To give you an idea of the interest the Polynesian Pathways and our documentarieshave generated, here are some of the many letters that I have received since writing site and producing the documentaries.

Nearly 2 million people have viewed the documentaries and between 50 and 100 people a day view the Polynesian Pathways website.

I am pleased to see that the site is appreciated by people from many walks of life, the one thing they have in common is an open inquiring mind, in search of the truth.

Anaru Kaiwai
Very interesting watch. I'm Ngati Porou and many of my relatives have blue and green eyes and are of fair skin. Having Irish heritage through my mother, I always thought that was our only connection to the celtic people. I have also read both Irish and Maori fairy tales and some are almost identical, with only slight differences.?


Allan Main
Absolutely amazing work and what an excellent effort to put it all together. This should be mandatory watching in every school even if just to create a spark that may encourage others and future generations to look even further. Of course there are none so blind as those who do not want to see.?


Josh Stephens
Thank you so much guys what a great film, finally someone with guts! I trace my roots back to Waitaha and beyond and understand that many of the nations that came to NZ in distant antiquity were remnant survivors of Atlantis. I think New Zealand is far more important in the history of the planet than any of us are led to believe. We are led to believe we are a young nation at the bottom of the world, so far away from anywhere that its not important. BUT, you guys are uncovering the secrets. To change the history of New Zealand is to change the history of the world. I believe there is an agenda by the powers that be to cover the true history of the entire world, lest we are made aware of things like ancient technology, alien interaction, Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu. I think this is why NZs history is swept under the carpet, to fit with the spoon fed history of the planet we are given.?


Bryce Davis
Hi Gabi. I just stumbled across this absolutely amazing documentary!! I remember my father (who lived in Te Kopuru) telling me stories when I was younger about caves around the area which had ancient remains in them that were unfortunately destroyed and the stone villages in the waipoua forest that the pre-maori civilization inhabited for thousands of years. This is an amazing and beautiful history which should be celebrated and explored instead of hidden and ignored. I believe its absolutely criminal that an information embargo has been place on this. We should be trying to find out as much as we can about our past and the people who called New Zealand home long before we did. Thank you so much for your work.?


Debbie Wall
My family are Red haired and part Maori. We were told that our ancestors were of Mori Ori and Ngati Porou. We have a family tree book written but we could not trace further back that early 1800 and it was the Maori stopping the investigation! so I believe much of this doco. http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/moriori , or perhaps they also landed in Chatham Island after Easter Island or some went off course? Many of my family actually look like Monica Matamua! She looks like she could belong to my family!?


FlyingMaori (Kahu rere)
As a child from the east coast, I grew up with these stories and then suppressed in a way Martin Doutre said. Over years I played on the nett to find info then for it to 'disappear'. 'The truth will set you free.' Thank you for this doco and looking forward to part 2 and more.?


Kiwi Guy
Wow.... This was amazing to watch, so thank you for your effort and hard work in producing this video. I am a direct descendant from the marriage of Kahungunu and Rongomaiwahine of Ngati Kahungunu and Ngati Rongomaiwahne from Mahia. Their rule stretched almost the entire East Coast of the North Island from Mahia Peninsula right down to Pirinoa, near the Rimutaka Forest near Wellington. They were split into four areas, Ki Mahia, Ki Wairoa, Ki Heretaunga and Ki Wairarapa. These were stories, which I was told by our old kuia and koro. I do not know if it is true or not, all I know is that is what I was told when I was a kid of where we originate from. Watching this just puts some of those pieces into the puzzle of what we call our history.

I was also told, that before the great migration of the Polynesians from South America to the Pacific that at the same time of Atlantis. There once was a great Island nation or a Nation of people from many Islands, that stretched from the Coast of Hawaiian Islands to the Coast of Japan down to Indonesia, across to Easter Island and back to Hawaii, which was called Lemuria.

This great Island was sunk by a natural disaster thousands of years ago. The people from that great continent then escaped to Asia, India, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Apparently, these too were the distant relatives of the people of Atlantis, which was based off the Coast of now called Portugal.

My mother and my Nannies and Koro told me that some of our ancestors were also Red headed fair-skinned people. Actually, my Mum was born blonde and fair skinned as well. This just cements the truth in the stories that I have been told growing up. I too were told that some of our people came from Rarotonga, Hawaii and South America. I was also told that our people would trade between the Islands and South America, which is how the Kumara arrived into New Zealand. Very interesting video and once again thank you very much for sharing!! :)?

My wife is Ngati Kere from Poraugahau. The town was named after a tall redhead moari from the Gisborne area.His name was Te Poraugahau.?


Tena koe wow! what a wonderful and insightful documentary! being a 'waka blond' this makes so much sense, my brother told me some of these stories when I was growing up and how our history was being suppressed and hidden. A big thank you to you for your work and sharing this knowledge.?


The red hair and fair skin runs strong in my whanau, I myself have darker skin but the ginger hair. ? I thoroughly enjoyed this.


Brock Marumaru
This needs to be on TV man this is our history much love to the person who put this up I'm Maori and this has opened my mind up?


Ariana McVeigh
Important and fascinating research into human origins and the pre-history of New Zealand. Thank you.?

Steve Jory
Isn't this a much more interesting story than the official one. Why the denial and reluctance to investigate properly and hide this away.?

I'm Picunche, a native of Chile, a tribe aligned with the Mapuche during the Spanish invasion of the Americas... Back in the day. So many times I see Maori and I could easily think they are one of mine. Watching this confirms our blood lines have a similar origin?

Gary Green
This is a balanced honest documentary. The questions asked are valid and need answering
As a Maori I am aware of the histories and legends and mythology
Answers are needed?

Ruth Thomas
As someone born and raised in Southeast Alaska, home of the Tlingit and Haida, and as someone familiar with the art and history of these people who are part of my family, I found this VERY fascinating and very plausible.?

Soviet kiwi
I went to school in Taumarunui high school in 1989, and on my first day I was approached by a kid who said the Maori face should not be at the entrance to Taumarunui because the Ngati Hotu were redheads - white like Caucasian, and that the Maori invade and ate them in the last great cannibal feast at the cherry grove.

Mereana Warbrick
I Love your documentaries. Thoroughly researched and informative. And I want to thank those involved and especially the fact you have respected the oral histories from those of Ngati Hotu and Waitaha.
I also am concerned by the comments left by Theorists who claim that M?ori have swept this information under the carpet. Truth is in our oral histories. We knew of these people, patuparaihe... it's all due to the colonists who actively colonized our people and our culture. They're (colonists) are the real culprits.
Be wise, don't EVER mix our oral histories with Theories of having a "European race" before M?ori settled here

The Yummyness
I don't know my full genealogy, though I do have Maori ethnicity and was really astounded by this video. I am very open minded though I can't say the same for my elders, family, friends or peers.
I truly believe people have been taught, pressured or are/were afraid to speak against the movement of not only the crown but even Maori. Thank you for feeding my mind food for my thoughts.

mm. k
This is absolutely fascinating..... and for the life of me I cant see why New Zealand government would want to hide all of this...... if I was a new Zealander I would want to know the history of my country whatever it was....... thank you to all the people who appeared on this video...... am now going onto episode 2….?

Kaonohi Jeremiah
my ancestors story told finally?

at Cooper
Is the obfuscation because the solid evidence might force scientists to re- think the entire theory of world migration or is it something else? The native population does not seem to be ashamed or embarrassed about their lively history. So, why are the Imperials trying to hide it? It's unfortunate because they're beginning to look like ninnies.?

Sandy Scott
Fabulous show really informative of history that has been hidden!?

Stephen Coote
Wow. Thanks for creating this.
This is one of the most captivating documentaries I've seen. It is fascinating, well-made and beautiful. I am so pleased that all this material has been put together and published for anyone to examine. Thank you ! You have done us a great service. Best wishes from Nelson, New Zealand.?

Julie Steimle
One of the best documentaries on this topic I have seen.

Lena Eldståhl
Thank you. This is very interesting. And I'm grateful that we can put the UFO rubbish in the "lollycloset" and actually get to connect the ancients together, all over the world, with more realistic theories. Thank you, again.?

Mary-Ellen Peters
Quite a few years back a lovely old Maori woman I met on a train told me a story about how the English colonists payed Maori to kill any original people to eradicate any history because it made it too complex. I never forgot this and why I found this video series. Thank you Gabi P.?

Kriston Mognett
awesome. more real history in this video and the skeleton in the closet than all the history i was "taught" in school?

Te Atarangi Waaka
Thanks - to everyone who made this possible.?

Jeremy Christian
Thank you Gabi and team for investing your resources in making this history known! We very much appreciate it.?

Wiki Wilson
Nice doco. I liked it - heard most of these stories growing up why they want to hide it. Maori knew about these people but the govt wants it hidden - silly - we all come from Africa anyways lol.

Rose Red
Gabi, I greatly appreciate the work you and Peter are doing, and may I say that your narration reminds me of the lovely Judy Bailey. Keep up the good work.?

Dawne Zone
This trilogy should air on nz tv!

Isaiah Ngati Rahiri
Nga mihi kia koutou..... this is what they should be teaching in schools…..?

Fiona Buchet
They used to teach it... my question is, why would this history be hidden, and not only that but vigorously defended and hidden at great lengths? My guess is that it challenges the legality of treaty claims, but why? The Treaty was made between the race of peoples who occupied NZ at the time of the European arrival, so why would it be made invalid? Is there a reason to hide this history at a greater, global level??

The Obscure Rambler
What is it with the destruction?! This is history, no matter how inconvenient or desired it might it, it should be protected!?


Erin Smith
Simply fascinating and intellectually challenging, as there are many stories (histories) yet unheard in these islands, that are not taught ot even spoken of in our schools or our communities! I found this to be profoundly moving and intriguing to watch and learn from and it makes me want to learn more about what has been hidden from many of our generations.......
Mahalo, simply a beautiful and wonderful show to watch!?

Daisy Roots
That was absolutely fascinating. This is invaluable information. Thank you so much for making this. I've been enthralled with all three documentaries. Please make more about the Menehune?

Alexander Hellsing
Thankyou so much explains alot for me and my search for who I am and really come from. I was born in Hastings Hawkes bay and from Ngati Kahanunu and Ngati Parou and people always mistake me for being either Indian or Arab and even Brazilian but neither of that race is in my family at all, but to know I might even be from egyptian decent is awsome. It explains alot for me?.
James te huna
I live in Australia and most people too think I'm Middle Eastern like Lebanese or something.

Alipate Kovuleka
Vinaka vakalevu from a Fijian living in NZ. Interesting indeed as Fijians also recount in their oral histories that when the first Fijian arrived in Fiji around 2000 bc...they sighted smoke rising from the land as they approached ... Thus realising that the land was already inhabited...by whom exactly ?.?? Well that could be another research project for you since you did such an awesome job with this informative, factual and evidence based presentation...I look forward to learning more for at the end of the day...the whole outcome of these histories only emphasises and drives home the fact that we are all one family who multiplied and spread across this beautiful planet....God bless?

Andrew Uasi
Thanks for the Doco Gabi really enjoyed it you answered many questions that i have always questioned myself. Im Tongan and in our islands we have tales of redheaded/fair skin people as well. Captain Cook even mentioned this and even today you can see traces of them within many Tongan families. My father's island in the Ha'apai group of islands in Tonga is Ha'ano. This island's first chief was said to be a handsome redheaded/fair-skin person and his name was Nganatatafu. Tatafu which means 'flaming' or 'burning' referring to his hair color. He was a son of one of the Tu'i Tonga named Tatafu'eikimeimu'a which were the Tongan Emperors in old times. It doesn't realy surprise me because theres a story that states that there was fairskinned man that was chief of the village of Ha'amea named Lo'au. He had so much knowledge of the world, constructing megalithic structures and navigation that even the 10th Tui Tonga Momo took him as his teacher. It even lead to Momo marrying Lo'au's daughter Nua, and they had a son named Tuitatui who became the 11th Tui Tonga and was famous for construction of the 'Ha'amonga a Maui'. Some years ago Tuitatui's bones were found on the island of Uiha and was measured to be about 13 ft tall.?
Amiee Manawatu

Thank you!  Many Maori know these stories, but the history in schools is what non-Maori made up and fed back to us.  Basically the identity theft of a whole nation of people, so thank you for your efforts!?

Mahara Haitana
Simon Cowie I am of both Maori and Moriori decent. I have heard story's from my grandmother that when Moriori where chased off of New Zealand we had Fire engine red hair we were a very peaceful people. Which makes me believe we were apart of the patupaiarehe, the patupaiarehe were here before Maori. And Maori discredit the patupaiarehe as being nothing more than "spiritual beings" when in fact they were actual living human beings. In Te Kootis writings he said that when the Maori first came to Aotearoa there were people already here who lived deep in the forests with red hair. Maori like to claim that Moriori were people that came from a Maori tribe and branched off of them but this is not true and has never been factual. From what I have heard from my own family on the chathams islands is that we predated the Maori, we were chased off of our lands some already dead or captured and fled on canoes and found the Chatham Islands. Then once the settlers came they discovered the chathams an slaughtered, ate us and enslaved our women and children. We were not allowed to breed Moriori with Moriori from then on. We never fought back as we were pacifists.?


Chris Lansdown
Amazing story with amazing production, clear, scholarly, and beautifully narrated. (how is it you Kiwis speak better English than lots of British people?). It's a good job people care enough to try and build a history, even allowing for Ming frisbees! Going back to English, I notice the next video is called 'Who Was the Seminole Indians??' No comment!?
What a beautiful country, and beautiful people. Would that the modern world could accept and cherish all colours and beliefs.?

Arthur Flederus
How refreshing and disappointing at the same time. I'm from Europe (the Netherlands), and here - there is, generally, a bigger distance to information/history/knowledge about how New Zealand of today came to be.
Therefore, for me, I cannot find any understanding for the, apparant, reluctance by authorities to investigate and describe the origins of the population of New Zealand and how it came to be. Greatful for the enormous effort you have made, to make this documentary !?

It's been a cover up for hundreds of years maybe more than a thousand to hide the truth of all creation.?

pink tiger
Amazing. Very enlightenining. Shame on NZ govt trying to cover up the history of its people.?

Eileen Oneill
These fairy like people sound like the faie in Irish history who were the tuthua de Danann. These people were small not tiny like in Victorian fairytales. Small magical people. Faie can translate to fare as in light skinned?.
Red hair has always been thought of as Celtic in Ireland not Persian or Indian. This is amazing.?

Mimlo Miani
They did and are doing the same with Persia, because the English wouldn’t have that the world understand that 40% of indan language were Persians, Persia and India were neighbours and what they did with the help of their puppet gandi they put a wall between Persia and India called Pakistan....?

Why cant Occidental historians accept that the oral history is history? The fact is that if I knew my families history I wouldn't forget.?

Glorious Songe
THIS is so very interesting and fascinating! Keep up your most interesting research. These beautiful people deserve to have their heritage kept and made known! The World needs to hear the truth!?

Makes one wonder just how much of our human History has been " swept under the carpet " because it runs contrary to accepted theory.?

Sandy Scott
Fabulous show really informative of history that has been hidden!?

Cat Cooper

Is the obfuscation because the solid evidence might force scientists to re-think the entire theory of world migration or is it something else? The native population does not seem to be ashamed or embarrassed about their lively history. So, why are the Imperials trying to hide it? It's unfortunate because they're beginning to look like ninnies.?

Honey Badger
Maori are beautiful and kind hearted people. I used to work with a Maori bloke. They are great people to hang out with. ?
These are excellent documentaries. I have now watched Episode 1 and 2 and learned a lot. These cover-ups are very much like what I hear from people that I have interviewed on our A Minute To Midnite Show from other parts of the world who research these types of things. What is happening in NZ is much like the Smithsonian Institute (and others) covering up all records of giants. New Zealand's true history is being hidden.?

Alvarezluiz Giuseppe Facciene
Polynesia is the genetic archives of the world .?

Kenny Cartwright
It AMAZES me how that western science in many disciplines creates a paradigm, a "scientific orthodoxy", and simply denies or ignores sound evidence to the contrary. This is especially strong here in the US. It is sad for sure.?

This is amazing. They were destroyed because of there sins and may be the gentiles or even the lost tribes of Israel.?

karry fisher
what an amazing series of discovery... so much to hide, shame NZ Government...?

Scotty Douglass
Very well done. In America if something is found were the Indians are not the first it is shot down or covered up also. Politics, fishing rights, money.....?

Tane Gurnick
Guess you guys don't know Polynesian, Melanesian etc have redheads as well huh?

Jordan Fitzgerald
Melanesian are Negroids and have a different gene that creates Blondes. Maori's that have red hair and blonde hair have the Caucasoid gene. Maori's are a mix of Caucasoid's and Polynesian. Nobody is saying you are ''white'' if that's your worry. Caucasoid = Europeans, Middle easterners, North Africans and North Indians.?

NZBackyard Cricketer Bre Massive JK
My dad know a guy who works as the main ranger of the Waipoua Forest and claims there are ancient (before the maoris where here) buildings of european decent (deep in the forest that have been fully blocked of) but he has been threatened by iwi that he will lose his job and everything if he speaks out.?

Tony Clifton
Europeans there have a connection to the Americas. They're trying to cover it up here too.
STONE AGED EUROPEANS were the first to set foot on North America, beating American Indians by some 10,000 years, new archaeological evidence suggests.

Artifacts prove Whites in ancient America! http://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com/2014/03/19000-year-old-virginia-flint-knife.html
Physical evidence of ancient Caucasians in North America continues to mount. http://conservative-headlines.com/2010/02/physical-evidence-of-ancient-caucasians-in-the-america-continues-to-mount/
White skinned cloud people of Peru: http://www.therightperspective.org/2008/12/05/the-legenday-white-skinned-cloud-people-of-peru/
Pioneer heroes John Sevier and Daniel Boone spoke of meeting blue-eyed Welsh-speaking Indians; those stories were told to Thomas Jefferson who was inspired to send Lewis and Clark west on their explorations. http://www.louisville.cc/linear-timeline.html http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cmddlton/mdc.html
Ancient DNA reveals that the ancestors of modern-day Native Americans had European roots. http://sciencenordic.com/dna-links-native-americans-europeans
MYSTERY OF THE WHITE INDIANS http://strangestate.blogspot.com/2010/06/lumbees-melungeons-and-mystery-of-white.html
FOOTPRINTS OF THE WELSH INDIANS http://www.algora.com/88/book/details.html
Europeans 7-8 thousand years old found in Titusville, Florida in 1982. Windover Pond – named after the development — is the site of one of the most significant archaeological finds ever made in North America, an underwater cemetery created by ancient people about 8,000 years ago. mtDNA lineages reported are absent in all other prehistoric and contemporary Native American populations studied to date
"Blond Eskimos is a term first applied to sightings and encounters of light haired indigenous peoples of the Arctic Circle region from the early 20th century, particularly around the Coronation Gulf between mainland Canada and Victoria Island. Sightings of light haired natives of the Arctic however stretch back to written accounts from the 17th century."
White Ancient Gods? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_gods
Ancient White Migrations: http://first-americans.blogspot.com/2008/01/22-ancient-white-migrations.html
Ancient White Civilizations in the Americas: https://ironlight.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/ancient-white-civilization-in-the-americas/

Politics of White Indians: http://whiteindians.com/politics.html
Blonde Whites in Americas before Columbus: https://www.amren.com/news/2013/09/how-did-blonde-whites-arrive-in-peru-before-columbus/
White Giants of Ancient Americas: http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-white-giants-of-ancient-america.html
Ancient DNA Links Native Americans to Europe: https://www.amren.com/news/2013/10/ancient-dna-links-native-americans-with-europe/
European Tools Found on East Coast up to 26,000 years old: https://www.rt.com/news/stone-age-america-archaeologists-445/?
God forbid that the truth of history be revealed. It's like that all over the world. We have been lied too forever. Why are they hiding the truth? Because they can. They are hiding historical finds in the biggest museums in the world, like the Smithsonian. They have the remains of twenty foot or taller giants that they still deny exist, even when people produce pictures, it's like it never happened. Fortunately people as a rule DO NOT REQUIRE DISCLOSURE, BECAUSE THEY GET IT. Which only makes these people who think they are keeping secrets look even more stupid. They live in their little secret groups, and play their little stupid games.?
Also, Gabi, have you heard about the red haired mummies pulled out of the Lovelock cave in Nevada? Pictures of some of the skulls that allegedly came out of the cave almost look they could be Polynesian in origin. These red haired "Giants" fought the Paiute Indian tribes and like to eat those they captured. Apparently, they would even dig up the dead and eat them too! These people sound a lot like some of the red haired giants you mention in your documentary.?
Thanks so much for sharing this information. Your work helps tie up some loose ends regarding the elongated, red haired, people of South America. These people possibly came from the Middle East. This matches up with DNA testing done on some of the South American remains. This also makes sense given that many of the Egyptian royalty are depicted has having elongated heads (wearing elongated headdresses). Gabi, do you think their origins could have been from a lost civilization like Atlantis??
wayne banks
So very cool to hear background about what to me was previously believable but disconnected and unsubstantiated pieces of knowledge?LukanorPride
People (typical anthropolgists) want to distill and dilute history to make it easier for the public and natives to swallow. I've always known in my heart the world in ancient times were connected, just as we are today. My mother is Jicarilla Apache, but within our nation there are the very dark skinned Apaches and the super white skinned. 100% native peoples with no European that are white, and we know their ancestors hailed from a part of Alaska and moved down to the four corners and mixed with the Apaches there. And my father is 100% Micronesian from Chuuk. The average person may think they're very differeny cultures and worlds, but they're not! The same traditions of respect, oral tradition (long narrations of the past is just normal even in conversational terms), modesty, values etc. Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts in theses areas of unexplored research, you've brought so many hunches I've had some legitimization.?


I have read and reread your article on the Internet now for several hours.
My name is David Luna. I am of Native American decent, Pueblo, Sioux, Pima, and Mexican.
I was raised in Ohio by the ruins of the Native American mound builders until I was 14, and for the past 13 years have lived in Phoenix (Tempe/Mesa) AZ by the Pima Reservation.
Many of my good friends, who I consider Family, are Tongan/Hawaiian.
Having stated that bit of random history, I must say that in my heart and mind, I have always thought that Native Americans, to include the Pima, and Polynesians were of the same ancestry.
Thank you for your inspired writing and sources of other great thinkers, who stated scientifically and anthropologically what seems to be basic logic.
May there be many more men of your caliber and zeal who share common thought and interest towards the history of my pacific cousins.
Thank you.
Sincerely, David Andres Luna

I have read your web pages with considerable interest.
I too have spent many years gathering research relating to the 'settlement of the Pacific' and have finally concluded that the
'Orthodox Theory' of Polynesian origins is coming apart at the seams. 
The evidence of a group of pottery making people situated in Tonga and Samoa has long been claimed as evidence that the ancestors of the Polynesians entered the Pacific from the West.
In fact it represents quite the opposite. DNA research, particularly that which is coming out of the U.S, makes it abundantly clear that the so-called Lapita people are Melanesian. The so-called experts like Bellwood & Kirch et al have long been aware of this but to make such an admission would effectively knee-cap their theory so they persevere with their off the wall claims….
The claim by Geoff Chambers that the Maori originated in Taiwan made the front pages over here. This theory has been well and truly refuted by further DNA research from outside of New Zealand.
Not to be deterred Chambers & team have come up with an even more outrageous proposal. Now , apparently the first 'Polynesians' came from two different points of origin. i.e the women came from Taiwan while the men came from New Guinea... LOL… and pigs can fly!!!
The 'Lapita' claim is critical for the orthodox theorists because if the original settlers of Samoa & Tonga were not Polynesian then the earliest proven evidence of Polynesian settlement in the Pacific comes from the Marquesas Islands on the eastern boundary of the Polynesian triangle…. To the east of the Marquesas lies empty ocean until we reach the West coast of South America.
The required direct voyage from Samoa to the Marquesas has been shown to be a virtual impossibility…. And the question has to be asked, if the settlement process was in a west to east direction how on earth was Easter Island settled before the Cook Islands!!??
There is overwhelming evidence that the 'Orthodox theory' is wrong…..
I have made many discoveries myself including linguistic proof that the word 'kumara' is only one of a considerable number of words that originated from the Andean languages of Quechua and Aymara…
I was gob-smacked when I found the word Kiwi (Qiwi) is an ancient Peruvian word meaning bent, curved or hunched over.
This word appears in the Hawaiian language with exactly that meaning….
If you would like to exchange some info I am more than happy to share some of what I have discovered.
Look forward to hearing from you…
Louis Rawnsley

Wow! I was thouroughly impressed by your long and descriptive article. Have you posted this on Graham Hancock's website? I sent him an Email about some similar ideas I had and he encouraged me to write an article. So it was a little frustrating to see that you have already encountered the same connections and drawn almost identical conclusions (plus expanding on them far beyond what I would have given the extent of my knowledge). But as you say, many of the ideas you propose are not new, and even the bulk of recent evidence is already a couple of years old. I guess a lot of people who have taken the time to look into it have drawn the same or similar conclusions. Nevertheless, while I was enlightened to a better understanding of the first civilization of man. My conlcusions are slighty different from yours in that they don't take as much of the DNA evidence into account, and they propose a timescale of something like 60-40,000 years ago. I have no intention of picking apart your very convincing arguments to bolster my own.
Congratulations on your stunning work.
Aaron Bennack

Very Fascinating! I saw your webpage about Polynesian people. Very fascinating. It makes a lot of sense that there were lots of traveling back then, more then previously thought. I never thought that there were some Indians in the Americas that possessed a Korean gene. I know Korean came from North Asia. The Ainus and Basque are very interesting. I sometimes think they are related to each other. I would not be surprised if Ainu is related to Polynesian, Australian Aborgine, Vedda, Anu, and even Basque. Both were very adventurous. Basques were the conquistadors of Spain. Ainus were Samurais of Japan. I never thought that Celtic people were around for 12,000 years. I thought they were around for 5,000 years. I don't if Celts came from Basque people.

 Raymond Youm   

You have a lot of solid research on your web site. I hope this eventually turns into a book. I put a link to your site on my Links page under Metanews and Archives.
My book The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities is due to be published by Ancient American at the end of this year. I'm sure editor Wayne May would be interested in your work.
Have you contacted Graham Hancock? He would be interested as well. Do you know about Martin Doutre's site? http://www.celticnz.co.nz/ He hooked me up with a native of Tonga who had written a book on star mythology of the island. One chapter in my book deals with the Hopi Water Clan and Snake Clan, who have connections to the South Pacific, Tonga, Fiji, Somoa region. Some of this material appeared in an Atlantis Rising article, issue 41.
Good luck with your research!
Regards, Gary David 

I have been re-reading your e-mails and am, once again, so amazed that through Jeff, I found you. When we come up with hypotheses that are so on the fringe of accepted "truth" of history it is comforting to learn that someone else has come to the same conclusions, although from different perspectives, a different continent, and through different experiences and insights. Each step of the way, I have been given a new guide to set me on the continued course deeper and deeper into pre-history. It is similar to the new information that keeps coming your way to confirm your predictions. Were you surprised to receive my Table of Contents for The Far Shores of Polynesia that touches so many of the same things you write about in your website?
I still haven't gotten to the Post Office, but will next week, to send you a copy of my first book...
Iona Kargel

Wow, very impressive stuff Pete. I am currently Supervising Producer and Director on 2 shows right now. I am interested in your project and it sounds like you have been immersing yourself in what you are interested in. Good on you. A documentary like this needs ENORMOUS funding. 

Randall Einhorn

I'm a big believer in the Thor Heyerdahl theory on the Polynesian Origins & I'd like to know how I could be of help in spreading & promoting yours & Thor Heyerdahls theories on the Polynesian origins? I was also thinking of making a web site like yours about the Polynesian origins but I still have to finish my web design course at sessions.edu. I would like to help in any way I could even to others like Pen Fiatoa, Yuri Kutchinsky or whoever who's following the Thor Heyerdahl theories!!! 

Thank you very much for all the information Peter.  You've tied a great many bits and pieces of information together for me, information that I've peen privy to but haven't had proper bindings for.  


Many thanks for contacting me through the Golden Age Project website,
regarding your most excellent work.
You might like to try and obtain the Growth of Civilization by W.J. Perry,
if you have not already done so, and his other two books Origins of Magic
and Religion and The Children of the Sun.
Your work on Solutreans comes very close to my thoughts on the Atlantis story, although I
believe the location of best climate for sophisticated man during the ice
age, fits the Azores better than the Caribbean.

Edmund Marriage - Patrick Foundation Golden Age Project

I have been mostly into paleoclimate, but recently the reseachers have been somewhat stymied by a lack of data on the variability of Kuroshio current needed to understand how the Pacific Decadal Oscillation modulates the ENSO. So my college chum got me interested in Mayan Genesis and Inca Origins by G. Kearsely which show hundreds of physical items of similarity with India along with Eden in the East (polynesia) and the Real Eve by S. Oppenheimer and the tons of references in each of the books. Now working on Indians in the Pacific. A couple of the references, Earlier than you think by G. Carter (San Diego area) and Pecos Ruins (30 miles east of Santa Fe) by Hooton both document a lower zone of long skulls, as Hyerdahl does for south america. One of the references pointed to an Anasazi pot that has a swastika on it, while several others spoke of ancient aryans in america. So yes I do agree with you that at least since the begining of the Holocene and the rise of sea levels which wet peoples feet and cause them to become sailors there has been a seafaring society of long skulls.
Your analysis and approach to the rat article was great because it was common sense, a virtue that is often lost in "scientific" papers. In fact when some one feels the need to let you know that they are a "scientist" , I treat their work cautiously.
The recent claim by Arizona researchers that they can now do DNA from hair may give some data on the long skulls? Certainly that is where it is needed.
I really appreciate the tutoring and all of the work that you have put in on the Pathways.

Francis West

I read the web article you posted about the connection between Polynesians and North American Indians.
I thought you would be interested to know that my great great grandfather, a pure Hawaiian High Chief, wrote a interesting commentary on an important Hawaiian “creation” chant in the late 1800’s. In it, he states clearly that Hawaiians come from Canada. He explains what happened, how they came to Hawaii. He gives the names of the male/female progenitors from Canada. The story he tells has them coming to Hawaii on a big log. He includes a flood story, and a myth about how the Hawaiian Islands were once one piece of land, but the waters rose and they became separated.
The man who tells the story is my grandfather’s grandfather, Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila Peleioholani (Also called Peleioholani the 4th, or Lehuanui or simple Peleioholani). He is a figure from Hawaiian history that is just now becoming recognized by Hawaiian scholars. In his time, he was considered an important Hawaiian antiquarian, and the final word in Hawaiian genealogy, especially of the chiefs (ali’i and royal familes). The genealogists of all the important families of Hawaii were at some point indebted to my kapuna Solomon L.K. Peleioholani.
His was a remarkable life that included a stint with Queen Victoria’s army in South Africa. But most importantly, he was a High Chief, in many ways both the pinnacle and terminus of the old blood royal lines from Maui, Oahu, Hawaii, and Kauai. His grandparents were among those who sided with Kamehameha the Conqueror to achieve unity of the islands. His father was an uncle to the Kings Kamehameha IV and Kamehameha V and he was himself one of the highest ranking chiefs in the Hawaiian Islands, he presented the sword of state to the kings Lunalilo and Kalakaua at their coronation ceremonies. In fact, he was the only child of highest enough rank to be a suitable playmate for Prince Albert, the son of Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma. I mention this background to you because I am sure you will recognize how as a young boy, he was the kind of person who would have trained in the genealogies, and old histories. His grandmother Kahahana, was at Kamehameha’s bedside when he died. She was passed one of the few accounts of the death of Kamehameha to him, among many other priceless treasures of Hawaiian knowledge.
He was a diligent writer and it seems he recorded as much as he could about what had been passed down to him from the remote past. But much seems to have been lost. I have found some material in the Bishop Museum Archives, in trips to Hawaii, including the manuscript I mentioned earlier about Canada. It was translated from Hawaiian to English by his good friend J.M. Poepoe, a prominent newspaper editor (Ka Nupepa Kuakoa). Peleioholani spoke impeccable English, allegedly with an Oxford accent, but it seems he wrote everything concerning Hawaiian antiquities and culture in his native Hawaiian language.
I have been trying to raise awareness of the importance of Solomon Peleioholani. He is truly an incredible person who lived as the Old Hawaii was disappearing. He bridged the two world views. He is not just my great great grandfather, he is my hero and inspiration. Like Samuel Kamakau, he was a fastidious and somewhat elitist scholar who considered himself the absolute last word. This of course was a quality that was highly prized among the old Hawaiian culture of expertise in things. And there is much to back up his high self regard, actually.
Please let me know if this area of study is still of interest to you, and I can coordinate more with you. Your web pages has been the ONLY CONFIRMATION I have been able to find of my great great grandfather’s thesis.
I am building an ohana (family) website and it will feature him and his works, as well as the genealogies. In the meantime, Mahalo for your work.
Let me know if you would like to know more about the Canada story I have and more about Solomon Peleioholani.
Dean Pua Keko’olani

Good News. I looked up and found Chief Nuu, who Solomon says came from
Alaska/Canada and landed on Mauna Kea with his wife and three sons.
In the Kumuhonua* Genealogy (a royal genealogy) of Kauai and Oahu we
find Nuu, who had a wife Lilinoe. Only the name of one of his three sons
is in the particular genealogy I have (the one who continued the line
into the next generation). He would have been born between 225 and 75
B.C., depending on your reckoning of the generational length backward
from established dates.
As an interesting side note, I am a direct lineal descendant of Nuu
through the Kings of Kauai from whom Solomon Peleioholani descends.
I will send you proper references and more detail on Nuu later.
More will turn up, I'm sure.
Dean Pua Keko'olani

I feel you’re making connections which should have been made long ago. As I read see your arrangement of the pieces I think, “of course”. The overall holistic PATTERN you are drawing is very convincing.
As I read your thoughts, I wondered about the recession of the last Ice Age and how melting ice might have created catastrophic floods (especially in cases where ice was behaving like a dam, holding back water which was building up).
Dean Pua Keko'olani

Thanks for your letter... I know there are some that see you as a sort of
heritic, but I think there may be some backing for certain of your
arguements. I also think however that there may be middle ground arguements
in many of these issues, I can imagine that Hawaiians could have sailed to
the West Coast and bring back a few "red skins" as is claimed in the Hawaain
legends( as oppossed to converting the whole east polynesia race to being
decendants of the Haida), or that the Haida themselves made it to Hawaii and
were the Manahune.  I think it is also possible/probable that East
Polyneasians made it to Peru and maybe mingled and brought back influences
and or a master mason to Easter Island.... what I find disturbing though,is
that East Polynesian history is getting pushed further and further into a
might tighter time and limited time frame, probably some will try to say
that the first east Polynesian settlements did not occure till around 800
AD.... my specialty is artifacts and the only thing that I am relatively
sure about is that the Early East Polynesian assemblage is very uniform in
the Austral Marquesian Society Island collections and similar but perhaps
not so diverse in the Hawaian, Easter Island collections, Hawaiian might
actuctually be older....but I am only guessing as I have not seen that much
of the Hawaiian material, to me the fishhooks seem different or lacking the
variation seen here which I would say is almost identical with the
Marquesian collection, Pearl shell scrapers here are identical to those
found in Huahine... Hawaiian octopus lure sinkers are found identical here
and also in the Marquesas,
The ancient Tubuai language had the L instead of R as in Hawaiian, Identical
Easter Island stone hooks are found in New Zealand, Easter Island hookforms
as seen in petrogliphs show many of the ancient Early East Polynesian forms,
and certain Easter Island adze forms are also found in the Huahine
collections.... but I am digresing. As I see it, the first major obstacle in
resolving the question of the origin of the Early East Polynesian culture is
the lack of any solid chronological foundation for the first settlements. In
the past 40 years settlement dates has moved from 200 BC to 600 AD and there
still seems 1000 year gap amongst experts in a history that is only perhaps
2000 years in totol, this seems to me a rediculous state of affairs
considering all the time and energy that has been invested in trying to
solve this riddle.... personally I think that a breakthrough will soon be
made in some area of investigation which will be able to pinpoint the exact
date of early settlements as well as identifying origins... If I was just
starting out I would perhaps look in DNA from pigs teeth, and or human teeth
(I have a good collection of pigs teeth)
I have stopped trying to imagine or theorize about who went where and when,
I am just collecting artifacts and trying to record the most important....
such as these recent fishook finds.
Regards, Lawrence Miller

You have a lot of solid research on your web site. I hope this eventually turns into a book. I put a link to your site on my Links page under Metanews and Archives.
My book The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities is due to be published by Ancient American at the end of this year. I'm sure editor Wayne May would be interested in your work.
Have you contacted Graham Hancock? He would be interested as well. Do you know about Martin Doutre's site? http://www.celticnz.co.nz/ He hooked me up with a native of Tonga who had written a book on star mythology of the island. One chapter in my book deals with the Hopi Water Clan and Snake Clan, who have connections to the South Pacific, Tonga, Fiji, Somoa region. Some of this material appeared in an Atlantis Rising article, issue 41, available in a free download on thier site.
Good luck with your research!
Regards, Gary David

I read your Polynesians article with great interest. I
have been completely fascinated with the subject of
ancient and prehistoric civilization, since an early
age and I try hard to keep current with events in
archaeology. I recently did research on the
predynastic egyptians and their connection to the
'proto-Guanches' and perhaps to Atlantis.
You've raised so many amazing points citing the
all-important genetics research. I wonder if the early
Dravidians, Caucasians, Basques and Guanches were
somehow related. I am also interested in finding out
more about the mysterious white-haired giants who
perhaps pre-dated the Cro-Magnon in Europe and North
Name Withheld

I saw your "POLYNESIAN PATHWAYS" page and I'm very
impress with your information.
My name is Pen Fiatoa and I'm writing to you about
a page I'm drafting concerning the Polynesians.
I wrote some notes concerning the Polynesians and
how I feel they colonized the islands in the Pacific.
My view could be a bit unorthodox, however, I'm
presenting it as a possible explanation for the
Polynesian migration.
Knowing that I'm just a curious person and not a
After reading Sullivan's book, "The Secrets of the
Incas", I'm more interested in the navigational terms
and traditions of the Polynesians. I know nothing of
those traditions.
Because of the environment they operated in, I think
that references to celestial objects would be an area
where some concerted effort would yield useful
results. If you come across this information, please
include me in your mail list.
I contacted someone who, I think, knows something
about this. I haven't heard from him. Because he is a
proponent of the eastward migration.

You know something Peter - if I had a lot of money.
I would gather the "diffusionists" together for a
weekend retreat. You, Yuri, and all the others noted
in your references. That would be something, hah?
I appreciate your time, and I thank you.
Respectfully,Pen Fiatoa

Thanks for your comments. You seem to have reached some novel conclusions based on received wisdom. Why not share them with the world by sending your thoughts in the form of a manuscript to a good quality scientific journal?  The American Journal of Human Genetics would be a good choice.  That way you could get some detailed expert feedback on your ideas via peer review.
Good luck with your writing,
Geoff Chambers


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