Some pictures of stars, 'cos I like stars. I can't remember where most of these pics are from, or which stars they are, but never mind, you still get to look at them.
This pic was from the Hubble Website. They've got other pics there to look at.
Some galaxy making new stars. The colours are fake, as it was a radio telescope image.
A pic of Stonehenge with all the planets visible. If I knew which were which, I'd tell you.
Gliding past Jupiter at the turn of the millennium, the Cassini spacecraft captured this awe inspiring view of active Io with the largest gas giant as a backdrop, offering a stunning demonstration of the ruling planet's relative size. Io is about the size of the Moon, and about as far from Jupiter as the Moon is from Earth.

Larger Version

An exploding star from the Hubble Website.
A pic of an aurora, there is a bigger version with a better explanation.

Larger Version

Analemma - the sun through the seasons

Better Explanation with bigger pic