Some pictures of buildings I've constructed. I won't bore you with kits which you can see anywhere (although I have plenty of those too) these are all built from scratch, save for some commercially available detailing.


From Balsa and printed card. Based on the cottage in the next photo.

The real cottage

The real cottage in Angarrack

in Angarrack, cornwall

The station house

Balsa and printed card.


Balsa & printed card. This model was based on the shop in the next photo

The real shop

in Helston, Cornwall.

Engine shed

made from balsa and printed card

The Sloop Inn

This model was based on the next photo. It was my first scratch-built model and is made from balsa and printed paper

The real Sloop Inn

in St Ives, Cornwall.

Sloop Inn Poster

White House Model

Made from slaters plastikard, green house by Wills. This model was based on the next two photos

The real white house (before)

in Port Isaac, Cornwall. The roof collapsed on this building and was later reconstructed.

The real white house (after)

The white house with its new roof. Notice the chimney is at the other end. I forgot to put a chimney on my model but I'll get around to it one day.

A 3 storey house

3 story house

Also made from Slaters Pastikard and based on the house in the next photo.

The real 3 storey house

real 3 story house in padstowe

I believe it is in Padstowe, Cornwall.

Boat Shed

Boat Shed

just based on a general impression of what Cornish boat sheds look like.