C.S. Lewis
Some of my favourite quotes from C.S. Lewis' books

Amazing Grace
The words to all six of the verses to my favourite hymn. A link to a site about the life of John Newton the author.

Mid Year Conference 2004 - Free to Serve
In the middle of 2004 I went on a camp and studied the book of Galatians for a week with a whole heap of other christians from my uni. The camp was titled "Free to Serve" because one of the main points Paul was making when he wrote this letter to the church in Galatia was that they were not bound by all the requirements of the Jewish law anymore - that nothing we can do can make us holy, the initiative is all on God's side. If we could work for our salvation, then Christ's death was for nothing. So, free from specific requirements, we are now called to serve God and each other out of love rather than duty.