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Last updated 3 January 2005

These walkthroughs are for your personal use only!
They are not to be published in any form, or posted on a website, without my permission.

Important General Notes

The Walkthroughs


Parisian Back Streets
Parisian Back Streets Extra NEW!
Derelict Apartment Block
Industrial Rooftops
Margot Carvier's Apartment
Parisian Ghetto Entry
Willowtree Herbalist
St Aicard's Church
Serpent Rouge Key
The Serpent Rouge
Metro (Bouchard Pt 1)
Rennes' Pawnshop
Graveyard Password
St Aicard's Graveyard
Bouchard's Hideout
St Aicard's Church 2
Rennes' Pawnshop 2
Louvre Storm Drains
The Louvre Galleries

The Ancient Site

The Archaeological Dig
Tomb of Ancients
The Hall of Seasons
Neptune's Hall
The Breath of Hades
The Sanctuary of Flame
Wrath of the Beast
The Dungeon of Death
Hall of Seasons Upper Levels

Paris Revisited

Galleries Under Siege
Von Croy's Apartment


The Monstrum Crimescene
The Strahov Fortress
The Bio-Research Facility
The Sanitarium
Maximum Containment Area
Aquatic Research Area
The Vault of Trophies
Boaz Returns
The Lost Domain
Eckhardt's Lab (The End!)


Update - 3 January 2005!

Great news! I've added an extra section to this walkthrough for the illegal part of the 'Parisian Back Streets' Training level! Yes, it's been brought to my attention that the GodMode cheat can be used to access this area! Now this is a neat side excursion, well worth checking out! The section of my walk is called Parisian Back Streets Extra (it's also in the sidebar on the left). My new, improved, GodMode cheat file is also being posted today to help with this, and is linked in the same section! If you've had problems getting the cheat to work, then this completely rewritten guide to activating it will be welcome news and should enable almost anyone to get it going, even if you've never heard of the Terminal, and think 'bash' is what you do to get a temperamental TV to run ;-)

During this walkthrough I mention several places where I had the game crash on me. This was when I played the Mac game for the first time, in the original Panther 10.3 release. I have since played the game again in Panther 10.3.4 with no crashes at all! As each OS update may also update the graphics drivers, it is quite possible that my original crashes may have been due to the earlier nVidia drivers, or to some minor OS glitch, which has been fixed in the later Panther update!

This second run through allowed me to check on my walks, which now appear to be accurate. If you notice any errors, please email me!


Due to the various routes in some places, and the decisions the player may have to make during the game, a definitive walkthrough is difficult and can only reflect the choices of the writer. It would also remove much of the interest the game can generate, so I'm not going to go into the same amount of detail I have in previous games. This one will take the form of a 'mini-walk', or general guide, indicating the purpose of the levels, what to watch out for as you play, and some directions as to how to complete each level (some levels will have more information than others, depending on how much is needed). I will also give my opinion of the best way to play locations that are not linear, and in some cases explain why I decided on a certain route. What I won't do is tell you about every pickup, explain every step, or tell you how to respond in the conversations Lara has with other characters (except to say you're likely to get a better result if you're polite - in certain situations you may miss information, or even get shot if you're rude or antagonistic!) The information I give you here will be enough to get through the game, as long as you do some leg work yourself!

Note that I'm not giving the levels a number - the game in some places is far too complicated to try and keep track of level numbers (worse than TR4!) So instead I'm just listing them in the order I found gave the simplest gameplay. For example, in the Parisian Ghetto locale you could run around for ages visiting different areas, only to find you have to go back again later when Lara gets a strength upgrade or finds something to pawn! Therefore the sequence of the levels in my walkthrough is what I consider to be the easiest way through the game, and if there is a good reason for doing so I'll mention it. But in some cases my route is just one of the alternatives, and you may prefer to do it another way...

But I have to be honest - even though the game looks great, and there are some very difficult boss bad guys to beat and terrain to traverse, AoD is lacking in puzzles. One of the more difficult puzzles is easily solved as long as Lara has her notebook with her - in fact it's a one-try solution if you check your information carefully. And although the terrain is sometimes difficult, and occasionally the route hard to see, it's mostly a case of Lara being guided more or less down the right path with few problems. That's one reason I'm not going into as much detail as in previous walks I've written!

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Important General Notes

It may sound obvious, but before starting the game, read the manual! It does have some errors, and I've included these on my main Angel of Darkness page in the 'Game Bugs' section. In particular, you'll need to check the manual for information about the Stealth mode and other new moves, and for other useful information which I'm not going to include here!

Save often as there are many pitfalls along the way. As always, it's a good idea to save several times in different slots during all but the shortest levels, then organising your saves at the start of a new level. The Mac game has 15 separate save slots, but there are some differences to previous games in the way the Save and Load functions work and how the savegames are numbered. Check on my Angel of Darkness page for more details of these differences, and how to organise your savegames.

Lara's Endurance and Strength - Lara now has limited strength for such things as shimmying along ledges, climbing pipes, kicking down doors, turning valves etc. If you find Lara doesn't have enough strength to complete some task, then look around for something that will give her a boost. This may be a box to push, a door to kick open, or many other things. In the early stages of the game Lara will tell you 'I feel stronger now' or similar, and a blue energy flash will show on the bottom of the screen. As you go on though, only the energy flash will appear. Try to remember the tasks you've tried that Lara wasn't strong enough to complete, then if possible go back when she has increased her strength and try again. Sometimes this only gives you some extra goodies, but at other times it is required to complete a task to continue the game (an example of this is that Lara has to kick open a couple of doors in St Aicard's Graveyard in a certain order, before she has the strength to complete the task that allows her to enter Bouchard's Hideout).

Moveable Objects - As before, Lara can drag objects as she did the old 'moveable block'. However, in the new free-form environment these objects can be any shape and size - the only way you'll know if they can be moved is to walk up to them and look for the 'hand' to appear. Beware that this may mean an item on top of the object to collect, or that the object is pushable - first try Action to see if there's anything to pick up. If not, then try moving it. The manual says that if you stand next to a moveable object and press Action, Lara will adopt the pull/push posture - this is wrong, and she won't change her stance! What you have to do is to stand against the object, press Action, then try to move it either forward or back, whereupon Lara will push or pull the object if possible. And because of the new free form environment, these objects are no longer restrained to moving only a full square - they can be moved short distances now!

Movement - Lara's movement, and the camera, are the same as in all the previous Mac Tomb Raider games! That is, the camera is usually behind Lara (except when it switches to a fixed camera, in the same way it always has), and pressing the Up Arrow key *always* moves Lara forward relative to *herself*! (This is in marked contrast to the camera and controls in the PS2 version of the game, which was so difficult to control I gave up about half way through...) A small change is in the way the camera behaves when Lara has her back to a wall - in previous games it swung to the side to show Lara in profile, but in AoD it swings above her head, while keeping a small forward angle, so you can still see a short distance in front of Lara.

Last Chance grab - There has also been one very significant improvement with Lara's animations (not quite as described in the manual)! When you are moving on narrow ledges etc. it pays to lock the Walk on so Lara cannot fall. But AoD has a last chance safety built in - if you are running and realise too late that Lara is about to fall off a high ledge, she is likely to swing around as she goes over and grab the edge, thus enabling you to pull her back to safety! That has happened to me quite often, with the result that my Lara rarely dies by an accidental fall! Unlike previous games...

Getting on and off ladders or vertical pipes - To climb a ladder or pipe Lara can walk right up to, just walk to it and press the Up Arrow. She will climb automatically, no need for the Action key to hang on. At the top, just press the appropriate Arrow for her to step sideways onto a platform, or grab a ledge. To get onto ladders that are next to ledges, walk to the edge with the Walk key (Shift) down. Tap forward, and Lara will swing herself onto the ladder, then use the Arrow keys to move up or down. Sometimes you may find a Ladder that can only be accessed by Lara sidling along a narrow ledge - in this case, lock into Walk mode, and approach the narrow ledge. Lara should turn her back to the wall, shuffle to the ladder, and climb on. Make sure you practise these moves as much as possible in the early stages of the game, as these types of movement are very different to previous TRs!

Unarmed Attack Moves - Lara has a Stealth attack, similar to the stealth attack in Chronicles - sneak up behind a bad guy and hold Action for Lara to put him in a head lock, throw him to the ground and punch his lights out. When your weapons are holstered, Lara has some limited martial arts capability - tap Action when close to a bad guy and Lara will punch. A double tap will give a double punch. But the coolest is to triple-tap Action, whereupon Lara will kick punch, and can even do a spin-kick (although I've not been able to predict exactly how the kick punches will happen - I just bash away on the Action key and she seems to manage ;-) Repeat pressing Action for more kicks. Note that the kick also works on the dogs you meet (but requires careful positioning)! How often have I felt like doing that to a dog that's chewing on Lara! But I do like most dogs, so don't think I've anything against them in general!

Is unarmed fighting effective..? It can be! It's important to realise early on that Lara's hand-to-hand fight mode can be quite effective on armed guards like those in the Serpent Rouge, and even the guys like those you meet carrying rifles, on the way back through the galleries later on! The trick is to not let them get a shot off, and this requires Lara to get close by stealth or by staying out of their sight-line so they aren't warned. Close enough, and Lara can rush the bad guy before he gets a shot away, and as long as Lara stays close and keeps punching and kicking, there's a good chance she won't sustain any bad injuries as the bad guy will be too busy to get much gun action going! Worth trying, but also worth saving beforehand, just in case!

Items - Scattered through most levels are plenty of goodies, including health items, weapons, valuables to pawn, money, or other game items, so search thoroughly - the 'hand' will appear when you can pick something up, or open a cupboard, drawer, whatever. You'll notice that the goodies in AoD are more realistically sized, and not as obvious as before, but this has been compensated for by giving them a small flashing glint of light, so they are easy to find if you take your time and look around (different colour for different types of items).

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The Walkthroughs


Parisian Back Streets (Training Level)

Objective - Find your way up and out of this small courtyard, and down to the street outside.

Note - There is an interesting looking area visible through a couple of doorways, or from the rooftop, which is not accessible. This is because the Training area was intended to be somewhat larger than it is, and the outside area was partly completed before being canned. That's why there are some goodies visible through those doors, and why the area looks more complex than you'd expect for a backdrop. In the PC game there is a cheat to allow you to reach this area by passing through a locked door, but unfortunately I've not been able to get it to work on the Mac... However, the GodMode cheat can be used to access this area - see the next section of this walk for details!

Level - As you progress Lara will explain what you have to do, and although this does hold up the gameplay it is a good idea to listen as she explains some of the new concepts like her limited endurance for shimmying etc. Another change is that when Lara is able to interact with something, a 'hand' will appear at the bottom of the screen. This means she may be able to pick something up, try to open a door, move an object, or whatever, so watch out for it! Think of it as a visible indicator that you can use the Action key. Also, when Lara gets a strength upgrade, a blue flash will appear on the bottom of the screen - even though she tells you she 'feels stronger' in the early levels, she doesn't later on so you need to be aware when she gets a strength upgrade and the flash is the only way to tell.

The nearby staircase at the start of the game is blocked by a locked gate, but the goodie behind it can be accessed by jumping from the first balcony you reach. Avoid the dog nearby - even though it is chained up it can hurt, or even kill Lara if she gets too close. Check out the area, then start by climbing the bin in the corner, and Lara will explain what to do as you go. Take your time in this level to get familiar with the new movements! When you reach the roof look for the Crowbar - you need to move a barrel to get to it. Then retrace your steps to get a weapon from the rooftop shack (opening this door gives Lara more strength) and also check the locked wardrobe in the room below, accessed through the window, to get a valuable item of jewellery (only openable after Lara has the crowbar).

When you've finished exploring, go back to where the Crowbar was and save your game for use to access the illegal area (described in the next section).

When you're ready to finish the level, from this high ledge use Lara's increased strength to quickly shimmy across the gap to the next balcony - she just makes it! You need to open that gate to get to the ladder, but no key... Use Stealth mode to approach the corner, and then sneak around to the bad guy, stand behind him, and hold Action for Lara to use a head-lock to throw him to the ground, then knock him out. Grab the key nearby, go back to the gate and open it, and climb down to the ground to end the level.

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Parisian Back Streets Extra (Illegal Training Area) (Added 3 January 2005)

Objective - To explore the illegal part of the Training level with the use of the GodMode cheat. This is an interesting little side excursion for Raiders who believe that too much exploring is barely enough!

Note - I have posted new and very detailed instructions for enabling the GodMode cheat in my (6.5k). However, if after reading my instructions for the cheat you still fell uneasy about using the Terminal, then here is a savegame (15.4k) which puts Lara in the illegal area and doesn't require the cheat - just extract it, drop it into the Save folder, and start the game!

Credit - Thanks to Rick Smith, who brought this method of accessing the illegal area to my attention. I was aware of the cheat long ago, but as I have a natural aversion to throwing Lara off tall buildings I never even thought to try this use for it ;-) Cheers Rick, you made my day!

Trivia - Those who love game trailers may have seen an early (pre-release) AoD trailer which showed Lara being captured near the dog at the start of the game - this was almost certainly made back when that outside area was still planned for use in the game as that policeman would be the one still lurking outside to this day. Bet he's getting sore feet with all that standing around and nothing to do ;-) There was also other footage which shows Lara standing on one side of that door near the dog, and a policeman looking in at her. Same thing, probably made back when the extended area was still a goer. These trailers may still be available on the web, but I know not where...

Level - This is a part of the Parisian Back Streets Training level. As this outer area was never completed by Core Design there is not a legal way to access it, but it can be accessed using the GodMode cheat. I have no idea why this area was never completed as it is a really useful addition to the Training area, and demonstrates some things that were not covered in the main area. And it's fun!

To enter the area, first play through Parisian Back Streets in the normal way until you reach the rooftop. Drop onto the ledge where you find the Crowbar, high above the courtyard below. Before shimmying across to the last ledge, save your game and quit out (you can get back to the main area whenever you like, using a door). Restart AoD using the GodMode cheat, reload that savegame on the high ledge, but instead of shimmying across the gap, hang Lara off the ledge and let her drop to the courtyard way below. Because of the GodMode she won't be hurt, but don't save the game in the courtyard - go out onto the steps down to the street and save there. Reason is that you can use this savegame anytime without reactivating GodMode, but if you do that with a save in the courtyard Lara will die from the fall as soon as you load the save in the normal game. Outside the gate should be quite safe.

Now Lara is down there it's time to explore. As this is an unfinished area that you shouldn't be in, you'll find quite a few problems. The side facing the end of the main level has been finished off OK, but around the back there are missing textures, walk-through closed gates, invisible pickups, and invisible blocks. However it is still possible to have a good explore, and much of the area looks and works fine. There are even plenty of spoken instructions for the moves, same as for the main area, so it's obvious that the original intention was to use it.

If you go back into the courtyard where Lara dropped in, across to the right is the entry door which Lara uses at the start of the next level 'Derelict Apartment Block' - that's the apartment block with the broken stairs. But although the door can be opened there is nothing on the other side. And I mean nothing, not even a floor! Go too far in and Lara will fall into a bottomless pit...

Back outside in the alleys, watch out for a policeman who appears near the library to block off your escape route when you reach a certain spot - you can get past him via a different route under a gate and a damaged fence, and if you must you can shoot him if you're fast. Or you can possibly use stealth mode to creep up and disable him. Also look for an invisible crate in the alley around to the left - it has a logo on one side that appears to be floating in mid-air. This allows you to get to a narrow cornice above to shimmy around the corner, but the ledge there can also be reached by climbing on a box around the corner.

There are at least four gates, one of which is untextured, and three of which are walk-through. Of the doors one can be opened, but there are several other doors which can't be opened. There's a padlock floating in mid-air where a gate should be, and Lara can use the Crowbar on it (but as you can just walk through the gap it's kind of pointless).

In the alley to the right through the walk-through gate there's a moveable barrel which should be moved under the drainpipe to allow Lara to climb it. The doorway nearby can be opened to allow Lara back into the bottom area where she started the game (where the dog is).

There are a couple of things out here I found particularly interesting (although there is so much to do it's worth spending plenty of time out here checking out all the ledges, drainpipes etc. as they're all interesting!)

- One is a very small park area with a bench, which can be accessed either by stealth crawling through a small gap under a gate, or by a normal crawl through a gap in the fence wire. It only contains a second Crowbar but for some reason I thought it interesting, maybe because it's accessed in a way not seen anywhere else, and it tutors you in the use of the stealth crawl, which isn't very well covered anywhere else.

- The other is where Lara can jump from a high ledge to grab a wire, which is above where you moved the barrel to climb the drainpipe. The wire is across the alley, and Lara grabs it from the side and needs to move along it to her right by shimmying in a similar way she would along a ledge. Offhand I can't recall any other time in AoD where this particular move is needed, but I could be wrong... At the other side of the alley is a ledge with a key, but I've not yet found a door to use the key on (unless it's the reason you can open that door near the dog to get back to the main area..? Must check if it opens without Lara having the key!)

This area may not contribute a lot to the game except for introducing some moves not otherwise seen until later, if at all, and giving you more scope to practice Lara's moves, but it expands the first level into something a lot more interesting than can be experienced otherwise. It should definitely have been finished off and included in the main game - the version they released is just too short and lacks detail for a training level!

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Derelict Apartment Block

Objective - Find your way to the roof door and open it to get to the rooftops.

Level - Lara starts in the lobby of a derelict building, with the Police hot on her tail! They can be delayed by dragging the cupboard by the door across to block the door off - this will give Lara a small but useful extra bit of time. When the Police break through the door they throw gas canisters into the building - as this gas permeates upwards through the stairwell it makes more of the building untenable for Lara. When in the gas she will lose health slowly and eventually collapse, but higher in the building, or in newly opened rooms, she will have some respite until the gas reaches her. So you can't take your time here but you do get some breathers!

As you go up the stairs, watch out for goodies in the short side passages and check the doors. One door opens so you can check the cupboards, but also look for a door that needs a key - you can come back down to it before leaving to get another weapon so make sure you know just where it is. As the top of the stairs are blocked you'll have to move a box to the edge of the staircase so Lara can jump and grab the railing above.

In the top floor service room there's a key on the floor, and another on the key hooks on the wall. One allows you to open the door in there to end the level, the other gives you access to that room down below. You can also use a switch to turn on the elevator - this will speed up your return down to the locked room below where you can check the wardrobes and drawers for goodies. When using the elevator, if the door is open go in and select the floor you want. If the door's closed, summon the elevator with the button outside on each floor, and when it arrives go in and press the floor you want. But don't press the outside button when it's on your floor with the door open as this may jam it!

You can also go back to the ground floor and it may be possible to use Stealth mode to get the Policeman standing on the staircase, but if you do you may get caught by the two Policemen at the entrance door. Nothing to gain anyway, so no need to bother.

When you're finished searching the building, go back to the top floor service room, and open the door to end the level.

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Industrial Rooftops

Objective - Lara is now on the rooftops, and needs to find her way to a place where she can avoid the Police, drop to the ground, and get to Margot Carvier's apartment.

Level - This level has different route options, but most areas can be reached by retracing your steps except for the first three roofs. So all areas can be covered if you go the right way, and all the goodies can be collected.

Climb the ladder, stand under the cable, and jump up to grab it. Quickly move Lara across to the other end before she loses her grip, using the Crouch button to lift her feet over the railing on the opposite roof. There are some shots fired at her from the helicopter, but you can hide behind the boxes - otherwise forget it, it won't bother you. When at the other side go around the boxes and carefully walk down the narrow roof walkway. At the bottom, jump across to the opposite rooftop platform, grab anything you find up there, then lower Lara to the walkway below where she jumped across (you can slide down the roof on the other side and fall through the glass skylight, but you miss something in the first passage).

From there you can open doors and reach all the remaining areas. You can also use some ladders, but once you search around you'll find that one route to the final roof requires Lara to jump between two catwalks in the warehouse to reach a high door, and for this she needs to get a strength upgrade by pushing a box around. That box is in the alley at the end outside the warehouse, near a fire barrel - move it until it's under the broken ladder, and you can then climb the ladder to get back to the previous areas if you like.

Once Lara has the upgrade, she can jump to the second catwalk in the warehouse, climb up, and go through a passage to finally arrive inside the small hut on the final roof (this rooftop can be reached from the nearby roof, but you miss some goodies if you don't go this way). Don't forget to search everywhere you can reach, including all the roofs, before you go near the far side of the final flat rooftop!

To end the level walk towards the far edge of the big flat roof, where a cutscene shows Lara escaping the Police, at least for now...

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Margot Carvier's Apartment

Objective - Talk to Margot Carvier and convince her to give Lara Werner Von Croy's notebook which he left for safekeeping, then escape with the police hot on your heels yet again! How do they know..?

Level - Be nice to Margot when you get the optional dialogues, to make sure she gives you Werner Von Croy's notebook - this isn't a foregone conclusion! The notebook is not essential, but will come in useful later on as it has clues for at least one puzzle, and keeps a running list of notes of the things Lara learns as she goes, to refer to later on.

When you regain control of Lara, the Police are on their way and you have little time to search the apartment. Search as well as you can (there is a ring to get which can be pawned), and check the kitchen carefully to get the bottle of expensive cognac to pawn later. When you finish, run to the door at the far end of the apartment in the small passage (not the front door Carvier left by) and open it to end the level. The Police will break in the front door if you're too slow, and Lara will be captured! This is quite tightly timed and you'll need to practice a few times if you want to get all the goodies, so save the moment you gain control of Lara!

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Parisian Ghetto

Objective - This is a 'hub' level, and as such only leads to other areas. The most significant are 'St Aicard's Church', 'The Serpent Rouge' and 'Bouchard's Hideout', after which you continue on through 'Rennes' Pawnshop' for the last time, after Renne has been 'visited'.

Level - Here's where it starts to get confusing. Some areas around the Ghetto can be done in any order, but some things can only be done after you complete other areas and gain some strength, or are given a key or a password. For that reason and to save unnecessary repeat visits to some places, I will list the Ghetto areas in the order that gives the least running around. But you're welcome to explore in your own way, and this is fine - you can't exit the Ghetto until you have all you need, and you won't find yourself trapped anywhere!

Note that the Ghetto level itself is divided into several different sections to reduce load sizes, so you'll find that you have to wait for the next area to load in a number of places even though you're still in the same level...

There are several very short side areas, including 'Rennes' Pawnshop' for all the valuables you're collecting. Go to the pawnshop directly before entering either route to the Graveyard as the next time you visit Renne is the last, and you won't be able to pawn anything! That occasion is after Lara's spoken to Bouchard, and she then heads for the Louvre Museum.

It's a good idea to remember where you picked money and valuables up around the Ghetto and check back at the same place before you leave, as due to a bug there may be more there!

So let's head into the Ghetto!

Lara escaped capture and found a derelict railway carriage to sleep in. She now enters an area of Paris that the Police don't frequent as much as maybe they should, so your main challenge is with the people around the streets or some guards. Be nice to anyone you speak to or you may not be helped, and Lara may even be killed! As for the guards you meet, it may be preferable to use Lara's new hand to hand skills rather than shooting everyone - there's at least one spot that can save you some running around if you keep things quiet.

Exit the carriage and talk to the homeless guys in the tunnel. Then climb onto the carriage, and from there either climb the wire hanging from the walkway above, or use the wire on the side wall of the railway cutting. You can do a running jump to the other walkway, and a standing jump to a narrow ledge across above the tunnel entrance. Carefully sidestep to the right, which enables you to get a couple more goodies. Return to the first walkway, then jump through the hole in the fence. Talk to the guy nearby, and check out the rest of this area around the corner. When you're finished, use the door near the guy to reach the streets.

On the other side of the door you find yourself in the streets. You'll see Janice nearby, standing on the corner waiting for 'customers' - talk to her for more information (don't be shy, she won't bite, but I have to say she smokes an awful lot, even more than I do ;-)

You are now in the Ghetto streets, which have the main function of connecting the various side levels around here. Scattered around are street directories (stands with a map) - press Action in front of each one to see where the different places are. The first directory is across the street to the left. Most of the areas you need to visit are shown on the map, with the notable exception of the two unconnected underground sections of Bouchard's Hideout which is the place Lara's looking for.

The long street where Lara enters this area is a single section of the Ghetto. The area higher up is in two sections, divided roughly in the middle, with the Cafe Metro in one section and St Aicard's Church in the other. There are several goodies lying around the streets so keep your eyes open. To begin my route through the Ghetto, I first go to the right, to the end of the street, and around the corner to the left where the truck blocks the way. (Ignore the manhole covers in the lower street area for now as Lara needs a strength upgrade before she can get everything in there!) The second section of the Ghetto loads here. Continue up the short hill, and go up the steps on the right a short way up.

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Willowtree Herbalist

Objective - To obtain information and stock up your herb supplies ;-)

Level - A very short side trip, and all Lara can do in here is to talk to the herbalist. He gives her a little more information. When finished, go back out to the streets, go to the corner at the top, and to the main doorway of the church on the corner (the doorway is directly opposite the park gate). There's a small door on the right side so open it and go in.

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St Aicard's Church

Objective - To ransack the church so Lara is able to pawn any valuables before entering Bouchard's Hideout later on.

Level - There's more to do in this level. Lara revisits here later, after finishing with Bouchard, and directly before leaving the Ghetto, but you should visit here first as there's a valuable or two to collect which need to be pawned before seeing Bouchard. If you check around inside the church, you can see a small door on the wall near the entrance - that's where Lara comes in later...

There are two main things to do here, one of which is to search for all the goodies, the other to have a bet with the trainer (the big guy next to the boxing ring). First, go to the trainer, and before talking to him, save your game! Then talk to him, and decide which way to bet. If you lose, you'll be worse off by a couple of hundred Euros, hence the save. If you win you'll get an extra item to pawn later! Then go to the small platform in the far end wall, and push the casket across to the left side. Climb on it, and then grab and climb to the ledge above. Use the narrow cornices above Lara's head on either side of the church to shimmy along and get the goodies on top of the pillars, repeat for the other side, then go back to the rough section of wall above the the small ledge and climb to the window above. From there do a short hop (Shift + Jump) to the timber beams (save before trying, it's tricky). Make your way to the far end, avoiding some collapsing timbers, and grab the valuable item near the organ. Make your way back down to the church floor, and go back into the streets.

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The Serpent Rouge Key

Objective - To obtain a key to enable Lara to enter the Le Serpent Rouge (Red Snake) nightclub and retrieve an item for either Pierre or Bernard. Upon returning this item, Lara will be given a password to enable her to reach Bouchard's Hideout.

Level - Depending on who you get the key from you can enter the nightclub in two ways, with different entrances, different goodies, and different routes into the Graveyard later on. I recommend doing both routes, making sure you keep a copy of the savegame directly after you exit the church above, so after one route you can put those saves away and use the copy of the first save to do the other route. (See my main AoD page for tips on using savegames.) Afterwards, decide which one gave you the best outcome (inventory-wise, that is), and use the last save from it to enter Bouchard's Hideout! It also gives you the chance to check it all out, which is not possible otherwise... (FWIW I tried both ways and there was little difference between inventory items, but the choice is yours. Try both routes below and see how it works for you!)

The purpose of both routes is to obtain a mysterious box which has been hidden in the club. Once Lara leaves the club, she can take the box to the person who gave her the key, or alternatively she can approach the Graveyard gatekeeper, pay him a lot of money (800 Euros) plus the box, and enter that way. Obviously it's more sensible to return the box to Pierre or Bernard as they don't take any more money!

Cafe Metro - Pierre's Stage Door Key

The Cafe Metro is at the other end of the top street area from the church. Go to the right out of the church and continue to the far end, where you find a motorcycle parked under the cafe awning. Go inside.

Say hello to Kurtis, sitting at a table on the right. He ignores you, but his and Lara's paths will cross again later on. When you tire of being ignored (I like to pester him for a while and read over his shoulder ;-) go and talk to Pierre at the bar. After some discussion he will give Lara the Stage Door key. Exit the Cafe, go to the right past the short bollards, and down the steps to Janice. Down to the left a short way there's an alley on the right - go down near the end (ignore the manhole cover for now) and use the key in the door on the right, helpfully marked 'Stage Door'.

Parc Du Lune - Bernard's Garage Key

Bernard is the guy in the park through the gate opposite the church door. If you go up to him and talk to him nicely he gives you the chance to buy the Garage key, for a small consideration of course... (if you're rude to him he won't offer Lara the key, so you'll have to go see Pierre). He only asks for 160 Euros so if you've been checking around thoroughly you should have enough money, but if you like you can do a quick visit to Rennes' Pawnshop and sell any valuables you've collected.

Once Lara has the key, leave the park and make your way back down to the lower street near Janice. A short way from Janice, in the direction of the truck, there is a small garage (it has a sign, and is next to the alley behind the Serpent Rouge) - use the key to open the small door and head in.

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The Serpent Rouge

Objective - To find the mystery box for either Pierre or Bernard.

Level - Depending on whether Lara was given a key by Pierre or Bernard, she can take one of two routes into the Serpent Rouge.

The Serpent Rouge - entry via the Stage Door

Lara is in the backstage corridors. Down to the left is a small office with a guard, and on the wall in the other section of the passage is a switch that turns off the lights. Approach the guard down the passage carefully so he doesn't see you, then rush into the room and punch his lights out. Best to do this quietly to avoid alerting any other guards! Grab the key and goodies, go to the other end of the passage, and open the door leading to the main area.

Out there to the right are two guards. As Lara enters, she's shielded from them by some speaker boxes. Sneak as close to the first guard as possible, then take him out with some fast punches and kicks. If you're fast and quiet enough it's possible to get the second guard before he leaves the Ticket Office at the far end of the room and locks the door - this will allow Lara in there now, and save her having to come all the way back down from the high Control Room later to check out the small office!

Before continuing, go to the doorway next to the door Lara came in through, and check out the cellars. This is the entry route from the Garage, so you check it out before reaching the main area if you come in that way.

Return to the main area when finished and search the ground floor thoroughly before going on.

Note that if Lara enters via the Stage Door, she doesn't have access to the Garage itself as the trapdoor can't be opened from below!

The Serpent Rouge - entry via the Garage

Lara is in the Garage. There's a switch on the hoist to raise it, a lever on the right wall to open a trapdoor (only after the hoist is raised), and a spanner on the bench (needed to enter the nightclub). The trapdoor under the hoist leads to the Serpent Rouge cellars. Search the Garage and office carefully, but Lara can't enter the office until she gains some strength pulling the lever! The lockers on the back wall of the garage each have two separate doors, and Lara has to be positioned carefully to open each door.

Open the trapdoor, drop into the cellar, and go through the passage to the store room. Use the spanner on the switch at the end to fix it, then use the switch itself to turn on the dumb waiter. This alerts a guard who comes to investigate - he unlocks the cellar door to let Lara out. Punch his lights out, then head up the stairs and open the door into the dance floor.

Out there is another guard. As Lara enters the main room she's shielded by some speaker boxes, so she can sneak up on the guard and surprise him. Dispose of him by punching rather than shooting if possible. Note that coming in this way means that Lara probably won't be able to access the Ticket Office at the end of the room (by the entrance) until she gets the key near the end of the level in the high Control Room.

Now these two guards are out, have a good search around the ground floor before going on.

Note that if Lara comes through the Garage, she doesn't have access to the backstage area because she doesn't have a key!

Serpent Rouge Main Area - common to both routes!

Search the ground floor, including behind the bar (use the switch to see if the dumb waiter has anything), and the DJ's stage. When you're ready, use the switch on the wall behind the stage to turn on the disco lighting. Don't waste time checking it out yet - first thing is to get a couple more guards who come to investigate! You may have to use weapons this time, but save ammo wherever you can.

After checking out the eye candy, make your way to the top of all the lighting gantries, getting several more guards on the way. On the first catwalks, push an amplifier box under the gantry above to climb up to it. As you head across the gantry it collapses, and Lara has to jump the gap. Find the gap in the fence next to the moving lighting gantry, and jump to it when it's at its lowest point. Jump to the back of the lighting gantry and climb the left pillar on the other side, then from the top of the gantry jump to the catwalk above where Lara jumped across to the gantry below. Note the raised bridge closing off the catwalk reaching across the room. A ladder nearby takes Lara to the top level, with access to the light fitting nearby. Find the broken catwalk on the wall, slide and jump to the end wall catwalk.

For the adventurous (or those short of ammo) there's a difficult to see ammo pickup here. Either jump back to the sloped catwalk or slide down it backwards, and grab the bottom edge. Shimmy to the right around the corner along the timber support and climb onto the cage under the catwalk for the ammo pickup. From there you can run-jump to the catwalk crossing the room, grab the railing, and climb over, then head back up the ladder to the sloped section and slide down again. Or you can drop to the lower catwalk and use the moving light fitting to reach the top again. I know which is easiest :-)

Back on the end wall catwalk after the slide-jump, go to the far end to the left and do a running jump to grab the box girder on the far wall. Shimmy left and climb up (after passing the light fitting), jump to the small Control Room catwalk, and kick down the raised bridge nearby so Lara can cross to the other side shortly (this gives her more strength). Go into the Control Room.

In here on the left are two levers which move the broken light fitting to that short section of catwalk near the slide-jump. Use the left one first, and you'll see how it moves the fittings around. The right lever is to move the broken fitting into the short side section so Lara can reach it from the catwalk.

Once Lara has crossed the bridge and grabbed the box, return to the Control Room (if you arrived here after getting the Garage key there may be another guard waiting...) The Ticket Office key is on the floor, so if you didn't get in there before, go back to the ground floor now using the ladder in the Control Room to avoid some of the gantry jumps. If you did get into the Ticket Office before, climb down the ladder in the Control Room and check out the passage, then go back up. When you've finished in the Serpent Rouge, return to the Control Room, open the door in the back wall, and exit back to the Ghetto.

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Metro Sewers (part of 'Bouchard's Hideout' level) - common to both routes!

Objective - This is just a 'looting' level, to get extra money and valuables. This level should be visited now rather than earlier as a door cannot be opened until Lara has gained extra strength in the Serpent Rouge.

Level - Before going back to Pierre or Bernard, it's time to check out the Metro Sewers, which are an unconnected part of Bouchard's Hideout where Lara goes a little later. After climbing down to ground level from the Serpent Rouge, go to either of the two manholes, one in the street a little down towards Janice, the other a bit further down the alleyway to the Stage Door. Open the manhole, and Lara will find herself in some passages. There are four passages, radiating like spokes from a central junction. Two lead in from the two manholes, one leads to the floor of a high circular room, and the fourth to a deep pit.

The deep pit first - on the right wall as you come in is some broken masonry, below the level of the ledge. Hang off the ledge, shimmy to the wall, and use the damaged masonry to climb down the wall and into a small passage. Return to the top, then do a running jump across the pit to the other ledge. Climb the ladder, open the door, grab everything, then head back out to the junction of the four passages.

Go to the tall room, climb to the ledge on the right, jump across to the other and use a crack in the wall to get to the alcove. Crawl through the gap, then climb into the next low passage. Lara finds herself in the closed Metro entrance area behind the gate down the stairs in the park. Grab everything, then open the gate (it opens from this side only) and head up to the park and out to the streets.

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Rennes' Pawnshop - common to both routes!

Objective - To pawn all the valuables Lara's gathered so far.

Level - Before going on, now that Lara has found all the valuables lying around she needs to visit Renne to pawn them. This should be done directly before entering the Graveyard, as the next time Lara visits Renne she isn't able to pawn anything! Go to his shop (down the street near Janice) and walk to the counter. Press action, and Lara will chat to him, but remember to be nice! When you've pawned all your valuables, head back out into the street and up the stairs near Janice to the higher street area to use one of the routes into the Graveyad.

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Graveyard Password

Objective - To exchange the mystery box for a password that gives you access to the Graveyard.

Level - The route divides again here, depending on where you obtained the Serpent Rouge key

Cafe Metro - return box to Pierre

Go back to the Cafe Metro and give the box to Pierre. He will give you the address of his ex Francine, and the password for her entrance gate.

Go to her gate, open it, and head up the stairs. Open the door, go in, and talk to her - she will explain the route into the Graveyard from her flat. Before leaving, check the drawers and take what you find - she doesn't seem to mind Lara ransacking her flat! Don't think I'd be that complacent ;-)

Jump from the first balcony to the next, climb the pipe, and get onto the ledge. Run to the far end and shimmy to the next balcony. You can get down to the yard below using the drainpipe, but you may not have enough strength to open the gate (see to right). If not, climb back up the pipe to the balcony, grab the wire, and swing across to the opposite balcony. From there you can drop into the Graveyard itself through the gap in the railing.

Parc Du Lune - return box to Bernard

Go back to the park and give the box to Bernard. He will give Lara the password to get the Gatekeeper to open the Graveyard gate. Exit the park, go across the street to the left, and enter the Graveyard through the gate.

Note that it is also possible either way to just take the box to the Gatekeeper at the gate near the church and bribe him to let Lara in, but that just costs Lara a lot more cash than going the legit way would! And isn't of any benefit either...

If you've done the Serpent Rouge both ways, using Pierre's and Bernard's keys, there is one extra possibility after seeing Bernard. Instead of going to the Gatekeeper and giving him the password, you could use the password Pierre gave you to enter Francine's flat and go that way. The advantage with this is that Lara can now open that gate down in the small yard behind Francine's flat - I think that lever in the Garage gave her enough upper body strength to open it. Only some V-Packer shells, and of course some stuff from Francine's flat as well...

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St Aicard's Graveyard

Objective - This is the way into Bouchard's Hideout, only a short level. Once you're on the ground in the Graveyard, if you've been doing both routes above, now is the time to stop and compare the contents of Lara's inventory - decide which is better to continue (cash, weapons, ammo etc.), put it in the Save folder, and load the level.

Level - Once on the ground in the Graveyard after either entry route, watch out for a couple of doggies. When they start to chew on Lara you can either kick their little lights out, or shoot them. I recommend kicking to save ammo, or just ignoring them if you're big and tough... Check out all the dark corners in the Graveyard before moving on.

There are two fenced areas Lara needs to get into. The first is the large area with the Angel statue, which is accessed by climbing a lower tomb by the church extension, jumping to the higher tomb, then to the tomb beside the Angel area. Jump over to the tomb in the graveyard and kick the door in to gain some strength and goodies. Climb back on the roof and jump back out, then get into the fenced tomb in the outside corner of the L-shaped Graveyard, and repeat the door kicking (both doors Lara can open are textured with crosses). Go back into the Angel area, and push the Angel statue over to smash the entrance to the Hideout (you needed the extra strength, hence the doorkicking). Drop into the hole.

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Bouchard's Hideout

Objective - Find Bouchard. He gives Lara an errand to perform once she gets back to the streets, supposedly necessary to give her access to the drains under the Louvre Museum. But it doesn't end up quite like that, although the final outcome is the same.

Level - Basically this is a 'find your way through the sewers until you reach Bouchard' type of level. Don't think I'd like to live down there for any length of time! And talk to him nicely so he doesn't kill Lara! It can be difficult to orient yourself under water, but it seems as though when Lara falls into the water, she's facing the surface. But as the surface is quite scummy and the AoD water different looking, it doesn't look like the type of water surface we're used to...

Lara has to drop into the first pit and climb out the other end, use a wall pipe to shimmy across a gap in the floor in another, swim under a rock in another flooded pit, and traverse a long crack in the wall for another hole. That sort of thing... If you fall in a pit there should be either a wall to climb, or a low passage to crawl through to get back out. Some of this is a little bit tricky to get through, and the end of a wall crack may need a backflip to a small, hard to see, ledge to get off (I couldn't get off any other way). Nothing really difficult here though - just keep moving as best you can and step over the rats. Save often, preferably before each hole, and in a new slot! Reason is that at one point (at the end of the long crack) there is a possibility that Lara can be trapped in a pit with no way to finish the level if the small ledge breaks! At least that's how it seemed to me, but no guarantees I'm right...

At the end of the first passage with all the broken floors you end up near where you started - that rockfall is the one that was behind Lara at the start. Talk about going around in circles ;-) There is a rock Lara can pull back a bit to open the passage on the other side. Use the crawlspace to get through, and continue on as best you can, with a little bit more swimming involved. After going through a room with a very sick boy on a cot bed, you'll reach Bouchard's room - it's the wooden door at the end of the cell area. After talking to him you have to pull a lever in there to open a cell door outside, then go into that cell, move a box under the ledge above, and climb up to a second lever. This opens a door back in Bouchard's room, so go back there and exit the level back into the church.

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St Aicard's Church revisited

Objective - This is a short level that gets you from Bouchard to the entrance to the Louvre Storm Drains.

Level - There is a possibility you'll see a good bug that, after Bouchard, resets some of the Ghetto goodies. So it's good idea to check out this church again, then after heading outside, check out the places you found money earlier on the streets, and check out the Metro passages you visited earlier through the street manholes near the Serpent Rouge. It's easy to see if it's worth revisiting the Metro - just go into the park across from the church door, and down the steps to the locked Metro gate. If there are more goodies there you can see them through the gate. Any pawnable valuables you find will be useless, but you can get more cash, ammo, and health.

Once you've checked around, go to Rennes' Pawnshop again (near Janice).

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Rennes' Pawnshop revisited

Objective - This is a transit level with a bit of action, which takes Lara to the Louvre Storm Drains, from where she can enter the Louvre Museum itself.

Level - This time here, Renne is dead on the floor of his back room, behind the counter - go down the steps into the back room to find him. Very inconsiderate of him to die 'cause Lara may have more stuff to pawn! Grab the wallet on the floor, note the bomb at the end of the room, then use the password to open the safe room door. Save your game when you get inside! There are lots of items in this locked room, but as Lara picks up the last one, a laser trap is triggered and the safe room door shuts! Quickly use the button to open the door, race out to the right, and open the trapdoor. Drop down and get out as fast as possible before Lara gets barbequed - you'll need to do running jumps to make it ahead of the fireball! Get it right and you see a cutscene with Kurtis Trent watching Lara blown out of the pipe with her clothes smoking, while he has a casual smoke and throws it in the river...

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Louvre Storm Drains

Objective - Simple, find your way into the Louvre Museum basement! Not as simple as it sounds though.

Important - There is a bug in the original version 1.0 of the game that stops the valves working properly, and blocks Lara's progress. The workaround is to turn off 'Distance Fog' in the graphics. The fix is to download the AoD 1.0.1 updater, which is the fix for the bug!

Crashes - I'm running the 1.0.1 update, but I still had a crash in this level - I have HQ Shadows and FSAA both on, and Distance Fog off (I like to see where I'm going and my machine can cope...) After turning the first 4 valves and swimming through to the second shaft, before climbing out I swam back through to check the tunnel out. When Lara surfaced back in the waterfall, the game crashed. There are two other ways back, and they were both OK. This is the only crash I've seen so far and the co-incidence of it happening in the same place as the bug is a bit suspicious, so there could still be a bug here... Easily avoided though.

Level - Lara is now in what is euphemistically termed 'Storm Drains'. Looks like more Sewers to me, and rather wet they are as well! You'll meet rats along the way, and be sure to search all the little side passages, catwalks etc. for goodies, valves, switches or whatever. Mind you, not sure I'd actually eat a chokkie bar after it had been lying on the ground in here, but Lara seems to like them... (A neat touch to watch for in here is the odd bit of rubbish floating in the water - as Lara wades past it, some of it moves around her legs! That sort of detail is what I like most about the game, but then I'm easily pleased :-)

Go down the tunnel to the big room with the waterfall. Lara needs to find 4 valves in this area that when all turned will flood the pool under the waterfall and allow Lara to go through to a second shaft for the last 2 valves. Lara isn't yet strong enough to operate the valves, so the first thing to do is to climb a nearby pipe and flick the switch on the first catwalk. This will stop a ventilation fan nearby - find the fan, turn it a couple of times to get Lara's strength up, then search the area around the first shaft for the first 4 valves (one's behind the fan, crawl under it through the gap). The camera will show the pool filled, so Lara can now swim through to the second shaft, find the other valves, and return to the first shaft to exit through the now dry tunnel at the top (the waterfall was coming from it before). Note that Lara can now climb pipes, ladders, walk along narrow girders, swing along overhead pipes, investigate catwalks, open doors etc. and with some careful investigation of all the passages, catwalks, doors, and side tunnels, the valves are fairly easily found. Note that in the second area Lara has to climb a collapsed catwalk, part of which is overhanging - she can now climb all sorts of things, so don't assume an overhang will stop her!

Once Lara has found all 6 valves, she can get back to the first area either by finding a chute in the high tunnel and sliding down, or by jumping from the broken section of catwalk (with the overhanging climb) to the catwalk with the doorway. This leads back to the top level of the first shaft, and from there it's an easy jump into the exit tunnel. Open the door in there to go to the last area.

In this room there is a pool, and some pipework on the end wall. Lara has some explosive in her backpack now, and she needs to use this on the large pipe at the end. This also sets fire to the room, and the oil on the water! To escape the blast Lara has to immediately backflip into the water and swim deep the moment she sets the charge, then swim up the large underwater pipes to get back to the walkway from the high opening. Carefully make your way to the hole in the end wall, jumping over the fires. Go around to the doors.

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The Louvre Galleries

Objective - Find Margot Carvier's office and borrow her Access Card so Lara can enter the dig site.

Important - Some people have experienced a bug that blocks this level from loading! This seems to happen with either the v1.0 original game or the v1.0.1 updater, and with Distance Fog turned on or off, so doesn't appear to be related to the bug in the previous level. It also seems to happen at later points in the level when trying to load a savegame, and in this case it may not be possible to play the level at all. I have no idea why this is happening, but I suspect that some CDs may have a damaged data file. I have posted a savegame pack which contains two saves from this level, and a third from the start of the next level if neither of those work. A readme is included - please read it for more details!

Level - Lara is at the bottom of a wide staircase. She needs to get to the top, and on the way there is a security camera which she needs to avoid to reduce the guards she meets. Stealth isn't very useful here as Lara won't climb stairs in Stealth mode... There is at least one guard on the stairs, two if you're not careful. They use stun guns, and you can get them either with the K2 Impactor, the Dart SS, or hand-to-hand. With luck and some good kick punches, you can avoid the weapons... On the way up the stairs there's a locked room which Lara can come back to later for a goodie before going to the Dig site. At the top she goes through a door and enters a laser guarded room. First thing is to climb the cabinet in the centre of the floor, and jump to the wall fixture on the left. The lasers are avoided by jumping over or around, or at one spot by swinging along the side of a tall cabinet so you don't trigger the ones on the floor. It's not too difficult, just needs some careful study of each section to work it out. If you trigger the alarms the doors close and an armed guard appears back where you came in. There's also a switch there to turn the alarms off again if you trigger them.

Through the door at the other end there's another set of lasers. Stealth crawl under the low ones, and shuffle past the one by the wall. Get the guard with the Dart SS if you like (not much ammo though...) and grab his pass. Check around and stay away from the other camera's field of view. Go through the door the guard was at, avoid the next camera, and when the guard in the next room is walking away from Lara, casually walk up behind him and punch his lights out. You need to get into the duct high on the wall behind the Mona Lisa, and the way to do that is to move the large cabinet close to the Mona Lisa, uncover a timed switch behind a low cabinet against the wall, then press that and use the tall cabinet to jump to the ledge above the painting before the lasers are activated again. This will take more than one try as the first try gives a short cutscene that makes it near impossible to do it in time.

In the duct, go through until you reach a grate facing onto the roof, with a guard outside. Kick it down when he goes away, then rush out and knock him out. Climb the L-shaped duct against the wall nearby, then up to the ledge above. Go as far as possible until Lara's under a cable, and get onto a small section of ledge jutting out. Jump up, grab the cable, and quickly swing across to the ledge at the other end. Along this ledge Lara can climb down a pipe, get to a window and get another guard, who drops a key (but if you have the crowbar already you may not need to bother with him?) Climb down to the bottom of the pipe and check out a couple of doors Lara couldn't open earlier, then climb back up and make your way along the long ledge with the railing to the far end of the area.

If you need the crowbar, climb down the ladder and open the storeroom. Back up at the top there's a locked door on the cage - Lara breaks the lock with the crowbar and she can now open the door. Go through the duct and drop into a storeroom, go into the passage and get a guard. There are 4 doors here - the door back near where Lara came out of the stroreroom is the exit, the first door down the passage is a restoration room (there are some gas masks in there, but Lara can't get them yet). The second door has 4 security cameras, one of which shows her Margot Carvier's office - use the Action & Jump keys to zoom in and read the door code on the note on the computer monitor. To break the camera view, hit the Duck button. The 4th door is Carvier's office and you need that code to get in. Check around the room for the pass to get into the Dig, and some information about Lara's quest. Then go back to the far end of the corridor, use the pass, and open the door. Go down the stairs and hug the walls in the room at the end. Open the right hand door which leads to the Gallery where the Dig door is. Use Carvier's pass to open the door and head down the stairs. At the bottom is the entrance to the Dig site - open one of the large doors.

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The Ancient Site

The Archaeological Dig

Objective - To figure out a coded puzzle and open a large trapdoor to allow Lara to enter the tomb.

Level - Outside the wire cage is the dig site. Across the other side are a couple of huts, a tent, and another pair of large doors. There are a total of 4 guards around here, and Lara can get all of them by hand if you're fast. The first hut contains a switch to provide power to what I assume is a downward looking RADAR in the room behind the large doors, and to the elevator in the dig site. The other hut contains a print of a symbol on the printer, and some information on one of the computers. Once you have the print, go into the room behind the large doors. Go to the switch on the bench and use it to turn on the RADAR. Use the arrow keys to move it around the cleared area until you find the last symbol - a frame locks around it and a print of it is taken automatically. To exit the RADAR view, hit the Duck key, then grab the print of the last symbol off the printer. Exit the room and go to the opening around the left of the wire fence around the deep hole.

Find your way around the platforms and down the ladders to the bottom of the pit, then go to the side wall with the smoothed vertical section inset with small blocks and climb to the ledge at the top left (Lara can move diagonally if you use a combination of Arrow keys). Jump up to grab the under surface of the rock bridge and swing across to the ledge on the other side. Climb onto the bridge and go to the side area near the tent. Use the switch on the elevator to send it down, then retrace your steps to the ledge under the bridge. Jump to the elevator platform and check out the mechanism with all the symbols.

When Lara pulls the large lever on the wheel the 4 concentric circles with the symbols rotate one position each. If you go up the catwalk to the side you'll find 4 levers. Each lever locks one of the concentric circles in place, thus locking a symbol in place in the narrow frame across the left side of the wheel (practice with the wheel and the 4 levers to see what happens - you can unlock any of the four by pushing the locking lever back up so you won't cause yourself any problems). What Lara has to do here is use the lever on the wheel to get each symbol in the correct place one at a time, then lock that symbol in place with the corresponding lever. Repeat with each symbol until all 4 are correct (you can lock them in any order). Get it right and a locking bar comes across and the trapdoor in the tent above opens. The correct position of the symbols is not guess work - Lara is carrying all the information she needs in the Notebook and the two prints she just picked up. Use the clues in the Notebook first (towards the back of the book), then finish with the other two symbols. It's actually quite easy to work out, as long as Lara managed to get the Notebook earlier - that's one more reason to be nice to the people you speak with in the game ;-) If you don't have the Notebook then it's a matter of trial and error, but the two prints she has are for the second and third symbols from the left so good luck!

When the locking bar moves across and the trapdoor above opens, climb back up and drop down the exposed hole to go to the next level.

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Note - The following levels beneath the Louvre are classic Tomb Raiding, no matter what you feel about the new game style. They are simply some of the best areas I've seen in a TR game, well designed, great looking, and your tasks are good fun. But if you like those really difficult cerebral puzzles, you may find these levels a bit simple as the puzzles are not exactly Mensa material. The most difficult bit is to work out the route in a couple of places, the rest is mainly negotiating the environment. But what an environment!

Tomb of Ancients

Objective - To find the lever that opens the trapdoor at the bottom of this deep pit, which leads to the Hall of Seasons.

Level - There are a lot of bats around the upper areas of this deep pit, but only a few of them will bother Lara. If a bat does start biting, use a careful single shot with the basic pistols, and only do so when a bat attacks to save ammo. If you don't shoot it it will get in Lara's way and the repeated bites will drain her health faster than you might expect. The only other enemy is a skeletal warrior (remember his predecessors..?) at the bottom of the pit but he's a slow mover and can be avoided.

Lara's in a tunnel. Go to the end and look around the deep pit - you need to get to an alcove beneath the broken bridge but you can't see it yet! Hang off the edge and climb down to the ledge below, then jump to the long beam nearby - a careful standing jump (not hop) should get Lara there safely, but save before trying as the beam is narrow and difficult to land on. Follow the tunnel until you come to a broken bridge. This needs a careful running jump, jumping at the last moment or Lara won't make it and she may find it difficult to grab the broken edge on the other side! At the other side, stand on the edge and look to the side of the pit for the only bare small ledge visible (the others have statues on them). Lara can just reach it with a running jump and grab. Jump to the next ledge on the left, hang off the front of it, and shimmy past the statue. Around the other side Lara can drop to a stone ledge.

From that ledge, jump carefully to a small dark ledge further around and below, then to the beam with the lever. Pull the lever to extend a series of ledges around the pit, then make your way carefully, using short hops, standing jumps, grabs, or whatever it needs from ledge to ledge until Lara can reach the ground (save often in a new slot!) Run into a small alcove (the skeletal warrior can't get in), and pull the lever in there to retract those ledges and extend a new set. Run out and climb those ledges until Lara is below a small alcove high in the wall, climb in, and pull the lever to open the trapdoor at the bottom of the pit. Return to the ground, drop through the trapdoor, and head down the tunnel, being sure to visit any side rooms you pass.

At the end, open the door and head into a long passage with mirror floors. As Lara goes through the doorway ahead, a door slams shut and the only way out is forward through the darts! Save your game for a dangerous run (but it's not too difficult with some practice). There's a lever on the wall on the right just inside the door which opens the exit door at the far end. That door is timed, and Lara has to run to it, jumping over three sets of horizontal spikes on the run (she can clear them), and hopefully not getting hit by too many darts. When you make it through the end door, follow the passage and open the doors to reach the Hall of Seasons.

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The Hall of Seasons

Objective - The Hall of Seasons is initially a hub for 4 side levels, after which you return to complete the Hall itself. Each side area has a crystal as a prize, and those are used in those four receptacles in the entry passage.

Level - Note the four receptacles in the entry passage - you'll be back here soon to place four crystals in them. Then head out into the main hall. There's another skeletal warrior in here, but he moves slowly and can be avoided if you keep moving - poor thing must have bad arthritis... You can knock him down for a short time with the shotgun, but why waste ammo! In the centre of the Hall are four quarter-circle pressure pads, each opening a set of three doors (the symbols are Water, Air, Fire, and Earth). Through those three doors are passages with levers at the end. Two of the levers for each set are booby traps, and the remaining lever lets Lara into one of the four side areas. I'd recommend saving before entering each set of doors, as the booby trap is tricky to escape, but *very* spectacular - it's the basement to the Hall itself, with all the traps you could ever dream of, including spikes, fire pits, blades, hammers etc. Worth checking out for the eye candy alone, best set of traps, and some of the nicest graphic fx in a TR ever! More ways to die than you can poke a stick at! Anyway, you have to go there eventually, after visiting all four side areas... To avoid the traps and get into the four side areas either use trial and error, or there's a hint linked to the symbols, but I'll let you figure that one out!

The four side areas can be done in any order, but I happened to step on the water symbol first...

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Neptune's Hall

Objective - Get the Water Crystal.

Level - Those of you who've played the game that started all this - TR I - will know that the original Neptune ordeal was a long watery dive with a nasty current. Well, here we have a long watery dive with some awkward currents, but this time a lot more complicated and dangerous! Hope you packed a towel and plenty of bandages... For some reason the first thing you have to get past is a knight with a flaming sword. He can be avoided quite easily - he does shoot fireballs at Lara, but mostly he chases her and tries to slash away with the sword, so just keep moving and be ready for a fireball if it comes (that burning sword looks 'cool' LOL) Avoid him, run around the back of the room (you can lure him away from the goodies), and drop into the small pool in the short corridor. Avoid the hole in the middle of the first room for now, it's a long fall... Swim down, look at the pretty fishies, avoid the blades, go into the end room and pull the lever. Then get back the way you came fast before Lara realises she's not a fish! That lever raised the water level in the big room down that hole so run to the centre of the first room and drop into the new pool.

Swim down and find the small passage with the next lever, and pull it to raise the water level further. This allows access to three doors higher on the walls. Check them all out, and drop into the waterhole you find. This is a long swim with some goodies on the way, and there are a couple of air holes to help out so check around as you go. On the downside there's a section with a heap of spikes all around - it may be easier sticking to a side wall, just above the slope at the bottom, but then again it may not be. See how you go! At the end, after swimming through a couple of broken grates, you reach a room below the centre of the big pool you started in. Grab the Water Crystal from the top of the large pillar, pull the switch in there to open a quick way to get back to the entry room, then head out back to that short passage with the pool at the start. This time it could be more difficult to get past the fiery sword, but when you do, head back out to the Hall of Seasons to step on another button!

This time I stepped on the air symbol...

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The Breath of Hades

Objective - Get the Air Crystal.

Level - Go down the correct passage ;-) and pull the lever to let you enter this level. You find yourself in a room with a very deep pit with shortish poles, and lots of statues. These blow gales from their mouths - hope they've used mouthwash! Find a moveable section of wall and pull the lever in the hidden room to raise the poles to Lara level and open the gate at the other end. Notice that the poles are not only a lot smaller than we're used to, but also sway around, so they're not easy to jump to. Save often, use short hops or standing jumps, whatever works for each, and it may help to crouch while Lara waits on a pole for the wind to die so she can take another jump. Wait for the wind to abate before jumping or Lara will be blown off course. At the far end grab the Air Crystal and make your way back, but it's easier this time!

I next stepped on the star symbol, denoting fire...

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The Sanctuary of Flame

Objective - Get the Fire Crystal.

Level - This time the task is more difficult. As Lara enters the fires erupt and the path to the far end is tricky. Jump from tile to tile, but it's difficult to avoid the fireballs. Save after each tricky jump, and when you reach the far end grab the Fire Crystal. But when you turn for the trip back, you'll find that many of the tiles have vanished! From time to time debris is ejected from the lava, and reforms floating tiles in the air. The first you go to are a couple to the left, in the direction of the alcove in the side wall. Then return to the steps and make your way back, making full use of the floating tiles. Take your time over this as new tiles will form as you go to enable Lara to get across the gaps. Return to the Hall of Seasons for the last one.

I now stepped on the fourth symbol, a rock...

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Wrath of the Beast

Objective - Get the Earth Crystal.

Level - Probably the most difficult of these four challenges! As Lara enters, the statue (a Nephilim?), disintegrates and most of the floor collapses. The challenge is to make your way in an S-shaped course, first down to the left, across the long bridge, then jump back to the left side, then to the end and around the ledges until Lara can climb to the top pathway and reach the final crystal. But it's not that simple as the ledges either start falling as Lara steps on them, or as she leaves, thus making only a few of them safe to save on. Save whenever possible, and in several new slots! Once you reach the Earth Crystal the last of the pillars have collapsed, but when you take the crystal the floor mostly reforms magically bahind you, only leaving one large hole. Also there's a shower of water landing on the floor nearby, and at the far end. Most disturbingly, three of those burning sword knights have appeared, guarding a couple of levers on either side wall, and the exit! So that's what the water shower is for ;-)

Avoid the knights and the hole as best you can, pull the two levers, and run through the shower to douse Lara if she's on fire. The shower isn't a safe spot to stop as even though she won't burn, a few fireballs will kill her! Best thing is to keep moving, as running around will lure the knights away from the levers and the exit door. Avoid the fireballs if you can or run through a shower, then head to the exit door and back to the Hall of Seasons. Not as difficult as it looks though, as the knights are so slow.

Now Lara has the four crystals, it's time to move on. Or is it..? Well, first go to the passage where you came into the Hall of Seasons from the Tomb of Ancients. Place the crystals in the receptacles, which unlocks a door, then head back into the main room. Now for a separate area of the Hall of Seasons! Step on any of the four symbols, or just go back to the doorways if they are still open after your last adventure.Then pull one of the handles that *doesn't* lead to one of the side levels! That will deposit Lara into the dungeon below the main hall.

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The Dungeon of Death

Objective - Get out alive ;-) No, seriously, there's more to it... Lara is here to start the machine that can get her to the higher levels of the Hall of Seasons. BTW, this level isn't actually named 'The Dungeon of Death' - it's just a part of the Hall of Seasons, but I have a vivid imagination!

Crashes - I had one crash in the central room first time after turning all the valves. It didn't lose any savegames, just as well, so I was able to carry on.

Level - OK, so it gets harder... Well, I did say that 'Wrath of the Beast' was the most difficult of *those* four challenges! Go into one of the passages and pull one of the handles that *doesn't* lead to a side level! The trapdoor below Lara will open, and that will deposit her into the dungeons below the main hall. Go to the sloped passage and slide down. Check out the noisy corridor outside - it's full of lethal traps, including spikes, blades, and heaps of other nasty looking stuff! Like I said, the objective here is to get out alive... Only place I've seen that was more lethal was my local unemployment office, but that's another story ;-)

Around the circular passage, apart from heaps of traps, there are four entry passages and an elevator to the main floor on the outer wall, and a doorway on the inner wall to the central area. Find this doorway while managing to avoid everything. The spiked rolling pin can be avoided by hanging off the edge of a lava pit against either wall, or by going into one of the passages in the outer wall. Lara can also get past that rolling pin on rails by stealth crawling under either end. The rolling pin only goes halfway around the passage as the rails are broken, and when it reaches the end of its run it stops until triggered again. The rest of the blades and spikes are easily avoided if you take time to check out how they work before approaching. The giant hammer can be run under if Lara stands against it while it's down.

Once you find the doorway on the inner wall, go through and down the stairs. Open the door at the bottom and enter the central room. In here are 4 valves Lara needs to turn, and she reaches them by climbing ladders, traversing catwalks, using horizontal chains to swing across gaps, and by jumping any smaller gaps. The last one is on the bottom of the centre structure, and is covered by a cage so has to be done last. As soon as the fourth is turned, drop off to the bottom walkway and get up the ladder before heaps more blades come slashing out from the spinning shafts around the room! From the vantage point of the catwalk, check out that machine - it works by blowing steam against vanes on the vertical shafts! Kind of reminds me of the gadgets in another well known game series beginning variously with M or R...

Return to the passage you entered by, push the lever, end go back up the stairs to the 'Doughnut from Hell'. Find the elevator in a passage on the outer wall and head up to the main hall area (in two stages :-)

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The Hall of Seasons Upper Levels

Objective - To collect the main prize for this excursion beneath Paris, then get back to the Louvre.

Crashes - I have had more than one crash in the ghost room, but the savegames seem OK. You may like to save in new slots a number of times through this level in case you have to go back a bit.

Level - Head out to the main floor and see what you just did. Watch out for a few ordinary skeletons around this room. There are now 4 pillars, all oscillating up and down. Grab the lowest at its lowest point, and jump around the four. When the highest is at the top of its travel, jump up and grab the ledge. Make your way via the only flat beam to the balcony. Head for the staircase, climb to the second balcony, and proceed around to the other side of the missing bit. Climb the wall to the ledge and pull the lever to open a door at the head of the stairs you came up, down to your right. Go back there, and push in a section of wall to gain a strength upgrade which allows Lara to reach the next room.

Head back up to the ledge with the lever, and get ready for a very tough two-stage climb! Spidergirl, sorry Lara, has to get to the very top of the ceiling and through a small gap (don't look down!) She can only do this in two stages, by seeking rest on a small ledge around to the left a little. This is where Lara really shows off her overhang climbing skills - Stallone eat your heart out, *you* need ropes! Anyway, as quickly as possible climb the wall close to the lever, and continue up the overhanging bit. Where it levels out Lara will turn and start swinging, and you need to go to the left shortly after that for a rest on the small ledge. Then swing back out, go to the left a short way out, and Lara will spin around and climb another overhanging wall. At the top is a small hole, and you can either backflip off or get off to the side. Save your game and take a very deep breath! It's almost certain you won't make it the first try, so Lara is very likely to be answering the call of gravity at least once!

At the top make sure your health is up and get a good weapon ready (shotgun is OK), then go through 2 doors and save before the third opens. Out there is a very cool room, and Lara's prize is on a statue with a blue light. After the cutscene she's chased by a fiery, ghostly monk, but you can reduce the damage to Lara by crawling and crouching. Unfortunately you can't kill him, you can only stun him for short periods, but you can shoot at him from the crouch to reduce Lara's damage. Although it's very difficult, the best way to do it seems to be first crawl around the room and grab the ammo and shotgun, then continue around the edge of the room until you aren't too far from a statue with the blue light, maybe on the narrow gutter. If you get too close the light moves away from Lara to another statue - it only stays in place for Lara to approach when the ghost is stunned. Face so that you can see the blue light to make sure it doesn't move, then crouch with the shotgun and blast away at the ghost as it moves in front of Lara. The moment the ghost stops moving, put the shotgun away and rush to the blue statue. Grab the Obscura painting and either get out of the now open door fast, or crouch and crawl out. During all this keep a close eye on Lara's health as she still sustains some damage at the crouch.

(If you find this too difficult - it's definitely *not* easy! - then I've posted a savegame from just after Lara has the painting. Go to my Angel of Darkness main page to download this file! When you load it hold the Duck key down so Lara won't get hit by the ghost. Crawl around the room until you reach the exit door, and head down the passage.)

Go down the passage into the water, and through the door ahead which was closed when you came in. The ghost doesn't come after you so it's a good time to save again! Go to the end of the passage, and it will flood. Swim up through the hole in the ceiling to find yourself back in the Tomb of Ancients tall room. At the top there is an airhole, and a ledge Lara can climb out onto. Get your breath, then go for the same tunnel Lara originally came in through - it's the highest hole in the wall, not far from the top. Swim up there to come out in The Archaeological Dig, through a hole which was behind the fences the last time you were here (which means that they'd already found the rooms down below! Explains the ammo and stuff, but it's pity Lara couldn't climb the fence before...) Go to the fence, climb on the box, and vault over, then approach the large doors to exit back to the Louvre.

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Paris Revisited

Galleries Under Siege

Objective - Find your way out of the Galleries! Simple as that...

Level - There are lots of bad guys through here, but with luck you can get most of them with punches and kicks without too much damage to Lara. Head up the stairs, and watch the cutscene which shows the bad guys invading. Does that guy sound a little like Arnie, or is it just me..?

(I know of at least one person who has experienced a crash as this cutscene loads, so I've posted a savegame from after the cutscene on my Angel of Darkness main page.)

Anyway, once you open the door into the gallery the gas hits, and you need to find a gas mask. Make sure you check the bad guys as you go, and you can get some extras by diverting into the room you were in earlier that leads to the Mona Lisa. Lara should get an extra weapon, an SMG (sub-machine gun), which may come in useful in the short term at least! Go through to the steel staircase, and open the door at the top. This is the passage Lara was in earlier, and in the first room on the right, in a cupboard in the inner room, are the gas masks. Now you can breathe again! Check out the cupboards before leaving... This is where Lara gets enough lower body strength to sprint, so check it out, it's quite funny!

Head back out and back down the steel staircase. Arm yourself with the shotgun or SMG as there are a couple of bad guys waiting down the corridor. Sneak down against the wall and Lara may remain unseen until she gets close, then draw the shotgun or the SMG and battle it out from the cover of the doorway. Go to the door on the left and open it - the next bad guy comes down a rope, but you can get him by kicking, then go through to the stairwell for yet another. If you get these guys quietly you may avoid another one appearing down the next stairs, but don't delay as one comes from behind after a while. Go to the doorway at the end of the lowest passage, check out the Ladies loo if you like (nothing in there...) then go into the next gallery for a long series of three cutscenes featuring Kurtis and Bouchard. Bouchard takes Lara to Von Croy's Apartment but then does the dirty on her and orders in the 'Cleaner' (hitman). A 'flashback' FMV follows, then the next level loads. (Unfortunately the audio and video in the three cuts aren't synchronised so it looks a bit weird after a while...)

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Von Croy's Apartment

Objective - to find more information for the next stage of the quest.

Note - if you look carefully around the apartment you may notice that Werner had collected quite a few copies of 'The Island of Dr Moreau' by H. G. Wells. Significant..? Time will tell...

Level - Lara's had all her weapons removed, leaving just the ammo. There are a heap of goodies to get in the apartment, but be sure to get the walking stick near Lara at the start (no use, but cool to have:-), and leave the Rigg 09 pistol behind the table 'til last as it triggers the Cleaner to appear. Note that there is some ammo lying on the floor beside a dining chair, close to the pistol, and I found a bug there that allowed Lara to keep picking it up time and again. It doesn't actually disappear from the floor until after you pick up the pistol, so you can get plenty of ammo to suit the Rigg 09! Strongly recommended to get as much as possible as the Rigg 09 will come in handy later on :-) Now that's my kind of bug, or is it actually a bug..? Lara can kick in a door near the staircase to gain more strength, and there are several bits of information around the apartment. When you're ready, pick up the gun behind the table, whereupon some dramatic music will herald the aproach of the Cleaner!

This guy's name could easily be Larsen - he has a tendency to run away after being shot at for a while! Best way I found is to crouch behind the overturned arm chair between Lara and the doorway down the room by the bookcase (the apartment entrance, there's a laser trap in there). He takes his time to come out, and he won't come running to Lara - he prefers to crouch, then stand occasionally and take a shot. He won't get Lara if she's shielded by the chair, so when he ducks down, stand up and take a few shots at him. When he stands to shoot, crouch for protection. After a while he'll run into the laser passage, so follow through. In the apartment corridor outside, go into the room along a bit, avoiding all the laser traps as they trigger small explosive charges and certainly don't make Lara's day!

Grab a couple of things in this room, and make sure the second one you grab is well sheltered as the Cleaner will shoot the wall down when you do. Do the same, take potshots at him until he goes away, but this time he has pistols. Grab the stuff he left behind, then go out into the passage through this next door. Stealth crawl under the lasers and head down the corridor for a cutscene of an explosion that wrecks the staircase ahead. You need to get down a flight and go through the passage below where you were upstairs. The Cleaner is down the end of the passage, and this time when you take enough shots at him he will drop for good! A cutscene ensues where Lara finds out about Bouchard and Prague, so she borrows the Cleaner's car and heads off into the night.

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The Monstrum Crimescene

Objective - Find a way into Vasiley's premises and locate the 5th engraving.

Level - Lara is now in Prague, and it's winter. Or at least a very bad summer... Paris only had rain, but the snow has been falling here. On the left side of the square by a car there's a reporter in a brown coat you can talk to, but don't talk until you've removed a pest down the alley on the left or he keeps interrupting Lara's conversation with gunshots (they don't hurt Lara until her conversation ends, they're just *very* annoying!) There's a couple more gunmen and a dog about, so it may be a good idea to tidy the area up first. You need to find a hammer lying on the ground, so keep your eyes open (the hammer is for Lara to break the locks on some trapdoors in the streets). Then talk to the reporter for some information, for the usual consideration of course...

Look for two trapdoors in the streets with steam coming out. One just has a goodie, but the other lets Lara into the sewers. Basically just follow your nose ;-) to a broken wall, go in, and find your way through. Talk to Bouchard when he recovers, then use the second door to go out to the showroom. Looks interesting, but there's more than there seems (and you'll be told not to go until you've done what you came for). Climb the scaffolding and find two chains - pull them as many times each as necessary to expose a wall cavity, open a clock face, and show a clue on the floor. Go back down to the ground floor and do what comes naturally with the clock, then go down to the hidden office you unlock. There's a fax on the floor, and a keypad on the wall. Lara can now escape with the 5th Obscura engraving! Go back into the back workrooms where you left Bouchard, turn left in the next passage and go to the door on the left. Bouchard's met his fate so grab his key and go back down the stairs to the room off the sewer with the door Lara couldn't open before.

Outside, the reporter is waiting, and he gives Lara the Strahov code he promised, and also sells her another weapon. If you've been careful and gathering everything on the way through the game you should have plenty of cash! He takes Lara to the Strahov Fortress.

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The Strahov Fortress

Objective - Find the door leading to the next level.

Crashes - I had a crash when dropping down a duct in this level (which triggered a cutscene), but it didn't happen the second time I tried...

Level - Lara is now in a large warehouse type building. Check around the room, and as you do so, a crane removes a container. Lara can now get to the top of that 2 container stack, and from there she can jump to a small cage on the wall, and then to the top of the high brick wall. Check out the area - it is a storage area, with two guards on the floor, and another in a small room at the far end. You may not have to go down there as the only things Lara gets are a low security pass and some ammo, and she should have one pass already. If you do want to go down, the best way I found is to go to the far end of the closest walkway across the length of the room, and just before the end, vault over the fence facing the brick wall to land on a large crate below. Drop between the back of the crate and the wall. Good idea to do this after studying the patrolling guards and going over when they're over the far side of the room. Stealth walk carefully to the small room with the stationary guard and take him out by walking behind him and using the Stealth attack by hitting the Action key when Lara's close behind (this only works on stationary guards). He drops a pass, and if you like you can also take out the other two guards in case they have any ammo. Then go to the broken ladder under the end of the other long catwalk, climb on the box, and jump up to grab the ladder. At the top go to either door (the left may be better) and go through.

On the catwalks in the second area are two more patrolling guards, but it's near impossible to get close to them for an unarmed attack, so take them out with a weapon if necessary. Don't try climbing down the only ladder to the floor yet as a couple of automatic guns have to be taken out first. To do that, go to the ladder beside one of the two entry doors, and climb to the control room (you may want to shoot the guard up there from a distance first). Use the switch to activate the crane, then go to the far end of the catwalks and climb the long ladder. Go to the crane control cabin and hit Action for a cutscene showing Lara taking out the guns. Then head back down, go across the catwalk again, and climb to the floor.

Go to the closed door at the far end and open the small door to the next area. Because the far end passage, and the door on the left, are both protected, you have to get over the fence in the alcove to the right with the dogs on the other side. To do that you need to move a couple of separate crates against the end of the pile of crates, and then move the crates on the pile so that the tall stack is against the fence (you need to move one of the crates beside the tall box to move it). Lara can now move crates on a stack by standing next to them and pulling part way, then going to the other side and pushing the rest, so it isn't as tricky as it looks.

During this Lara's strength increases, and before climbing on the stack of crates there's one more thing to do. Go across the room and find the two crate pile, and drag it across so it's under the pipe with the valve high up. Climb to the machine, and operate the valve to turn off steam (?) which is stopping Lara getting over the fence. Then climb the crates, jump up and grab the pipe, tuck Lara's feet up on the pipe and go across the fence. Drop off, get the two dogs, and climb the nearby ladder. Operate the switch to break one of the large cutters, which demolishes the air conditioning duct. From the platform, climb onto the nearby box on the wall, and jump to the steel beam. Get onto the duct, and go to the broken end. Lara can hang off, release, the grab the lower edge and pull in. Head for the far end, and use the Up Arrow to forward roll into the hole and get a cutscene (this is slow loading, and crashed my game when I first tried it...)

When it's over, go to the end of the duct, but don't drop out yet. Watch for the guard to go to the left (left as you're watching) out of camera view, then forward roll to land on a tyre below. Stealth walk along the wall in the direction the guard went, and hide in the corner until he comes into view. For me he went and stood in a corner nearby, and Lara could neutralise him with a Stealth attack. He drops a high security pass. Go to the door on the stairs, get a weapon ready, and use the card to open the door. Wait outside and get the guard as he comes through (he probably will), then go in and get another couple of guards inside. Use the control desk to switch off all the power, then exit the room. Go back along the wide passage, and check the room on the left. Stealth crawl under the lasers, taking care to stay well away from the jumping bombs on the floor! They seem to do less damage if Lara stays flat (I think they're percussion bombs). Go through to that large door on the other side of the area, and use the card to go through.

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The Bio-Research Facility

Objective - Find your way through the facility and run into Kurtis Trent at the end...

Level - Now here's a neat level with some really weird plants! Some of the plants are deadly and able to attack Lara, so be careful when you're checking out all the butterflies ;-) It's kind of like the levels in Alice with the aggressive flora, along with some rather weird experimental fauna (think ugliest creatures in previous TRs, and double it!) Unfortunately the great appearance of some of the rooms isn't matched by the puzzles... But then the puzzles in AoD are a bit of a disappointment anyway.

Talk to the guy near the fountain, then after checking the area find the switch that allows Lara to get the end door open. The switch is very well hidden in plain view, so you need to look very carefully, but it's handy to have that 'hand'... (LOL) Pulling that switch moves a statue and opens a passage, so go in and use the switch in there to open the far end door. Through there use the button on the wall to open the second door, and get a shot of a very nasty looking little critter! In this room there are also deadly bugs coming down the chutes up on the side walls if you're not careful...

This second room is quite simple really - Lara only has to operate a couple of valves on the catwalks above the green tanks. That nasty looking critter with the long fingernails is actually a bit of a pussycat, and as long as you stay away from it and leave your weapons holstered you should be OK. But if you want to shoot it out you might end up with a lot more than you bargained for! Check the room out, then find the silvery pipe and swing up to the catwalk. Operate the two valves, and climb down the nearby ladder, then drop into the hole that opened.

Lara lands in a pool, so climb out and head through the passage. Jump across to the ladder (if you fall in swim through to the next room, avoid the weird fishy, and use one of the ladders to climb out). There's only one guard in here and you'll probably need to get him as he can be a pest. This room has 4 things to do. First find a valve and turn it off to stop a steam leak, then find the switch and move the overhead carriage, climb the pipe from the end of a narrow ledge to a higher ledge, then use the greenery to swing up above the carriage and drop down. From there you can reach the exit door.

Go through to the next room. Not a lot in here either... As Lara walks along the catwalk a large plant shuts the exit door. What to do? Well, kill it of course... There's a pipe leading from the plant to a raised room. In there is an empty tank, a lever to empty it, 5 valve wheels, and a moveable piece of furniture. You have to mix 3 chemicals, then empty the tank with the lever, whereupon the plant dies and releases its hold on the door. You can only mix 3 chemicals at a time, but if you get it wrong it resets. However, there is a clue in the room, or should I say the solution! I'll let you find it (another example of a puzzle that could have been better IMHO...)

In the next room there's more to do. Around the ground and catwalks are 4 guards, one of whom is dead, and Lara has to collect 3 pass cards to open the next door. First take out the ground guard, then find the unbroken ladder and climb to the first catwalk. Go to the left, climb the stairs, and make your way across the roof via those flat panels. At the far end, jump and grab the edge of the catwalk and climb through the gap in the fence. Get the guard on this catwalk, then find your way to the dead guard on the high catwalk and take his pass card. You'll also see a cutscene with all the bad guys gathered, with Eckhardt doing what he seems to do best - being very bad again. Go back down and get the last guard on the opposite side of the area, then use the broken ladder to drop to the ground, and head for the far corner past the green pool. Use the 3 cards to open the door.

The next area is the last! The green pit is full of poisonous gas, but it's worth checking out quickly, and also swimming through the flooded tunnel to the next room. Lara can't open the door in there, although she can open all three lockers. Go back out to the previous room, and head along the walkway. Go through the airlock, and into the next airlock for a cutscene with Kurtis, and an explanation of where those shards in Lara's inventory came from!

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The Sanitarium (playing as Kurtis Trent)

Objective - Pursue the Proto...

Crash - I had a crash trying to shoot all the cylinders in the room with the spinning fan. Just shoot one of them!

Level - You are now playing as Kurtis Trent, and I have to say that this is the last thing I wanted to do! Kurtis is supposedly in there as he has 'special powers', but it seems more as though Kurtis has been included just to provide some token alternative to Lara. It would be a different matter if he really *was* helping her out, but his purpose just seems contrived. Better would be to have both of them in a level together, with each having specific tasks and the player being able to play as either, or take turns as appropriate. Add to that Kurtis' animations aren't as polished as Lara's, which doesn't endear him to me... Anyway, you have no choice but to play as Kurtis so let's get it over with!

First find your way down the tall elevator shaft to the only openable door near the bottom - at one stage you have to open a trapdoor. (Why not, just for fun, drop Kurtis right down the shaft ;-) Fun over, through the door is the entrance to the 'Sanitarium', which in fact is holding the results of experiments, all suffering from whatever nasty things have been done to them (the mind boggles...) Now there's something on the loose, and Kurtis isn't too happy about it! Far as I'm concerned he can go home and let Lara finish it off ;-) On the way through here try to use as little ammo as possible, and just avoid the inmates - you may just need the ammo later!

Search thoroughly, make your way to the cafeteria, and check it out. No hot food today, in fact not much on the menu at all... There's a door in the passage opposite the cafeteria entrance that needs to be opened, but not yet. Continue down the passage to the lab at the end and grab the pass card from the technician. Head back to the cafeteria and open the door in the corner. Go up the stairs, find the terminal, and open that door in the passage using the code on the wall. Go back down and through the next passage. Kurtis is now in another lab area, but after the cutscene he can only get in to the lab through a ventilation duct. Find the next duct in the lab, and continue through to a room with a spinning fan. Kurtis has to find some way to reach the catwalk with the switch to turn off the fan (the ladder is broken), and if he draws his pistol those handy cylinders are targetted.

I had a crash here when trying to shoot all the cylinders - one is enough!

Use the switch on the ledge, then go under the fan and head through the next duct. In the next passage, go down the stairs to go to the next level, on the trail of that nasty looking thing. Don't think I'd be too eager to chase it!

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Maximum Containment Area (playing as Kurtis Trent)

Objective - Keep pursuing the Proto, and finally defeat it so Kurtis can switch the power back on...

Level - Save your ammo in this level for the final fight! Go forward to the junction - to the right is a deadly pool which Kurtis can just manage to cross using the pipe on the wall to get some ammo. The office has a keypad, but you need a code first. Go through the next barred door - to the right around the corner you'll find a card lock at the end of the passage, and if you check the closed doors along the passage Kurtis will do his thing outside an observation room to get a code. Don't search this area too well, as you could arouse some much worse mutants than before and they take a lot more getting rid of! Best to not arouse them until a little later... Use the code on that keypad in the office, then go to the observation room next to the padded cell for a pass card. This opens that door around the corner.

Go into that observation room and grab the pass card, then head around to the door and open it. Check the room ahead, then go down the slope to the right and open the doors at the bottom. Ahead is a guard crouching in a passage, but you can ignore him for now. Go to the right, and note the laboratory on the left, but don't go in yet - there are two ways to get through here.

First, follow the passages and find the door with the card lock. If you can open it, then do so and go through to the final room. If you can't open it, then go back to that laboratory and open the door. A cutscene will show the Proto escaping past Kurtis, killing that guard you saw earlier. Avoid the mutants with the long fingernails (you may need the ammo), and crawl under the partly closed door with the dead guard behind it. Follow the passages and go down the spiral staircase to a large shaft. Make your way to the apparatus suspended in the shaft, climb on it, and do a running jump to the broken catwalk. Continue on until you reach a duct on the wall and climb in. There's a graphic glitch here that puts the camera behind a texture, but crawl forward for a while, then stop. Hit the Up Arrow again so Kurtis rolls out of the duct, and you'll get the camera back. Drop down into the ladder shaft, climb it, and you'll be in a room with a couple of dead guards. Grab the pass card, then use the switch to open the door which takes you back to the previous lab area. Go to that door with the card lock, and head into the final room.

A cutscene shows Kurtis trying to lock out the Proto, but it finds its way in via the ventilation ducts. I'm getting a bit of deja vu back to the movie Alien here... In this final room is a medipack on the floor, but unless you really need it ignore if for the moment. The Proto drops to the floor, and this guy takes a bit of stopping. That's why you needed to hang onto the ammo (not sure what happens here if you're short of ammo and you've been Quick-saving and can't reload and go back, as I didn't notice any extra ammo the first time I did this...) You need to keep shooting at the Proto, and trying to keep out of its way (not easy with the new animations during combat). It will be driven back, but will return. Keep at it, it may run away for a rest or it could just lie on the floor, but eventually it will be weakened enough so that Kurtis can use his Shard to finish it off in a cutscene. Once that happens Kurtis can pull the lever switch on the pipework at the end of the room. (If you have trouble with this, you can download a savegame from my Angel of Darkness page.)

A cutscene follows between Lara and Kurtis in that airlock, and they decide to co-operate.

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Aquatic Research Area

Objective - Distract the fish, then find the way into the Vault, which is underneath this area.

Level - We now have Lara back again! She is in the airlock, so open the door and head out. Don't try to climb down the ladder as there are a couple of automatic machine guns. Instead, where you came out of the airlock, go to the left and drop to the floor from the catwalk. Stealth crawl along the left wall of the room, and through a low gap until you reach a valve. Turning it fills the room with gas and disables the guns, thus allowing Lara to climb the pipe on the end wall, shimmy along a narrow ledge, and drop to the exit passage. Save your game here, and don't save again until after you've disabled the next set of guns as there may be a savegame bug that makes them very difficult to shoot!

Head through to the next passage, but don't rush down it yet as there are more guns. Use the button on the wall to operate a camera at the far end and use the Arrow keys to look around. There's a control box there, so use the Duck key to break the camera view, and go to the right. Stay against the left wall and draw the pistols, whereupon Lara will target that control box on the wall. Shoot at it until it explodes and takes out the guns, then go down the end and open the door to the main area. The box should explode easily - if it doesn't it may be because you're using a savegame after the last room, so go back to an earlier save and come back through again!

Go through to the next area where your attention is drawn to a display, which has both indicators at the bottom. Guess what..? There are several things to note - the pool on the right is separated from the main pool with the nasty fish; there is a small raised room above the right pool; there is a hopper on a central structure, with a walkway to a feed room; and at the left end is a closed door which has to be opened.

First go to the right hand pool and jump in. Swim down through the broken window into a flooded observation room. Pull the lever on the wall to the left which powers one side of the display, and opens the door at the other end of the area, then swim through the other end of this control room, through another flooded room, into an elevator, and up to the top of the flooded elevator shaft. Climb out, check the room, then exit the door at the far end. This leads back to the walkways beside the pool you swam through.

Go around the walkways to the far end of the area and through the door into an identical area to the flooded one at the other end. You can use the camera on the left to view the bottom of the elevator shaft, then hit the switch on the right to summon the elevator. Go in and hit the switch to go to the bottom level. Go through to the second lever and pull it to power the other side of the display and show what else has been done. Head back up to the main room, and up the walkways to the central structure with the hopper.

Pull the hopper to the conveyor and use the button to move it to the other end. Push it into the room and underneath the feed chute, then use the lever to fill the hopper. Pull it back out onto the conveyor, and use the second button to send it to the other end. Push it onto the centre structure, then go around the walkways to the first pool you dropped into, to the raised room, and climb in. There are two cameras in here, which together show what has to be done soon - one is aimed at an underwater lever labelled '1', the other at a second lever labelled '2'. These two levers open two large sliding sections at the base of the pool. Leave there and continue out the door to the broken platform.

This is very tightly timed, and requires the extra strength Lara got pushing the loaded hopper - you can't hesitate anywhere, so save your game as Lara will be in dire straits if she falls! Approach the pipe and climb it, then shimmy across to the right at the next pipe and climb the second pipe. At the top go to the left on the ledge towards the higher walkway. If you got it right Lara will run out of strength just as you reach the platform! Go to the carriage, hit the button, and step on to be carried across the gap. Go into the room ahead. On the left is a small control room with a switch that drops the hopper into the water to feed the fish, and directly ahead is a larger door that leads to a lab where a fish is held in a tank. The lab has a guard and some ammo in cupboards, and is worth the trouble, but be ready to shoot as the second door opens (he goes down quickly)!

Once you've checked that area out and fed the fish, go back out and drop into the pool outside - the fish is safe now as it's too busy feeding its face to bother with Lara! Swim right across to the far side, below where Lara first entered this area. Pull switch 1 to open the first door, then go to the far side, into the small underwater passage opposite labelled '2'. Swim up and climb out for a cutscene showing Lara changing into a wetsuit for a long swim. The room floods, so Lara can get to the second lever on the wall. This opens the second door at the bottom of the pool, so swim back out and down the large hole in the centre of the pool to reach the next level, which is...

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The Vault of Trophies

Objective - Find the 5th Obscura Painting.

Level - Swim around the corner and through the spikes, if possible through the gap in the top. There are airholes in the intersections and be careful of the currents. The next spikes ahead don't have a gap, but if you go to the right the spikes don't work. Find the lighted hole broken in the wall and swim down. These lower caves aren't as difficult as they seem, as many of them are blocked... Go right / left / right for an airhole and some goodies, including an aqualung. Drop back in and swim straight ahead to a brick wall. Lara can kick this in and enter a room with a circle of statues.

Go to the large book carving and read the inscription - 'The brothers reunited see the gates thrown open'. This is actually an easy puzzle, and there is a rather big clue in the room (another clue is that only two need to be moved). The statues move by Lara pulling the chain in the alcove behind each statue. Lara can do this without using the aqualung, one at a time, then going back for a breather. When the stones in the ceiling fall swim up and watch a short cutscene as Lara hauls out and changes back into her cammo gear (where was she carrying that..?!) Head down the cave, but watch out for a large rock hammer!

If you can't figure the Brothers puzzle out, you can download this solution!

At the end is a wide deep pit, somewhat reminiscent of another area in Alice... There's a lever on the wall, and this creates temporary stepping stones to cross the gap, but choose carefully as some collapse and some don't! Remember getting back out in 'The Sanctuary of Flame'? Well these behave the same, and if you jump to a safe one more reform to allow Lara to continue. I'll tell you the first to jump to - it's the second from the left of those four closest to Lara. From there you can find the way, but be careful as Lara can get 'blown' sideways as she jumps. Save if you're sure you're on a safe one, and don't rush anything! There's an alcove in the right wall with an aqualung, although this isn't essential and if you managed the previous stage without using the first one you definitely won't need another. Get to the far side and head down the cave, but save before entering the next room.

You are in a large vaulted room with a couple of skeletal knights - Lara can jump onto the table where she's safe from them if you want a break and a look around (the knights have graphics glitches which show as 'artifacts' floating in the air). There is a lever on the right of the fire that exposes a small alcove with some health, and a chain at the far end that moves the large tapestry out of the way. Lara can now climb the broken wall to a wooden platform up on the right (tap the Up Arrow when Lara's hands are in the crack for her to drop her feet off the wall so she can shimmy onto the platform), and from there she can jump to a metal platform. Use the overhead grating to swing to the centre platform down the room, which drops a little as Lara lands on it and opens a second small alcove. Drop to the floor, run to the alcove, and grab the 5th Obscura Painting! This turns the fire off, so run to the fireplace and crawl in. Open the door and get ready for another long swim.

This is a series of flooded caves which at first glance look like a maze, but aren't. All you need to do is take the only way possible as all the side passages are blocked off, and eventually Lara will reach a large room - if you don't hesitate the swim can be done without the aqualung. Swim up to the surface of the water for a cutscene with Eckhardt and the next level!

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Boaz Returns (playing as Kurtis Trent)

Objective - Beat Boaz...

Note - The Boaz Monster is possibly the best boss bad guy in any TR, but what could be a great struggle is ruined by a combination of most of the game's bad points. This includes the control lag, the awkward controls during the fights, the unpredictable animations when you are targetting a bad guy, the Roll key to change targets, Kurtis' rough animations etc. Very frustrating, and on top of that there may even be a savegame issue which makes it worse. If you can't get the Monster I suggest starting from a save just before the end of the previous level, before Lara swims close to the surface and triggers the cutscene. But if everything fails, there is a cheat (6.4k Zipped RTF, fully updated Jan '05!) that can get you past it! (Thanks to Salvador for letting me know about the cheat :-) I've also posted a savegame if you prefer to use that - go to my main Angel of Darkness page to download it.

Level - The thing with the Monster is that you can only get it by shooting out the four 'pods' on the top of its body, and even then only when they're open. Periodically it shoots green gunk at Kurtis, and to do that it has to open those pods. That's when they're vulnerable, but at least it stands still when doing it... But there are only two ways to shoot them - either move quickly to the side (even that's difficult) so Kurtis targets the pods rather than the body of Boaz embedded in the Monster's stomach, or to shoot at Boaz's embedded body and tap the Roll key while firing so Kurtis changes targets. Neither of these is easy, and a large amount of luck is needed (if you tap Roll when there's only one target, Kurtis rolls...) And stay away from the edge of the arena as Kurtis can easily get trapped there and gunked to death! If Kurtis runs out of ammo (he will...) then an ammo pickup appears on the ground on the edge of the arena. Not easy to get though, and you'll need to run/jump around the arena to get far enough away from the Monster to grab it without getting zapped... And there's no extra health, which makes it very difficult as you are very likely to die frequently.

This first battle seems to be as much a matter of luck as anything else (I had to use the 'godmode' cheat to get the Monster after 3 or 4 fruitless hours of trying the proper way, during which the best I managed was 3 of the 4 pods...)

When the Monster drops, the embedded body of Boaz separates from the Monster and attacks Kurtis. This time it's easier, and it's just a matter of shooting until she drops, while avoiding her attacks. When she goes down, approach her body to end the level with a cutscene showing Kurtis using his multi-bladed weapon to finally finish her off.

I have to wonder what Core Design was on when they decided on changing the controls so that you lose a lot of the previous functionality, then giving you a fight harder than anything in the past. For example, Kurtis can only do one thing at a time - you can't draw the pistol when he's jumping, nor can you shoot when he jumps, and it takes him half a second or so to react to the controls, which is enough in a fight like this to make it very difficult. And why is the 'change target' key the Roll key..? What's wrong with using the Look key as in past games - at least that way, if changing the target doesn't work, you won't do a roll right into the Monster's mouth...

Kurtis sucks, big time!!! If they want to give us another character, they should at least try to get the animations right. I just hope that if TR7 ever gets released, they will fix the main problems and at least give us a Lara we can control properly! And please, give Kurtis the flick!

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The Lost Domain

Objective - Find the entrance to Eckhardt's Lab.

Level - We now have Lara back again, in a classic-style TR level. What a relief! Unfortunately the level is a bit short... Lara slides down a slope into a cave. Go ahead to the fork and investigate the two routes. The left hand route is a tightly timed run/jump sequence across the ledges to get through the end door after opening it with the lever, and the right hand route requires Lara to jump across a lava pit to a lever at the far end.

Do the right hand route first as Lara needs the extra strength for the other series of jumps. Make your way to the far end of the cave gaining strength on the way, pull the lever, and head back out via the wooden walkway. The jumps here can be difficult as Lara gets 'blown' off course easily, so save at each safe spot. Then make your way to the other cave.

The lever opens a timed gate at the far end, and Lara will need to get through it before it shuts again. With the extra strength she can make the long jump in the middle of the room in sprint mode. If you don't make it in time Lara can return easily using a side tunnel, or just load a savegame if Lara's beyond returning (which she will be if you fall off the ledges...) This is not so difficult once you get the jumps right and there is actually plenty of time to get through. (If you can't make this run, I've posted a savegame on my Angel of Darkness main page.)

Once in the next cave, head to the lava room - this, IMHO, is one of the best looking rooms in AoD, with a smoky haze giving it a heap of atmosphere! Unfortunately, like much else in AoD, it doesn't last long enough (in fact the only place in AoD that was too much for me was beating Boaz!)

In this room are a series of pillars to a stairway at the far end. Higher up is a broken bridge reached by a couple of ladders to the left. The stairway at the far end has a blade trap, but this can be turned off if you use the broken bridge to reach a platform with a lever, which turns off the flames in the two statue's hands and de-activates the trap. But it's worth checking the trap out before switching it off as it's quite cool - save before doing it though...

Once safely at the top of the stairs go to the doorway to end the level.

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Eckhardt's Lab

Objective - Destroy the Sleeper (the 'Cubiculum Nephili') and save the world! Yet again ;-)

Level - Down the cave is a long slope with a ledge up on the left and some objects on the walls. Halfway down the cave is a pit trap, and those things on the walls are actually guides for long, retractable spikes. The way through here is to slide down and jump to the ledge where you're safe for the time being. Then do a long jump to land on the other side of the pit, and past the last of the spikes. Lara will lose a little health on that long jump, but if you've been careful up to now you should have plenty left in the inventory. Continue down the cave to the small laboratory. This is a very cool room, with the bunsen burner and other apparatus, although I'm glad I'm here as a visitor, not an experimental subject!

There's not a lot to do here, but it's a nice room to do not a lot! Lara needs to find 3 Alchemist's Phials, and place them in 3 holders. One holder is in the circular room to the right as you enter, the other two are on the wooden structure on the left, one accessed from the walkway above. Search the room for a couple of medipacks. The liquid in the pits in both rooms is corrosive so don't fall in! First pull the lever next to the large floor grate to expose a pit with a small alcove on one side and a cage hanging directly overhead. This also opens a trapdoor blocking the nearby ladder, and activates a couple of skeletal warriors, but they can be easily avoided (unlike those two a few levels back).

The first Phial is on a bench on the raised section of the lab. The second is inside the cage - jump to the top of the cage from the high walkway, then step on the small trapdoor (if you can't see the trapdoor or the hinges, just walk around the top of the cage). As soon as Lara picks up the Phial in the cage it starts to descend into the corrosive liquid, so you need to climb the cage wall below the trapdoor and climb out to the top of the cage before Lara gets made into an ex-Lara. I found this a little tricky, but a diagonal movement as Lara neared the top of the cage wall enabled her to shimmy to grab the edge of the trapdoor and pull out just in time.

The cage stops with Lara's feet just above the liquid. Climb into the small alcove for the third Phial, then climb the wall of the pit as far as Lara will go and backflip off to land on the floor above. Place two Phials in the wooden structure in this room first, then go to the circular room and place the third. This releases an agent down the channel, which neutralises the liquid in the deep pit in here. Dive down to get the Shard, which also opens the exit gate on the wall beside the fireplace in the main room. Climb back out and go to that gate.

Drop into the sloped cave for a cool ride to the bottom down a curved slope. I wanted this to go on longer and have something to do other than slide! But I was disappointed... Anyway, at the bottom, open the double doors and head out into the next large room for a cutscene. Stay away from the centre for the moment and check the room out. There are a couple of ladders but they have been raised so Lara can't reach them. There's also a pad on one of the pillars for an object Lara does not yet have. When you're ready, make sure your health is maxed and walk into the centre of the room - the pillars become walled in with an energy screen and Eckhardt appears outside.

Eckhardt shoots either blue energy bolts or strings of fire at Lara. Best way to avoid these is to holster your weapon, drop to a crouch and hit the Stealth button to drop to a stealth crawl - in this position the attacks will go over Lara - but also stay away from the energy walls. It's a good idea to position Lara inside one of the pillars facing the centre so she's out of the way of what happens soon. Don't bother trying to attack Eckhardt while he's outside the energy screens as you can't hurt him, just avoid the attacks. After attacking for a while Eckhardt starts creating 3 clones. You can hear the sound he makes, and you're safe during this process, so stand up and move to about the outside edge of the large floor grating. When all three clones are created they run to the centre of the floor and unite again (so it's a very good idea not to stand Lara in the middle of the floor grate either...) This is when you can shoot at Eckhardt!

The best way to get Eckhardt is to use the Rigg 09 pistol (you did get a good stock of ammo back in Von Croy's apartment, didn't you..?) After the 3 clones unite, avoid the energy bolts or fireballs, and move as close as possible to Eckhardt while shooting at him. I found that if Lara moved quickly onto the edge of the small centre circle of floor grate while shooting, Eckhardt dropped every time so not much ammo was needed. Get this right and every time the clones run to the centre Lara will get the chance in a cutscene to use one of the Shards to stab Eckhardt, so this fight is quite simple really, once you get the hang of it. Eckhardt is only defeated when he's stabbed with all 3 Shards (although I ended the game with over 20 Shards remaining in my inventory... Hmmm...)

If you miss getting Eckhardt he revives, slams the floor with the hand, and Lara is knocked over by an explosion while Eckhardt jumps back outside the shields. Lara will roll to the outer part of the ring, so duck and get ready for the next sequence!

The third time Eckhardt falls, a cutscene shows Karel taking the third Shard from Lara and stabbing Eckhardt himself (Lara seems to know Karel, but I can't recall where from... Prague..?) You then get an interesting cutscene and FMV that clarify some details of Lara's escapades so far, and reveal that Karel is a shape-shifter. Hmmm... maybe Kurtis won't come back after all! (This cutscene has badly synced audio so you'll have to read the text as well as listen, to get the last bit of the story before it cuts out.)

When you get control of Lara again, Karel is circling the area shooting energy bolts at Lara. If you keep moving fast they mostly miss her, so make good use of the sprint button! Head for Eckhardt's body and grab the hand, then run to the pad on the pillar you noticed earlier. Use the hand to lower the ladders, then climb to the first walkway. Run around to the next ladder and climb to the second walkway, and then to the final ladder to the top walkway. Run around to the unfenced platform facing the Sleeper, and jump to him to trigger the final FMV showing Lara defeating Karel!

(It's possible to get through the whole fight in this large room and reach the end of the game without having to top up Lara's health, as long as you started with it maxed out! Needs practice, but it's a lot easier than that stupid Boaz fight...)

After defeating Karel, Lara goes back to the Boaz arena, collects Kurtis' multi-bladed weapon, and leaves. That is the end of Angel of Darkness! Maybe that weapon is a stand-in artifact for Lara's trophy room..?

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For what it's worth, apart from the levels with Kurtis and the fight with the Boaz Monster, I thoroughly enjoyed Angel of Darkness! It could have been much improved by extending those too-short levels which tantalised but delivered less than their promise, and giving us some more challenging puzzles, but I think it's a very good introduction to the new Lara. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the next episode in the series, but it could be some time as Eidos dropped Core Design and handed TR over to another company so there may be some delay while they get their heads around the game concept.

Here's a thought - what if Eidos contracted some of the best custom level designers to come up with some exciting level maps and puzzle concepts..? Maybe that's what the game needs most - some dedicated TR gamer input! Some of the custom level designers are putting out levels as good as anything Core Design ever released, including the Gold games, so there's a lot of great talent out there waiting to be tapped!

In the meantime, while I await TR7 there's plenty of custom levels I've yet to play, not to mention Gran Turismo 4 on PS2 later this year, so I should be kept busy ;-)

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Walkthrough Copyright © 2004 Kerrie H Reay