So, you want to know how I made this website? Well, I'll tell you what resources I used, and then if you ever decide to make a webpage you'll have somewhere to start.

Professional Web Design
  First of all you need to know some HTML. You might say "Why? I've got this magical program that say's it'll make the webpage for me." I tell you, it probably won't turn out how you want it, and if you don't know any HTML then you won't be able to fix it. You can learn some of what you will need to start with from the tutorials at Professional Web Design. For more info, type 'html tutor' in Google.
And you will also be shown that NotePad is a perfectly functional program to use to write a webpage.

Since I first wrote this, Joe Barta has started charging for his web design stuff, but Virtually Ignorant host a free mirror of it all.

Professional Web Design

  However, NotePad does lack some nice features. There are no shortcuts to common HTML commands so you have to type out every tag, and there is no function for finding where your errors are. Not that I ever make any, but that might be a concern to some of you other people :)
  The program I use is Arachnophilia. Since beginning to use it I have seen some very good comments about it in various places on the net, and I heartily recommend it. You do need to know some HTML to use it (which is why I directed you to Joe Barta's page just before), but it does things like colour your tags differently to the text and has a feature to analyse your HTML to see if there are any mistakes in the code etc. One of it's best features is that it lets you write the page and doesn't try to do it for you.


 To make editing styles easy, I found out a little bit about CSS. For simple CSS stuff, like how to change the style on all your pages at once, try a Google search. To see some fancy things that can be done with it, check out CSS/edge, or CSS destroy.

Completely Free Software
  How is it that I found these things out in the first place? Well, there is a site called Completely Free Software that has loads of top quality programs to download, all of them legally free. They get more each week and I have then send me their newsletter that has all their reviews in it. I used to unconditionally recommend it, but these days you need to subscribe to be able to access most content, which is unfortunate. But the news letter is still free, and when there is a program you like, it can usually be found via Google

Completely Free Software

  If you haven't noticed my header yet then I think now's the time to point it out. Yes, like the rest of the page, I made it myself. However, graphics design is one place where I don't take my own advice on never using Magical Wonderful You-Don't-Need-To-Know-Anything-To-Use-Me Programs. I cheated and used Font Magic to get the text and then Novamatic 2K to get the star. Look them up on Google, I can't remember where they're from.

  On the topics of graphics, a really good picture viewer is Irfan View . It can open more types of picture files than I knew existed, and movies and even some sound files. It also does it really fast. It has some basic image editing options, the one I use most often is the one that reduces the number of colours (so that the image is smaller and loads faster on a webpage). It can also do slide shows with everything in a directory and a couple of other cool things. If the above link doesn't work, try Google.
  To find out the HTML code for different colours, like the blues on this site I use Pixie . It is only a couple of K in size, and as you move the mouse over the screen it tells you Hex, HTML and RGB code for whatever colour the mouse is over.
Irfan View

Site Layout
  A good way to know whether you have a good site is to see some really bad ones, and then make sure you don't make any of the same mistakes. Try Webpages that Suck .

  By looking at sites that you like you can get ideas for how you would like yours to look. Don't use frames unless you really have to, it annoys some people (I had to for the jokes menu to be manageable). And don't make any one page really long, 'cos it'll take ages to load. Make sure your page works on all three major browsers: