The plans at the myurata website are quite accurate except for a few small details.

I downloaded the plans and then scaled them up to full scale using CorelDraw software. Full size templates for the top and bottom panels were made which I then stuck onto the Marine Plywood. Routed grooves in the panels were made using the template as a guide. The front horn is different in dimensions from the original Tannoy design and also the 45 degree panel that extends from the bottom to the rear panel is not accurate. In both cases I used the dimensions given by Tannoy. You can find plans on the Kiewa Valley website. The original Tannoy plans used Marine grade plywood so I think it is best to stick with that.

After listening to horn enclosures I would NEVER go back to any other type of enclosure. They sound fantastic (you need a large room!) and it is well worth the effort to build them.

Both the GRF and Autograph were designed to work with the 15" driver and would not work correctly with a smaller driver as the loading on the speaker cone would not be correct.


A 42 page, quarter size plan in CorelDraw format is available for download here

Download the plan and scale it to full size then you will have usable templates to use during construction.


The following links have copies of the plans I used: