Hello, and welcome to my page.

 This is basically a site with my thoughts about various things and links to places that I like. The largest section by far is the Jokes section; this site started out as a system for me to keep track of them, and everything else has simply been added on as I get the time.

 Another large section is the C. S. Lewis quotes section in the 'christian stuff' part of the site. I'm in the middle of writing about what I learned about the Letter to the Galatians during Adelaide Uni's EU Mid Year Conference. Ok, so I'm a little behind as that was last year, but I've been busy. I've recently updated the whole site so it no longer uses frames in a mammoth update, but unfortunately no one is really going to notice as it looks almost exactly the same as before.

 The picture is of a spiral galaxy, taken by the Hubble Telescope. If you want to see more pics like it, then go to the Hubble Showcase site by clicking on it, or check out the Stars section of this site.

You may be asking yourself "Why is the site called Skynxhome, and what is a Skynx?"
The long sought after answer can be found on the page: Skynx, The Origins Of

If you ever want to get back here, you can click on the logo at the top.

I've chucked in a doco I made for Ecophysiology of Animals last year. We had to design an animal, and present our creation using any creative means we could think of, such as a journal article or news report. We had to design how it would survive in a harsh environment and overcome whatever problems it would face, detailing heat balances, energy requirements, gas exchange, muscle strength etc. I did a giant turtle that lives in space. Any Pratchett fans?
Download Star Turtle (2.3 meg)

Updated 25 July 05
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