So you want to know about me rather than find out how to cook chocolate cake? Well... ok. I spend most of my time studying at Adelaide Uni, doing Civil & Environmental Engineering and Science. I'll finish at the end of 2005, after which I'll actually get paid money for the work I'm doing. Most of my work has been about water supply, stopping floods, soil mechanics, and ecology. It's pretty good stuff - interesting and people want to pay for it.

If you have a good joke that I don't have in my collection, or you want to chat about something, or whatever, then you can look for "Jarrah Muller" on MSN or email me at
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And now for for some lovely photos of me with my lovely Lynley. This photo was taken from our trip to Kangaroo Island. We stayed at Vivonne Bay, and explored the cliffs and caves near there, while trying not to run over too many furry things.
This photo was from a friend's 21st birthday. It seemed the perfect excuse to wear the silk I'd picked up in Vietnam.
Murray Bridge pressure vessels (end 2003) A photo from 2003. In the background are pressure vessels at the Murray Bridge pumping station, to mitigate downsurge during water hammer events.
A photo from the water labs, making a water hammer wave through fast valve closure. Water engineering labs (start 2004)