Rolling Stock

This is a gallery of all of my engines and rolling stock. It is mostly RTR stuff but there are a few kits and I've dabbled in scratch building too.

All rolling stock is fitted with Kadee Couplers


All of my locomotives are named after Goons except for the ones that have names already.


Model 4407 BR Green

45xx class Prairie tank 2-6-2T by Bachman - rebadged to early crest


44XX prairie tank

44XX Class 2-6-2T Prairie Tank. White metal kit of unknown make that I purchased cheap from a shop. I had to replace the chassis with a Perseverance compensated chassis kit and Romford Wheels. My first (and only) brass kit. Grytpype's evil (and slightly grotty) sidekick.


Hornby Pug

Pug 0-4-0T Saddle tank by Hornby


14XX class locomotive

14XX 0-4-2T by Hornby

Albert Hall

Hall Class, albert Hall

Hall Class

Hall class 4-6-0 by Triang - retired


J72 class

J72 Class 0-6-0T by Bachman


54XX class pannier tank

55XX Class 0-6-0T Pannier Tank by Bachmann

The Black Adder - Sir Edmund Hall

Black Hall Class

Hall Class 4-6-0 by Bachmann


54XX class pannier tank

Class 42 "Warship" Bo-Bo Diesel by Bachmann

Little Jim

56xx Class Loco

56xx Class 0-6-2T by Bachmann


Coaches so far:



BR ex GWR Autocoach by Hornby. Always goes with Henry.

Collet 2nd and 3rd coach

Collet coach

By Bachman

Collet 3rd/brake Composite

Collet Composite coach

By Bachman

4 Wheel Composite

4 wheel composite coach

Ratio kit 612

4 Wheel All Third

4 wheel composite coach

Ratio kit 610

4 Wheel Third/Brake

4 wheel composite coach

Ratio kit 613



Tevan and Shunters wagon

Scratch built body on Peco Wonderful Wagon Chassis

Four Plank Wagon

GWR 4 plank wagon

Cooper craft kit

Fish Bloater

Fish Bloater

Parkside Dundas kit. 1 of 2.

Cattle Wagon

Cattle Wagon

Cooper Craft kit

5 Plank Coke Wagon

5 Plank Coke Wagon

Ratio kit

Fruit van

fruit van, Bachman



Three different Brands of Mogo van

Mogo car transport van

Mogo wagon cooper craft

Cooper craft kit

Mogo Car Transport Van

Mogo van, bachman


Mogo Car Transport Van

Mogo van, Hornby

Hornby, repainted early BR Bauxite

Tank wagon

castrol tank wagon



Conflat container wagon


Provendor Wagon

Provendor van

Coopers Craft kit. These high sided open wagons were specially built by the GWR to carry feed for the many horses that were used throughout the system for various duties including light shunting.

Vent Van

12 ton Vent Van


Toad Brake Van

Toad brake van - BR Grey


Toad Brake Van

Toad brake van - BR Bauxite


Kadee Couplers

I use Kadee couplers on all of my stock. Their design is based on the US knuckle coupler. These pictures are just to show you what they look like. Installation is quite involved and varies widely from model to model. Bachman stock tends to be easier to convert because the tension lock couplers are usually screwed on whereas Hornbys' are usually moulded on and must be cut off, which is a bit irreversible if you ever want to sell it in future. Newer stock of both brands now come with NEM pocket couplings that can be replaced directly with Kadee 30 series couplers but even here the coupler height may vary.

Tevan & Shunters wagon

Kadees on Tevan and Shunters wagon

WR Brake van

Kadee coupler on Toad brake van

Hornby tanker wagon and loco

coupled kadees

couplers from above

kadee couplers on 2 wagons from above

Hornby 1436 loco (Henry)

Kadee #30 on Hornby 1436

Bachman 4566 loco (Grytpype)

kadee coupler

even though this one came with NEM pockets they were far too high and I had to mount the couplers underneath with a screw.

Sounds like a whole lot of trouble doesn't it? Here's a few reasons why I use them:

  • They always work (unless they're on a weird curve).
  • Delayed uncoupling: allowing you to uncouple on the main line then push the train into a siding and leave it there.
  • Magnetic uncoupling: no mechanical interference and nothing to snag on when the train goes past.
  • Much less obtrusive than the normal Tension lock coupling. (Although some argue they are not suitable for British trains, being modeled on an American prototype).
  • They allow closer coupling as long as the curves aren't too tight (You'll notice I don't have any curves under 55cm radius on my layout).
  • You can pick up a wagon from the middle of a train without taking the whole train with it. Try that with a tension lock!