Barrett family from about 1810

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Father: ? BARRETT
Mother: Not known

Family: Elizabeth WOODLEY

NOTE: John Barrett died (cause unknown) between about July and September 1838 in Hungerford, England and his wife, Elizabeth, brought their surviving children to South Australia in 1840. Further details on the Woodley page

  1. William BARRETT b about 1828, ch 1 August 1828, Hungerford, Berkshire, England
  2. Elizabeth Martha BARRETT b about 1829, ch 8 November 1829, Hungerford, Berkshire, England; d (78y) 15 July 1909, Robe, South Australia.
  3. Priscilla BARRETT b about 1831, ch 14 August 1831, Hungerford, Berkshire, England; d (73y?) 27 October 1906, Adelaide, South Australia
  4. Emily BARRETT b about 1832, ch 27 January 1833, Hungerford, Berkshire, England
  5. Mary Ann BARRETT b about 1834, ch 4 May 1834, Hungerford, Berkshire, England; d 15 January 1917, Adelaide, South Australia
  6. James BARRETT b about 1836, ch 31 January 1836, Hungerford, Berkshire, England
  7. Selina BARRETT b December quarter 1837 (Hungerford, volume 6, page 146), ch 28 January 1838, Hungerford, Berkshire, England; d September quarter 1838, (Hungerford, volume 6, page 11)
Notes on the children of John Barrett and Elizabeth Woodley

It appears that the children who accompanied their mother to South Australia were William, Elizabeth Martha, Priscilla and Mary Ann. The fate of Emily and James is unknown but it is presumed that they died as infants. According to Free BMD, Selina BARRETT died in 1838.

William BARRETT - no details known

Elizabeth Martha BARRETT married Adolphus WHITBREAD on 30 November 1846 at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide (Priscilla BARRETT was a witness at the wedding). Their children included:

  1. Elizabeth Priscilla WHITBREAD b 10 January 1852 (Burra Region, SA); d 1934
  2. John WHITBREAD b 26 March 1862, Mt Deception, South Australia
  3. Mary Ann WHITBREAD b 8 February 1865, Port Augusta

Priscilla BARRETT married Samuel HUMPSTONE (sometimes shown as HUMPSTON) in about 1851. Their children included:

  1. Mary Ann HUMPSTONE b 6 July 1853, Hindmarsh, South Australia; d before 1865
  2. Elizabeth HUMPSTONE b 30 July 1861, Inwood (near Penwortham), South Australia; d 19 August 1940, Hawthorn, South Australia
  3. Caroline HUMPSTONE b 19 October 1863, near Penwortham South Australia
  4. Mary Ann HUMPSTONE b 12 October 1865, Penwortham, South Australia; m George Henry Stanton (1861-1934); d 30 August 1942 (buried at Jamestown Cemetery SA)
  5. Fannie Audrey HUMPSTONE b 18 October 1872, Mintaro, South Australia

Mary Ann BARRETT details below

Mary Ann Childs (nee BARRETT) headstone - 1917


Note that Mary Ann CHILDS (nee BARRETT) is buried with her sons, John CHILDS and Arthur Ernest Adolphus CHILDS (my grandfather) and (my grandmother) Florence "Florrie" Alice CHILDS (nee FOGDEN). If the birth date shown above is correct it would appear that Mary Ann's age on her headstone (and on the Death Certificate) is incorrect and that her age shown on the Marriage Certificate is more accurate (and is consistent with the Assisted Immigration Record).

Father: John BARRETT
Mother: Elizabeth WOODLEY

Family: Henry Benjamin CHILDS

Note: Mary Ann's age is shown as 19 years at the date of her marriage to Henry Benjamin Childs. This age is confirmed by her likely birthdate. Mary Ann's death certificate indicates that she was aged 17 years at her marriage. This would appear to be incorrect. Marriage records for South Australia in 1853 did not show fathers' names.

CHILDREN: (Note: father's name often shown as Benjamin Henry or just Benjamin)

  1. William Henry CHILDS b 27 August 1853, Hindmarsh, d 21 January 1854, Hindmarsh
  2. Henry Benjamin CHILDS b 12 March 1855, Bowden (Father shown as Henry Benjamin), d 27 September 1919, Adelaide
  3. John CHILDS b 2 August 1857, Middleton (Shown as CHILD and father as CHILD), d 22 January 1924, Beaumont, South Australia
  4. Sarah Ann CHILDS b 31 March 1860, Middleton (Shown as CHILD and father as CHILD); d 15 April 1941
  5. Emily Florence CHILDS b 13 May 1862, Middleton (Shown as CHILD and father as CHILD); d (40y) 3 March 1902 at Adelaide
  6. George Herbert CHILDS b 6 April 1865, Port Elliot (Shown as CHILD - father CHILD, mother Maryann BARRIET), d 18 July 1944
  7. Ellen CHILDS b 11 October 1867, Middleton (Mother shown as Maryanne)
  8. William Alfred CHILDS b 7 March 1871, Middleton (Mother shown as Maryann BARRITT)
  9. Arthur Ernest Adolphus CHILDS b 21 August 1873, Goolwa (2nd name shown as 'Earnest'. Mother Mary Anne)
  10. Walter James CHILDS b 15 October 1877, Moonta (Mother shown as Mary Ann SKIPPER); d 12 June 1959

See the Childs Page for more detailed notes on the descendants of Mary Ann BARRETT (and Henry Benjamin CHILDS).

Some further information about Mary Ann Barrett

The following item appeared in The Advertiser in 1912:

At the residence of Mrs. M. A. Childs, Gilbert-street, Bowden, on April 5, a social gathering was held. Mrs. Childs is a colonist of 72 years, having arrived in the ship Fairlea in the year 1840, with her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett. She was a resident of Moonta for a number of years, and removed to Parkside over 30 years ago. Her husband, who died about nine years ago, was a mail driver for Messrs. Chambers Bros, for years. There are six sons and two daughters, living in different parts of Australia.

Source: The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889-1931) Monday 8 April 1912, Page 8

The following death notice appeared in The Advertiser on 16 January 1917:

CHILDS - On the 15th January, at the Adelaide Hospital, Mary Ann Childs, aged 87 years [sic], leaving five sons and two daughters to mourn their loss.

	                  _John BARRETT
       Mary Ann BARRETT -| 
	                 |_ Elizabeth WOODLEY


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