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"It won't make you better - but it will help YOU make yourself better!"

"I believe that in order for a player to get better that they have to be willing to contribute to their own improvement.

I/We can and will supply the expertise but only in hopes of teaching the player/student how to know what I/We know and how to use it themselves to improve on and ultimately eliminate their own mistakes.

It's not enough that I/We know what the player did wrong - or right for that matter. The player has to learn how to know that for themselves.

The reason I believe this is so crucial to a player's improvement is that when the athlete finds himself/herself in a game needing to either perform that skill successfully or else make an immediate correction - I'm not there to tell that player what to do! The better a softball player is at knowing what changes she/he needs to make and knowing how to make them, the more successful he/she'll be in competition.

And, isn't that why players take lessons to begin with? To ultimately perform better in games!"

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“You have to know where you want to be, To learn how to get there!”



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