs" . In Australia, Henry Benjamin Childs used "Child" and "Childs" as surnames. It appears that most of the family settled on "Childs" by the end of the 19thC.

Some South Australian Families

George CHILD/S

Birth: possibly 7 July 1755, Kirdford, Sussex, England - IGI C070701
Occupation: Carpenter (Worthing, Sussex, England - source: various Directories)
Death: possibly 1835 (age 80y), Worthing (St Mary's Burials, 25 Feb 1835)

Father: possibly John CHILDS b March 1726 Kirdford, Sussex, England (see "Possible ancestry ...." below)
Mother: possibly Joan PENFOLD (see "Possible ancestry ...." below)

Family: Sarah HACK (chr 20 February 1756, Farnhurst or Fernhurst, Sussex - f John, m Mary)

Marriage: 1 September 1778, Easbourne, Sussex


  1. George CHILDS Christening: 14 FEB 1779 Easebourne, Sussex, England
  2. William CHILD Christening: 02 SEP 1781 Heyshott, Sussex, England
  3. Charles CHILD Christening: 30 AUG 1784 Heyshott, Sussex, England
  4. Charlotte CHILD Christening: 05 JUN 1791 Heyshott, Sussex, England; Death: NOV 1803
  5. Sarah CHILD Christening: 18 MAY 1794 Heyshott, Sussex, England
  6. Prudence CHILD Christening: 26 JUL 1798 Heyshott, Sussex, England; Death: 26 MAY 1799

Possible ancestry of George Child/s (b 1755)

[At this stage the George CHILD/S born in Kirdford 1755 appears to be the most likely candidate to be father of George (b 1779) but more evidence is needed.]

William CHILDS

Birth: About 1645
Christening: 24 NOV 1645 Burwash, Sussex, England - father William (IGI C148001)

Family: Anne STEVERTON (or ALDERTON - see note below)

Marriage: 6 AUG 1673, Kirdford, Sussex, England (see note below)

Children (probably others):

  1. William Childs - born 1674 in Kirdford (according to Brenda Collins - no source cited).
Note: This marriage was identified from the Sussex Marriage Index by Brenda Collins (see Sources below). Note that an IGI record (M070701) shows "William CHILSTN" marrying "ALDERTON" on the same date at Kirdford.

Brenda has also identified the marriages through to that of John Childs and Joan Penfold in the Sussex Marriage Index.

William CHILDS

Occupation: Farmer?; carpenter? (see note below)
Death: not known

Father: William CHILDS
Mother: Anne STEVERTON

Family: Sussanna RAPLEY (Chr 15 FEB 1674, Wisborough Green, Sussex, England - f Edward, m Ann) - IGI C071301

Marriage: 6 NOV 1692 Petworth, Sussex, England - IGI M070891

Children (usually spelt "CHIELDS" on the IGI):

  1. Sarah CHILDS - Christening: 28 MAY 1695 Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
  2. Catherine CHILDS - Christening: JAN 1698 Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
  3. John CHILDS - Christening: JAN 1701 Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
  4. Oliver CHILDS - Christening: 16 FEB 1704 Kirdford, Sussex, England; Death: 18 APR 1711 (IGI C070701)
  5. Ruth CHILDS - Christening: 30 NOV 1707 Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
  6. Anthony CHILDS - Christening: 1710 Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
Note: An entry in Archdeaconry of Chichester Sussex Marriage Licences (Sussex Record Society) 1909 reads:
    1724 Nov. 17 John HEARSEY of Tillington, husbandman, bachelor, & Elizabeth PUTTOCK of same, widow : sureties, said J. H. and William Childs of Kirdford, carpenter (Tillington). (p 269, my emphasis)
Possibly this is the same William Childs and his occupation could be a link to the Child/s' carpenters of Worthing but more evidence is needed.


Birth: About January 1701, Kirdford, Sussex, England
Occupation: Farmer?
Death: not known

Father: William CHILDS
Mother: Sussanna RAPLEY

Family: Mary SMITH

Marriage: 8 October 1722, Bosham, Sussex, England (IGI M070161)


  1. Mary CHILD - Christening: 22 FEB 1723 Kirdford, Sussex, England
  2. William CHILD - Christening: 04 APR 1725 Kirdford, Sussex, England
  3. John CHILDS - Christening: MAR 1726 Kirdford, Sussex, England
  4. James CHILDS - Christening: 22 MAR 1728 Kirdford, Sussex, England
  5. Sarah CHILDS - Christening: 25 JUN 1738 Kirdford, Sussex, England
  6. Ann CHILDS - Christening: 19 APR 1741 Kirdford, Sussex, England


Birth: possibly March 1726 Kirdford, Sussex, England - IGI C070701
Occupation: Farmer?
Death: not known

Father: John CHILDS (chr Jan 1701, Kirdford, Sussex, England, f William, m Susan Rapley) - IGI C070701
Mother: Mary SMITH

Family: Joan PENFOLD - IGI C070701

Marriage: 8 June 1746, Petworth, Sussex, England - IGI M070891


  1. Mary CHILDS Christening: 10 JAN 1748, Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
  2. John CHILDS Christening: 7 NOV 1752, Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
  3. George CHILDS Christening: 7 JUL 1755, Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
  4. Ann CHILDS Christening: 27 SEP 1758, Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)
  5. Elizabeth CHILDS Christening: 1 FEB 1761, Kirdford, Sussex, England (IGI C070701)

George CHILD/S

Birth: 1779?
Christening: 14 FEB 1779 Easebourne, Sussex, England
Occupation: Carpenter (Worthing, Sussex, England)
Death: after 1861 (he's listed in the 1861 census, age 82y, but not the 1871 UK Census)

Father: George CHILD
Mother: Sarah HACK

Family: Sarah PASKINS

Marriage: 6 December 1803, Heyshott, Sussex, England

Children (possibly others):

  1. Ann CHILD Christening: 27 October 1805, Broadwater, Sussex, England (IGI C153842; also Broadwater Baptisms); possibly m Charles STILES, 11 June 1827, St Mary's Broadwater (St Mary's Marriages)
  2. Charles CHILD Christening: 3 January 1808, Broadwater, Sussex, England (Broadwater Baptisms)Baptisms); possibly m Louisa LANGRIDGE, 15 February 1832, Saint Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex, England (IGI M147935)
  3. George CHILD Birth: 1809 (1881 Census); Christening: 3 December 1809, Broadwater, Sussex, England (Broadwater Baptisms); m Sarah BRITTON, 3 July 1831, Saint Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex, England (IGI M147935)
  4. William CHILD Birth: 17 OCT 1811; Christening: 15 DEC 1811 Chapel Street-Independent, Worthing, Sussex, England
  5. Henry CHILD Birth: 08 JUL 1813; Christening: 26 SEP 1813 Chapel Street-Independent, Worthing, Sussex, England
  6. Edward CHILD Birth: 1815; Christening: 30 JUL 1815 Chapel Street-Independent, Worthing, Sussex, England
  7. Jane CHILD Christening: 8 February 1818, Broadwater, Sussex, England (C021734)

William CHILD/S

Birth: 17 October 1811
Christening: 15 December 1811 Chapel Street-Independent, Worthing, Sussex, England
Occupation: Carpenter; baker
ARRIVAL (in South Australia): aboard The Buckinghamshire, arrived 1839-03-21 from London 1838-12-11 via Plymouth with his wife and three sons.
Death: 16 May 1871, (42/269) Destitute Asylum, Adelaide, SA, due to chronic kidney disease (buried in the destitute section of West Terrace Cemetery - in WTC records as "William Chiles" - note this has been corrected on WTC's online database)

Father: George CHILD/S
Mother: Sarah PASKINS

Family: possibly Sarah DUNK - Birth: 25 Jun 1799; Christening: n.d., Unitarian Chapel, Battle, Sussex, England; f Henry, m Mary; Died: 6 May 1862, 61y, Port Elliot SA (heart disease) - See Dunk page for an account of the Inquest into Sarah Childs' death.

Marriage: 31 March 1832, Saint Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex, England


  1. William CHILD Christening: 18 August 1833, Broadwater by Worthing, St Mary, Sussex, England (p89, no.710)
  2. Henry Benjamin CHILD/S Christening: 7 June 1835, Broadwater by Worthing, St Mary, Sussex, England (p123, no.982)
  3. Edwin CHILD/S ?Birth: 16 February 1837, Christening: 28 May 1837 Chapel Street-Independent, Worthing, Sussex, England?

Notes on William Child/s and his family

This appears to be the first CHILD/S family to arrive in South Australia. Despite some apparent inconsistencies, data from the sources below appear to relate to this family.


Broadwater and Worthing Baptisms 1833 - 1837
The following transcriptions from St Mary's, Broadwater Baptisms 1558 - 1900 by Barrie Keech (also available on the Sussex OPC database) show two sons of William and Sarah Child/s from Worthing (W):

Date Family Name First Name Father's Name Mother's Name Abode Occupation Born/Other
1833 Aug 18 CHILD William William Sarah W Baker  
1835 Jun 7 CHILD Henry Benjamin William Sarah W Baker  

A further transcription series by Barrie Keech consists of baptisms at Worthing Independent Chapel from 1808 to 1837. The very last entry on this list is:

Date Surname First Name Father's Name Mother's Name Abode Birthdate
26 MAY 1837 CHILD Edwin William Sarah   16 FEB 1837

Pike Index and Button 1838 - 1839
Pike, indicates that a William CHILDS [sic], 26 years (ie born 1811 or 1812), a carpenter of Montague Street, Worthing, Sussex, England, applied on 11 May 1838 to C[harles] Cortis (the chemist and immigration agent in Worthing) for an Assisted Passage to the colony of South Australia and that he had a wife, 30y (ie born 1807 or 1808) and three children, all boys, aged 5y (born 1832/3), 3y (born 1834/5) and 1y (born 1836/7). Button shows that they arrived on the ship Buckinghamshire (Captain William Moore) which departed from London and arrived in South Australia on 21/22 March 1839 at Holdfast Bay and Pt Adelaide. Note that a Henry Childs, carpenter, and wife, from Worthing, also applied but they appear to have not emigrated. Henry was almost certainly William's brother.

Newspaper report 1840
A newspaper report of a trial for Sheep Stealing in Port Lincoln has testimony from a William Child, carpenter. The report also mentions his wife. It's highly likely that this is the same William Child who migrated on the Buckinghamshire. See South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839-1900) Saturday 5 September 1840 p 3.

SA Census 1841
The next record, the 1841 SA Census, shows a W CHILD (the only Child/s enumerated in the Census) living in Franklin Street, Adelaide, with a wife and 3 boys. This would appear to be the same family that arrived on the Buckinghamshire. There is a discrepancy for the adult female who is listed in the 35 - 50 age cohort. Possibly the age of William Childs' wife in the Assisted Passage record understated her age. Advertisements of the time calling for applicants to apply for assisted migration mentioned an upper age limit of 30 years so this might have influenced someone to engage in this understatement!

SA Almanacs 1843 - 1847
A series of Almanacs for the colony of South Australia up to 1847 show the following information (publisher of each Almanac is in parentheses):

  • 1843 (Cotter) CHILD R [sic], Baker, Weymouth Street [Adelaide]
  • 1843 (McDougall) CHILD William, Baker, Weymouth Street
  • 1844 (Cotter) CHILD W, Baker, Weymouth Street
  • 1845 (Bennett) CHILD W, Baker, Weymouth Street ["Sarah, wife of William Childs" was mentioned as a witness in a court case - South Australian (Adelaide, SA) Tuesday 18 March 1845 p.4]
  • 1845 (Allen) CHILD William, Baker, Weymouth Street
  • 1847 (Murray) CHILD William, Shopkeeper, Rundle Street [Adelaide]
    Note that "Weymouth" is now spelt "Waymouth".
There is no further record of this W Child/s in any subsequent surviving Almanac or Directory.

Adelaide Destitute Asylum Admissions Register 1857
The next record which appears to be relevant is a Destitute Asylum Admissions record in 1857 for a William CHILD, living at Port Elliot. He was described as a carpenter who arrived in SA on the Buckinghamshire in 1839. He was declared destitute due to paralysis in his hands. The record indicates that he had no dependants.

Inquest and Death Certificates 1862 - 1871
It would appear that the final records relating to William Child are Death Certificates and an Inquest into the sudden death of Sarah Childs:

  • Sarah Child (61 years - ie born about 1801) died of heart disease on 6 May 1862 at Port Elliot. She is described as wife of William Child, Baker.
  • The Inquest shows that her husband was clearly living at Port Elliot despite his admission to the Destitute Asylum in 1857. What's more the paralysis in his hands appears to have diminished as he mentions at the Inquest that he was chopping wood whilst Sarah lay dead in bed!
  • William Child (59 years - ie born about 1812) died of chronic kidney disease on 16 May 1871 in the Destitute Asylum and is buried in the destitute section of West Terrace Cemetery. He is described as a Baker.

Life in South Australia

These records suggest that William Child/s migrated to South Australia as a carpenter, probably worked as a carpenter at first (at least in Port Lincoln) but thereafter appears to have worked as a baker in Adelaide for much of the 1840s before moving to the Port Elliot/Middleton region of South Australia in the 1850s. As carpentry and baking by necessity involve use of the hands, the paralysis that William suffered in the 1850s would have severely affected his income, rendering the family destitute. One of the accounts of Sarah's death is particularly heart-breaking. She is described as a "poor woman" and William states that their evening meal the night that Sarah died had consisted of bread, butter and lettuces.

Some passenger lists on various websites suggest that there was a William CHILD on the Buckinghamshire as well as William CHILDS and family. This idea might have arisen because of the apparent tendency of this family to vary their surname between CHILDS and CHILD. It's likely that the William CHILD listed was the eldest son of William and Sarah.

The Sons

  • William CHILD almost certainly was the William CHILD who married Frances Ann STREETER (widower) at Christ Church, North Adelaide, South Australia on 1 September 1855 (IGI M310081 and Ade 23/56). Henry Benjamin and Mary Ann Childs were witnesses at this wedding. William and Frances had one child, William Henry CHILD, b 17 May 1856 (Ade 5/332). Some descendants of William Henry Child/s are detailed in The Childs Family by the late Ray Duckford. It appears that William, an ostler, deserted Frances (b ~1826) as she received "outdoor relief" (ie not admitted to the Destitute Asylum) from 17 February 1857 [GRG 28/4 (144)]. It is unclear what happened to William Child. He might have joined the gold rush to Victoria in the 1850s and, perhaps, never returned to his wife in South Australia. In 1862, Frances Ann(e) Child is shown as living as a laundress in Brown Street, Adelaide (South Australian Directory 1862). She died on 21 July 1871 (44y) at Adelaide (Adelaide 43/85).
  • Henry Benjamin CHILDS
  • Edwin CHILD is probably the Edwin CHILDS (f William) who married Jane ABBOT in the Adelaide Registry Office on 2 September 1869 (Ade 80/478). Their descendants are outlined in Abbott family history, 1570-2000 : the lineage of Giles Abbott who sailed the historic voyage of HMS Buffalo from England to South Australia in 1836 (2000) by Peter Abbott. Note that Edwin Childs gave his age as 29 (born 1840) on the marriage certificate. This might have been to disguise the age gap between him and Jane who was 21 years old at the time. Edwin (who seems to have also called himself "Edward") appears to have died on 25 October 1903 at Thebarton (Hindmarsh 297/342). In the previous year an "E. Child" is recorded as being in attendance at a Commemoration Day ceremony [The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889-1931) Tuesday 30 December 1902 p 5]. E Child was recorded as having arrived on The Buckinghamshire in 1839. This is some confirmation that Edwin/Edward was the third son of William and Sarah Childs.

  • Henry Benjamin CHILDS

    Father: William CHILD/S
    Mother: Sarah DUNK

    Family: Mary Ann BARRETT

    CHILDREN: (Note: variations in recording of parents' names shown in parentheses)

    1. William Henry CHILDS b 27 August 1853, Hindmarsh, d 21 January 1854, Hindmarsh (Benjamin Henry CHILDS, Mary Ann BARRETT)
    2. Henry Benjamin CHILDS b 12 March 1855, Bowden , d 27 September 1919, Adelaide (Henry Benjamin CHILDS, Mary Ann BARRETT)
    3. John CHILDS b 2 August 1857, Middleton, d 22 January 1924, Beaumont, South Australia (Shown as CHILD; Benjamin Henry CHILD, Mary Ann BARRETT)
    4. Sarah Ann CHILDS b 31 March 1860, Middleton; d 15 April 1941 (Shown as CHILD; Benjamin CHILD, Maryann BARRETT)
    5. Emily Florence CHILDS b 13 May 1862, Middleton; d (40y) 3 March 1902 at Adelaide (Shown as CHILD; Benjamin CHILD, Maryann BARRITT)
    6. George Herbert CHILDS b 6 April 1865, Port Elliot , d 18 July 1944 (Shown as CHILD; Benjamin CHILD, mother Maryann BARRIET)
    7. Ellen CHILDS b 11 October 1867, Middleton ; d 8 February 1917, Waverley, NSW (Benjamin CHILDS, Maryann BARRETT)
    8. William Alfred CHILDS b 7 March 1871, Middleton; d 25 June 1914 (Benjamin CHILDS, Maryann BARRITT)
    9. Arthur Ernest Adolphus CHILDS b 21 August 1873, Goolwa (2nd name shown as 'Earnest'; Benjamin CHILDS, Mary Ann BARRETT)
    10. Walter James CHILDS b 15 October 1877, Moonta; d 12 June 1959 (Benjamin Henry CHILDS, Mary Ann SKIPPER**)
    **Note: This registration was made by Henry Benjamin and Mary Ann's daughter-in-law Martha Elizabeth Morris CHILDS (nee CHAPMAN - see below). It is highly likely that Elizabeth Martha CHILD (as she thus signed herself) reported Mary Ann's maiden name inaccurately. It is interesting, though, that she reported the name "Skipper". This might mean that Mary Ann's mother (Elizabeth SKIPWORTH, formerly BARRETT, nee WOODLEY) used the name "Skipper" instead of "Skipworth" after her second husband, Henry Skipworth, died in 1849. This raises the question whether the "Mrs Skipper" living in Hindmarsh next door to Henry Benjamin Childs in 1852 was in fact the widow Elizabeth Skipworth and her family!

    Notes on the children and grandchildren of Henry Benjamin Childs and Mary Ann Barrett:

    William Henry CHILDS died at less than 5 months and probably was buried in Hindmarsh Cemetery in Plot B23 (records show a "Henry CHILDS" buried 22 January 1854). This plot also contains the remains of Rebecca SKIPWORTH (d 1848) and Henry SKIPWORTH (d 1849). The latter was the second husband of Elizabeth BARRETT (nee WOODLEY) and Rebecca was their youngest daughter.

    Henry Benjamin CHILD(S) (25y) married Martha Elizabeth Morris CHAPMAN (25y, f John Linden Morris CHAPMAN) at BC Church, Moonta on 17 June 1880. According to my mother's notes it appears that this son was called "Ben" by the family and he was probably a mason.

    Martha was charged with bigamy after she married Henry Benjamin Childs as she was already married to James RAINES (see The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858-1889) Saturday 9 February 1884 p 7). At about the same time, Martha's brother, John Chapman, abducted Alice Chapman Raines from her father. Alice testified that she was willingly "abducted" as her father had "ill-used" her but the judge jailed John Chapman for one month for the abduction and Martha was jailed for 3 months for bigamy (which the judge described as a "serious crime". James Raines was subsequently charged with incest but was acquitted as there was no independent witness. In terms of the law at the time Alice Raines (15 years old) was considered to be an accessory to the incest! See South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839-1900) Saturday 8 August 1885 Page 5 which complains about the acquittal and a response from the Crown-Solicitor [The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858-1889) Wednesday 7 October 1885 Page 5].

    Ben and Martha had the following children:

    1. Henry Herbert CHILDS (b 7 October 1877, Moonta; d 22 September 1909, Wallaroo) - see details below.
    2. Adelaide Florence CHILDS (b 7 Jan 1881, Moonta; bur 2 Feb 1952, Melrose, SA) - see details below.
    3. Arthur Benjamin George CHILDS (b 15 June 1882, Moonta, d 16 January 1883) - death recorded as Henry Benjamin George CHILD - father Henry Benjamin CHILD)
    4. Edith Harriet Lillian CHILDS (b 30 December 1883, Moonta) - recorded as CHILD
    5. Lavinia Augusta Mabel CHILDS (b 6 Dec 1885, Netherton) - recorded as CHILD
    6. Victoria Mary Sophia CHILDS (b 24 December 1887, Netherton, nr Moonta)
    7. Clarence John CHILDS (b 14 September 1899, Fullarton, d 28 November 1899, Fullarton - 11 weeks) - recorded as CHILD
    Martha CHILD(S) died on 8 January 1910 at Kadina (death registered as Martha Margaret CHILD). Henry Benjamin CHILDS (the younger) died on 22 September 1919 (64y) and is buried at West Terrace Cemetery. His address was shown as 64 North Street, Adelaide.

    Their son Henry Herbert CHILD(S) had the following families:

      He married (26y) Ethel May CHAPPELL (24y, f Richard CHAPPELL) at Welsh Church, Wallaroo on 28 December 1903.
      She died (27y at Jerusalem nr Kadina) on 4 January 1907.

      He then married (31y) Margaret Anne GAGHAN (19y, f John James GAGHAN) at St Paul's Retreat, Glen Osmond on 28 September 1908. Henry Herbert CHILD(S) senior died (32y) on 22 September 1909 at Wallaroo. A son Henry Herbert CHILDS was born on 15 October 1909 at Kadina (died 1974 - SA Govt Gazette 7-3-1974). Note that Margaret GAGHAN gave birth to a son, Vincent James CHILDS (also known as Vincent James GAGHAN) on 27 March 1908 at Wilmington (Fro 944/94). It is not clear whether or not Henry Herbert CHILDS (sen) was the father of this child.

    Adelaide Florence CHILD(S) gave birth to a daughter Lilian Gladys Tidswell CHILD(S) (father John TIDSWELL) on 15 May 1898 at Fullarton (b622 p185). She subsequently married Fred SIMS (24y, single, father Walter SIMS) on 4 June 1901 at Methodist Manse, Orroroo (Frome b207 p1092). Fred SIMS was buried on 4 November 1929, by Rev J.C. Rae, in the Wilmington cemetery. Adelaide Florence SIMS (nee CHILDS) died 1 February 1952 (source: SA Govt Gazette)

      Gladys Tidswell CHILDS (20y single, father not recorded) married Horace Charles CLARK (19y, single, father George CLARK) on 22 March 1919 at the Manse, Moonta (Dalhousie b278 p653).

    Edith Harriet Lillian CHILD(S) gave birth to a daughter, Alice May CHILD, on 15 September 1901 at Moonta (Dal 683/188) and a son, William Albert Chappell CHILD, on 25 July 1909 at Kadina (Dal 827/9). In each instance the father's name was not recorded.

    John CHILDS (34y) married Amelia COOPER (24y, f Joseph COOPER) on 13 August 1892 at the residence of the groom's mother, Brompton. John and Amelia appear to have not had any children. The headstone on the Childs' plot at North Road Cemetery, Nailsworth, South Australia shows that John CHILDS died on 22nd January 1924 (aged 66).

    Sarah Docking nee Childs - about 1884? from 'Heartbreaks and Happiness' - courtesy Marc Bennier Sarah Ann CHILDS (shown as CHILD) married Edward DOCKING (father William DOCKING) at Crusaders Temple, Adelaide on 28 February 1884. Their children included:

    1. William Arthur DOCKING (b 6 January 1885, d 27 March 1960, of Peake, at Adelaide)
    2. Albert Earnest DOCKING (b 4 February 1886 at Nantawarra, d 6 February 1886, Nantawarra)
    3. Ellen (Nell) May DOCKING b 26 September 1887 at Nantawarra; m Frederick Charles STRINGER 1 February 1911, Clinton North SA (IGI data); buried 12 July 1957 at Victor Harbor Cemetery
    4. George DOCKING (b 22 November 1889 at Nantawarra, d 22 November 1889, Nantawarra)
    5. Irene Muriel Pearl DOCKING b 16 November 1896 at Beaufort; m Thomas Ernest BENNIER 15 November 1915, Mindarie (265/575); d 9 June 1957 (d IGI data)
    6. Ernest Stanley George DOCKING (b 13 July 1899 at Truro, d 4 December 1899, Port Wakefield)
    7. Florence Beatrice Blanche DOCKING (HUGHES) (b 20 August 1901 at Beaufort)
    Sarah Ann DOCKING (nee CHILD/S) was buried at Victor Harbor Cemetery on 16 April 1941. According to IGI data Edward DOCKING (father William; mother Rebecca McCROSSON) was born 6 April 1860 at Middleton, South Australia and died on 24 September 1937. It is possible that Sarah and Edward knew each other from an early age as both were born in Middleton within a few days of each other!

    Emily Florence CHILDS married James William MOONEY (father James MOONEY) on 21 January 1884 at Presbytery, Port Adelaide. Their childen included:

    1. Florence Elizabeth MOONEY (b 29 October 1884 at Yatala)
    2. Ambrose James MOONEY (b 4 August 1886, chr 26 August 1886 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - IGI C003424 [mother shown as "CHALDS"; NSW 4470/1886]; d 29 November 1919, Adelaide Hospital, a result of an axe wound administered by Frederick Hooper in a fight between the two; apparently the fight revolved around Mooney's wife, Emma Florence. Hooper was charged with murder and was convicted of manslaughter on 3 February 1920 [source: various issues of The Advertiser between 26 November 1919 and 4 February 1920].) Both men were war veterans and Mooney's war record reveals that he fathered a son (Frank) with Ethel May Luther in England. Could this have been the subject of the fight between Mooney and Hooper?
    3. Percival Martin MOONEY (b 29 May 1890 at Port Pirie [father shown as "Alfred James MOONEY" and mother as "CHALDS"]; d 1971; buried Centennial Park Cemetery, South Australia)
    4. Stanislaus Clotilda MOONEY (b 23 June 1893 at Hindmarsh)
    5. Harold George MOONEY (b 15 March 1895 at Adelaide, d 4 March 1896, Payneham)
    6. Harold John MOONEY (b 19 August 1897 at Parkside)

    George Herbert CHILDS (23y) married Mary Frances HUNKIN (20y, f Philip HUNKIN) at St Michael Church, Mitcham on 11 August 1888. My mother's notes (and death notices she collected) indicated that they had 12 children in all as follows:

    1. Philip Henry CHILDS b 1 June 1889, d 11 January 1890
    2. Ernest James CHILDS b 28 October 1890, Parkside (Ade 467/86); m Alice METCALF (father Jack METCALF) on 28 March 1918 at Methodist Church, Parkside; d before 1972
    3. Marion Ethel CHILDS b 12 October 1892, Parkside (Ade 510/85); m Edwin Horace MATTHEWS; d 28 June 1972
    4. Philadelphia (Phyl) Frances CHILDS b 2 February 1895, Parkside (Ade 558/119); m Clarence (Clarrie) LIDDLE; d 6 June 1986 (SA Govt Gazette)
    5. Elsie Ivy CHILDS b 27 April 1897, Parkside South (Ade 602/435); m Mark Robert GREIG; d 9 December 1980, cremated at Centennial Park.
    6. Florence Myrtle CHILDS b 28 February 1899, Fullarton (Ade 636/196); m Roy JOHNSTON; d 29 March 1985 (86y), cremated at Centennial Park.
    7. Olive Maude CHILDS b 18 April 1901, Fullarton (Ade 675/206); m Thomas (Tom) O'NEIL; d 1984, buried at Centennial Park.
    8. Sylvia Isabelle May CHILDS b 7 August 1903, Highgate (Ade 716/356); d 28 September 1915
    9. Gladys Gwendolyn CHILDS b 10 May 1905, Fullarton (Ade 747/370); m Francis (Frank) Howard DAY; d 10 June 1983 (78y), cremated at Centennial Park.
    10. Mavis (Mae) Lillian CHILDS b 22 May 1909, Highgate (Ade b823 p130); m Alexander Geoffrey BOOTH; d 27 May 1977 (68y), cremated at Centennial Park
    11. Herbert Henry George CHILDS b 28 May 1911; m Doris (Dorrie) Amelia HARRISON, 4 November 1937; d 3 January 2001 (89y), cremated at Centennial Park.
    12. Owen Lawrence (Bob) CHILDS b 20 June 1913, Fullarton (Ade b913 p469); m Mary (Molly); d 20 October 1972
    George Herbert CHILDS died on 18 July 1944 (79y) and Mary Frances CHILDS (nee HUNKIN) on 1 June 1948 (80y). Both are buried at West Terrace Cemetery (East Section, Plan 2-3 Row 10). Their eldest daughter Marion CHILDS married Edwin Horace MATTHEWS. They had 5 children - one, George, predeceased Marion. Edwin also predeceased Marion. She had lived at Cumberland Park and died at Walkerville Nursing Home on 28 June 1972.

    Ellen CHILDS (shown as CHILD, 25y) married Charles Hogan SKEED (22y, f William Harrison SKEED, m Sarah EATON) at St Bartholomew Church, Norwood on 11 September 1893. Their children included:

    1. Earl Stanley Harrison SKEED b 5 January 1895 at Adelaide (father shown as Charles Harrison SKEED and mother as Ellen CHILS)
    2. Orval Octavius B SKEED (1896/7 - 1944) birthplace unknown. Died in Sydney, NSW.
    Ellen SKEED (nee CHILDS) died in 1917 (49y) at Waverley, NSW (name recorded as Nellie Ellen SKEED) of advanced heart and kidney disease and is buried at Waverley Cemetery. It is believed that Ellen and Charles had been separated for some years by this time.

    Charles Hogan SKEED was born on 12 November 1871 in Scandia, Kansas, USA. He might have been a member of the Salvation Army as there are newspaper reports of a Major Skeed of the Salvation Army in Adelaide from about the time that he and Ellen Childs married. However he was living in New Zealand in 1917 probably with widower Jane Martha RAINE of Gibson, New Zealand) and they had 3 children (Charles adopted a daughter from Jane's first marriage as well). Charles Skeed and Jane Raine were married in NSW in 1927!

    Charles Hogan SKEED died on 14 November 1940, at Waverley, NSW, Australia, having been granted Australian citizenship that year apparently so that his wife could get an Australian pension. There is a digital file on the National Archives of Australia website that contains the documents relating to his application. He was initially rejected, ostensibly because he had a police record for minor theft. Finally, however, citizenship was granted as it was considered he was a "low risk" beause he was almost completely blind! Incidentally, the genesis of his blindness might have been an accident with lime as described in the following report:

      Whilst engaged mixing lime a few days ago a local (resident, Mr. Charles Skeed, met with a painful mishap. The lime exploded in his face, necessitating his removal to a private hospital for a few days. He is declared to have had a lucky escape from the loss of his eyesight.
      Source: Poverty Bay Herald (NZ) Volume XLIV, Issue 14358, 25 July 1917, Page 2

    Earl Stanley Harrison SKEED married Alice M KEMISTER in 1917 in Sydney, NSW. They had at least one child, Mavis E SKEED, who died in 1920. Orval SKEED married Irene (Renie) F HARTAS in 1916 in Paddington. They had a daughter Doreen who died in 1919 and Dorothy who died in 1932. (SKEED family details from IGI, World Connect entries, NSW BDM Register, National Australian Archives and a Skeed descendant.)

    William Alfred CHILDS (shown as CHILD, 19y) married Nellie Janet (or Jennett or Jeanette) BEAGLEY (17y, f James Page BEAGLEY) on 26 May 1890 at the residence of groom, Bowden and they had the following children:

    1. Beatrice Louisa CHILDS b 1890
    2. George Henry CHILDS b 21 April 1892, Hindmarsh; d. 8 August 1893, Hindmarsh - died at 14m
    3. Earl Stanley CHILDS b 14 December 1895, Adelaide; d 1970 (74y), Seaford, Victoria (#14095); cremated Springvale Cemetery, 12 June 1970
    4. Harold Tennyson CHILDS b 1899; d 1952 (53y) South Melbourne, Victoria (#10284)
    5. William Ernest CHILDS b 1902
    William Alfred CHILDS was described as a tinsmith living at East Street, Brompton in 1893 and 1894 (Sands & MacDougall Directories). He died (43y) on 25 June 1914 in Adelaide. His address then was shown as Carlton, Victoria.

    His remaining family appears to have remained in Victoria. Earl Stanley CHILDS married Gladys May COUCHMAN in Victoria in 1919 (#3188R). They divorced in 1922 (#313). He subsequently married Elsie PRICE. Their children included William Leslie CHILDS born about 1921, died (54y) in 1975 (#11739).

    Harold Tennyson CHILDS married Irene Stewart DONNISON in Victoria in 1920 (#5515). Their children included Ronald William CHILDS born in 1920, Carlton Victoria (#29487).

    Arthur Ernest Adolphus CHILDS married Florence Alice FOGDEN - my grandparents - in 1904 (Details below).

    Walter James Childs and family - about 1914 Walter James CHILDS (22y) married Louisa RUSSELL (21y, f William RUSSELL) at the residence of Rev JJ Darwin, North Adelaide on 14 August 1899. My mother's notes indicate that she was called Doll (Dorothy). Walter and Louisa (Doll) had the following children:

    1. Blanche CHILDS (m Leslie George MUDGE) b 7 November 1898, Unley; d 1968, buried at Centennial Park.
    2. Frederick George CHILDS b 26 December 1899, Unley; m Ivy Leon(ie) McKINNON (f Alexander McKINNON) on 2 October 1920 at The Parsonage, South Terrace, Adelaide
    3. Gladys (Girlie) Florence Eileen CHILDS (m Alexander Roy SMALL) b 7 October 1906, Bowden, d 14 February 1979, at hospital
    4. Edward James CHILDS b 4 March 1910; m Catherine ????; d 24 Sep 1995 (SA Govt Gazette)
    5. Vera Marie CHILDS b 10 November 1915; stillborn (The Advertiser, Tuesday, 16 November 1915 p.6)
    Louisa CHILDS (nee RUSSELL) died (77y) on 12 November 1954 at Hindmarsh. Walter CHILDS (81y) died on 12 June 1959.

    Blanche CHILDS married Leslie George MUDGE. They had 4 children. Leslie MUDGE died on 23 February 1972 (of Bowden, at Hospital).
    Gladys (Girlie) CHILDS married Alexander Roy SMALL. They had two children (boy and girl) and 7 grandchildren. Gladys died on 14 February 1979 and was cremated at Enfield Cemetery, South Australia. Alexander Roy SMALL died on 13 February 1983 (77y) and is buried at Enfield Cemetery.

    Arthur Ernest Adolphus Childs - 1904

    Arthur Ernest Adolphus CHILDS

    OCCUPATION: Labourer, Check Clerk, Carter
    BIRTH: 21 August 1873 Goolwa, South Australia
    DEATH: 4 August 1952 Adelaide, South Australia
    BURIED: North Road Cemetery, South Australia

    Father: Henry Benjamin CHILDS
    Mother: Mary Ann BARRETT

    Family: Florence Alice FOGDEN

    1. Norman Ernest Fogden CHILDS (my dad)
    2. Ethel Mary CHILDS (b 21 November 1908; m Alexander (Alec) Oswald HOLBROOK; d 2 April 1966)
    3. Doreen Jane CHILDS (b 21 November 1908; d 27 January 1909)

    Norman Ernest Fogden Childs - 1956

    Norman Ernest Fogden CHILDS

    OCCUPATION: Shop assistant, Munitions worker (WW2), Storeman
    BIRTH: 28 November 1907 (North Adelaide, South Australia)
    DEATH: 22 April 1976 (Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia - heart attack)
    CREMATED: Centennial Park Cemetery, South Australia

    Father: Arthur Ernest Adolphus CHILDS
    Mother: Florence Alice FOGDEN

    Family: Marjorie Luff PAYNE

    MARRIAGE: 12 July 1930, South Australia, St James Church, West Adelaide, South Australia


    1. Ethel Jean CHILDS (b 19 January 1931, Warraweena Private Hospital, South Australia, d. 4 July 1985, Glen Osmond, South Australia)
    2. Robert Norman CHILDS (b 1949, Mile End Emergency Hospital, Mile End, South Australia)

    _ Henry Benjamin CHILDS +
    _Arthur Ernest Adolphus CHILDS______ |
    | |_Mary Ann BARRETT
    |--Norman Ernest Fogden CHILDS
    | _ Richard FOGDEN
    |_Florence Alice FOGDEN__________ |
    |_ Jane WYLIE


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    Some South Australian Families