I like cakes and biscuits and other good food, and I've started to collect some good recipes. Since it is easy to lose bits of paper in our kitchen, I decided to put them here.

As with the Song Words page, this page isn't very extensive. It consists mostly of deserts, since I like them.
Sticky Date Pudding It is sticky and has dates in it. Many people rave about sticky date pudding. After tasting this you will know why. The first time I cooked this it took twice as long as it does when my sister does it. We think it's because I cut the dates finer than she does, so they absorbed more water and made the whole lot sloppier.

Rather than pour cup of sauce over the pudding in step 4, we've found it's better to pour less and keep more for later. In fact, it's probably better to make more sauce than the recipe calls for.

These are the 'Most Excellently Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies: the flat chewy ones'. They are my favourite biscuits ever, and are especially good when the chocolate chips are still melted. Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Chocolate Chip Biscuits II These are the 'Most Excellently Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies: the fatter ones'. These ones are also good.

A cake with cinnamon in it. Cinnamon Cake

Ginger Bread A ginger bread recipe

Some healthier food Muesli Cookies

Choklitt Kayke This is my most favourite chocolate mud cake recipe that I got out of On Dit once. It often takes a lot longer to cook than the recipe says, but don't forget to keep checking it.

An easy but very good microwave pudding. This was originally my grandma's recipe, though it has been changed a little to use microwaves now. Chocolate Pudding

Caramel Dumplings Another recipe from my grandmother, but this one still uses the stove.

Now this recipe is seriously easy, though I am constantly amazed by the number of people who can't do it. Mix the ingredients then cook in a frying pan. Use butter to stop them sticking, and let the pan cool off if they burn. Pancakes

Nutties Pretty much ANZAC biscuits