Stage 1: Building the Styrofoam Base

This is constructed from a mix of styrofoam sheets purchased from Clark Rubber and various pieces of styrofoam packaging such as those used to pack electrical appliances

the town above the dock

the Sea front

the boat ramp

The dock

The beach and rocks

looking down the seafront to the rock formation

Rocky beach front with test "ship wreck"

Stage 2: Reinforcement

for reinforcement I used plasterboard joining tape. This is a self adhesive nylon mesh which is used to reinforce plaster joins in plasterboard (referred to as drywall in the USA)

Rock formation reinforced with joining tape

plasterboard joining tape

reinforced Rocky Beach

reinforced rock formation

reinforced rocks and arch

Stage 3: Plaster

I used a mixture of patching plaster and plaster of paris. Patching plaster is thick and relatively slow setting so it's better for sticking to vertical surfaces than plaster of paris which is runny but sets hard quite suddenly.

Plastered rocky beach

plastered Rock formation

plastered rocky beach

plastered rocks and arch

Stage 4: Stones

I've used "Random Stone" sheets from Slater's PlastiKard for the retaining walls and sea walls

retaining wall

retaining wall and sea wall

looking down the sea front to the harbour

retaining wall behind dock

retaining wall above dock

Boat slipway

Stage 5: Paint

I painted the embossed sheets with grey matt undercoat then applied acrylic gap filler with a scraper to simulate mortar between the stones. The tide mark on the sea wall is a combination of blue/green artists acrylics made "wet" with clear finish estapol. The sea in front of the sea wall is a base coat of blue, green, black, white and brown acrylics in various hues to simulate depth and finished with several coats of clear estapol.

Boat ramp

sea wall

retaining wall

Stage 6: Finishing off

More of the beach. I created the water as above and painted the rock in various hues of black, grey and brown. the beach is painted sandy colours, at 1/76 scale I figured sand would be too fine to look sandy so I just went for a very flat finish. I then glued scatter materials to simulate grass, including the colour sawdust type and the fibre "static" grass that's supposed to stand up because of a static charge but I'm not really convince of this.

Above the beach

on the beach

beach again

looking toward the rock

rock from the other side