Constructing The Baseboard

The baseboard is of open frame construction of 70mm x 19mm standard dressed pine with 6mm MDF to support the track bed. The rest of the scenery will be constructed on thick sheets of Styrofoam which will be removable to allow me to build them off board.

Wood frame

Wood frame design

This is the wood work plan from XtrkCad which I used as a rough guide. Software can't tell you how to do carpentry, unfortunately, but it does print a handy list telling you approximately how much wood you'll need.

This is the baseboard frame being constructed....

A pile of wood

A neat pile of wood in the garage

I used 19 x 35 mm dressed pine for the frame and 6mm MDF for the track bed.

My first join

Constructing a joint using a mitre clamp

A mitre clamp holds two pieces of wood at right angles so I can drill two guide holes for the screws.

My first join completed

The first joint completed

Yes, it's a butt join.

My first frame completed

The first frame completed

20 joins all made the same way as the first

two frames in place

A frame in place in the dining room

I screwed lengths of wood to the wall for the baseboard frames to rest on which I also screwed to the walls. I had a stud finder to locate studs to screw into. One of them turned out to be a water pipe though.

Ikea leg

Adjustable, metal leg from Ikea

Since the layout is in a main living area of the house I thought I should attempt to make it look at neat as possible. Hence the use of a leg from Ikea rather than a trestle or a plain piece of wood. Four of these extendable legs cost $80 AU. It's cheaper than a Peco point!

More frames secured to the wall

more frames in the dining room

An angled piece waiting to be installed

frames yet to be installed in the dining room

the completed baseboard frame

The completed framework

Completing the baseboard

baseboard02a.jpg (56928 bytes)

Raised trackbed

This is the woodwork part of the baseboard essentially complete with the track bed raised above the baseboard on several risers. I used the full size track plan as a guide to cut the MDF to the shape of the track at the front of the layout and then constructed the frame for this directly on to it. This allows the landscape at the front (a sea front) to drop lower than the track.



To attach the raised section I started with four basic props the same as this..

More risers

riser03a.jpg (59336 bytes)

and gradually added more secure ones like this..


riser02a.jpg (61119 bytes)

wherever the upper frame crossed the lower while checking the level with a spirit level.