Make your own people.

No, I'm not about to tell you about the birds and the bees. Figures for model railroads are relatively inexpensive so you might think I'm a little mad for trying to make my own but, nevertheless, I find it satisfying to have purely original models on my layout and I've even made models of my friends and family, which they are always pleased to point out to any visitors they happen to bring along. And best of all I can make them while watching television so my wife doesn't feel like such a widow.

Step 1. Shopping

Step 2. Make the skeleton.

Step 3. Add flesh.

Here are some pictures of the finished articles.

The guy in blue is my wife's son (I guess that makes him my step-son). On such a small scale it's all about body language.

Lady artist


Woman & Dalek.

3 footballers

A guy looking at his watch, a young man in a suit and a lady with a bag.

3 people

a couple smooching, a young lady and an older lady.


A girl standing


A fisherman