Various Pics and pieces

Some Photos of my old layout

The town

Superquick police station

The loco yard.

Peco turntable and Bachmann J72

Wills kits

Wills Kits

farm house on the hill and semi-detached cottages in foreground.

Station platform

People on platform and main street and shops behind

A country road.

The rock walls are made from AMI instant road bed with large stones pressed in. A bus and a car with a caravan squeeze past each other on the narrow road. Three footballers practice in a field.

Fishing Port

The prow of my fishing boat. A scammel truck behind and the hill in the background.

I never did get it finished.

track laid in AMI instant roadbed prior to ballasting.

The other end

More people wait at the other end of the station platform

Hill with a view.

A couple look down on the town from their farm on the hill.

A train trundles by

The farm on the hill from the other side

Another view


The back corner of the layout

The main street.

What you see in the background is one of the round windows in my old house.

The station

station from end on

looking from end-on.

Station again

Station from end on

Other miscellaneous pictures

Partially completed turntable and the prototype it was based on.

partially contructed turntable

turntable in Bacchus Marsh

Bridge built from scratch using Slaters PlastiKard. The well is made from an old enamelled steel drinks tray (50¢ from local charity shop). Rail made from Peco Flexitrack cut in half, bent to shape and held in place with AMI Instant Roadbed

The bridge plugs into the well with a 6.5mm stereo jack which carries the current to the rails. I couldn't work out how to do the wheels on the guide rail so it all fell by the wayside. I'm sure I'll finish it one day.