pymds for IPv6 reverse DNS mappings

LCA2012 has finished, life has resumed, and my changes have been merged upstream, so get the changes there.

To test it out, jump into the "examples" directory and run:

../pymds -p 1053 auto*.conf

Then, in another terminal:

  dig -p 1053 @::1 -x 2001:db8::1
  dig -p 1053 @::1 aaaa
  dig -p 1053 @::1 -x 2001:db8:ffff::1

Missed the presentation at LCA2012, or want to re-live the experience?

I'd like to really thank the following for their contribution to pymds, my presentation, and/or the release of these changes to the rest of the world:

You can drop me a note at or as @mibus on Twitter.