The Hundredth Monkey (Part IV)

by Ken Keyes, jr.

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In the millions of years in which our ancestors were surviving in the jungles, it was important for their minds to create an instant "self-vs.-other" perception.

For animals eat other animals and no species can survive if all of its members are eaten up.

This instant perception of "otherness" is basic to survival for animals in the jungle.

We can learn a more effective way to make our lives work.

We are still creating a "jungle" of our civilized lives by continuing the operation of our "us-vs.-them" mental habits.

We're all in this together!

"Nuclear war is bad for sex"

"Love alone." wrote Teilhard de Chardin, "is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves."


The problem I find in trying to go from separate-self to the consciousness of my unified-self is that my ego operates under the illusory programming that in order to like or love you, I must like or love everything you do or say.

"Nuclear war is bad for smiles"

I identify you with your thoughts or your actions.

I lose sight of the fact that your thoughts and actions just reflect your life experiences and your training.

I may crystallize my mind against what you do or say and fail to notice your good intentions...which usually are just like mine!

Even if you drop a bomb on me your purpose is to settle arguments - and create peace!

These are good intentions - just like mine!

You just need a more effective way to realize your positive intentions!

A stereo set is not the record it plays.

If a record is scratchy, we don't throw out the stereo set. All we have to do is change the record.

[monkey]"Nuclear war is bad for monkeys"

We don't have to reject a human being because we don't like his or her programming.

We can just make it clear that we like the person - but we don't like a particular action.

And our thoughts and actions can change because they're not us - in our essence.

I have the direct experience that in my essence I am something apart from the mental habits that spin out my personality and the current soap opera of my life.

Thus I can dislike a person's behavior and still feel that this human being who like me is just trying to make life work using programming we picked up when we were young.

Your thought and actions are only a set of mental habits in a state of flux as you evolve from stage to stage of your life's growth.

All of us have done mean, sloppy and uncaring things that we wish we hadn't done.

I always hope that you won't identify me with the things that I've done that were unskillful responses to life situations.

The mind can be trained to nurture a "me-and-you" consciousness in which patience and understanding will compassionately harmonize the flow of our activities so that we all want to help each other work things out.

"Nuclear war is bad for marriages"

We can develop an awareness that things aren't problem-free for me until they're problem-free for you!

This applies equally to relationships between individuals or between countries.

When I create my experience of you I may forget that you are not your thoughts or actions.

I don't know you from inside - as I experience myself.

I may forget that in every important way you are like me.

You have a human heart that feels pain and warmth, sadness and happiness.

In your essence and in your intentions you are basically good - just like me!

And my ego is often too ready to treat as important all the differences that my mind notices: lifestyle, skin color, social status, educational background, our differing ideas and opinions and on and on.

"Nuclear war is bad for peace of mind"

When I continually magnify these outward signs, I create the experience that you are really different from me.

It's time we begin to realize that you and I are far more alike than we are different.

We are all fellow beings traveling the road of life together.

We don't live in isolation.

We are all interconnected.

"Nuclear war is bad for unity"

We all live in one world.

We are affected by a lack of harmony of any type anywhere on the planet - even if we're not consciously aware of it.

We are not separate.

What we say and do can affect the well-being of all of us.

We know that our health may be affected if we live among diseased people.

What we are beginning to learn is that our peace of mind may be affected if we live among disturbed people.

Our happiness may be affected if we live among unhappy people.

Our love may be affected if we live among clashing, unloving people.

And even the future of our species is in doubt with various nations stockpiling nuclear devices designed to destroy each other.

[monkey]"Nuclear war is bad for posterity"

The nuclear nations today have created more than 50,000 nuclear devices - each of which is an expression of the consciousness of the separate-self.

These dangerous toys enable some children of Earth, pompously playing the roles of military and political leaders, to kill fellow humans in other nations.

We pay a horrendous price for this separate-self - this "me-vs.-you" jungle-type consciousness.

No matter what illusions may dominate our minds, nuclear devices are suicidal for our species.

"Nuclear war is bad for all life"

Any perception that our lives are an "us-vs.-them" matter is an illusion and can create alienation, unhappiness - and perhaps death.

If our species is to survive, it must replace the illusions of separateness with emotional experiences of acceptance, cooperation and togetherness.

Instead of "you-vs.-me" - on this planet together.

However much our ideas and ideologies may clash, we must remember that nothing is more important for survival and for happiness in life than feelings of understanding and commonness of human purpose.

All of the nations on earth are acting like spoiled children who are fighting over marbles.

Children forget that their happiness comes not from possession of the marbles, but from the fun of playing together - and from creating the great adventure of life together.

We can learn to keep our squabbles within bounds.

We can learn to disagree without throwing each other out of our hearts - and thus create rocklike hatreds.

We can become skillful at changing the desire systems in our minds.

Whatever we expect to get by creating hatred and separateness even if "justified" is always purchased at far too great a price.

Human love - our heart-to-heart love - is more valuable than anything else.

If we have this, we have enough.

"Nuclear war is bad for human hearts"

Without this love in our hearts, nothing else will be enough!

Kiekegaard said, " love human beings is still the only thing worth living for - without that love, you really do not live."

Let's not ruin our future because of anything that happened in the past.

Let us challenge our present approaches and rethink old assumptions.

Would you want your children to die because your mind is not flexible enough to forgive?

[monkey]"Nuclear war is bad for love"

From the point of view of our complex desire systems, life will always seem "imperfect."


Can we expand our hearts so that we do not hate even the proponents of nuclear power?

Can we learn to feel love and compassion for the people involved in perpetuating nuclear technology even when they're unable or unwilling to understand the reasons for our concern?

"Nuclear war is bad for your disposition"

Always remember that feelings of anger and hatred and separateness are our only problem.

Let's not try to save the world by increasing the problem!

The next step in our growth as individuals and as a species requires that our minds experience the planetary urgency of letting go of separate mental habits and demands that close our hearts to other people.

We are challenged by our destiny to increase our ability to create with many people the enjoyable experiences of acceptance and cooperation.

Individual and species survival means increasing out tolerance, our patience and our understanding so that we do not continue to drive ourselves crazy when people or situations are not the way we want them to be.

"Nuclear war is bad for human happiness"

We can no longer afford to create separateness and alienation if we want to get the most from our lives.

We can still want what we want. We can think it's only fair or right to get it.

We can still put gentle energy into trying to change things.

But we must learn not to throw people out of our hearts.

We tear each other apart too easily....

We're all like kids, taking our disagreements and our differences too seriously!

When will we learn that it is only our emotion-backed demands that make us create the internal experience of unhappiness.

Our egos and rational minds are so good at making us feel and think that the problem of human separateness lies in the outside world - and not inside ourselves!

"Nuclear war is bad for human beings"

With practice, this mental skill of inner flexibility will make us even more effective and powerful.

It takes a strong person to be able to lovingly but directly communicate what he or she wants to someone who disagrees - and acts hostile.

You will increase your skill in helping the world when you learn to be mentally flexible.

This means being able to constantly blend back into creating an experience of life as a whole with appreciation, cooperativeness and love for the people around you - even when they oppose you.

We haven't yet become effective at operating our minds and our emotions to create that subtle blend of both head and heart that lets us use our treasure chest of inner wisdom.

This wisdom is kept tightly locked up when our egos and minds run off the tapes that continually create the illusion of separateness.

Only by opening our minds and hearts will we find the rich, intuitive wisdom that lies within every human being - even if it isn't used.

The conflicting energies in our world are so great today that perhaps we need the "millionth monkey" to project the energy of wholeness and cooperation - of friendship and love, of sharing life on this planet together.


You are essential!!!

[monkey]"Nuclear war is bad for our civilization "

It may be that without you, it will not happen and our species will hurtle itself into partial or complete destruction.

How do we play the game of saving the world?

To begin with you probably can't help others understand unless you have a grasp of the scope of the nuclear wipeout we all face.

One of the most readable and fascinating books on this subject is Killing Our Own by Harvey Wasserman and Norman Soloman. This book tells about the countless human deaths already caused by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, the Nevada bomb tests, the tests in the Pacific Islands, uranium mining, exposure in nuclear industries, and the near meltdown at the Three-Mile Island nuclear power plant.

Above all, be creative - and energetic.

"Nuclear war is bad for motherhood"

Since the future of both you and your family is at stake, turn on the immense resources of your mind.

Find the ways in which you can flow your energy into increasing worldwide awareness that the nuclear bomb mentality must be eliminated.

The strength of our species lies not in sharp fangs or piercing claws.

It lies in our ability to use our minds to cooperate with each other as we play the games of life.

The same powerful minds that created nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles can also learn how to create human unity and cooperativeness.

We can save the world from people-made disaster - when we set the goal high and add our determination and our persistence.

Appoint yourself as a roving Ambassador of the State of Loving and Caring.

Will you accept your share of the responsibility for creating the Hundredth Monkey energy that will change the consciousness of the entire planet?

We can tilt the scales to eliminate the awesome threat of nuclear catastrophe and environmental ruin.

Be informed, hopeful and energetic.

Be vigilant with your thoughts of peace and love.

Sense your power to lift the mood of despair.

Let your enthusiasm seep in and penetrate and collective consciousness!

Meet with people, talk with people, share with people.

[monkey]"Nuclear war is bad for the joy of living"

Find and support organizations that channel our energy into survival.

Write to your senators and representatives and other politicians.

Let them know what you want them to do.

Most of the things you are now doing in your life will become meaningless or nonexistent if we are hit by nuclear catastrophe!

Take a new look at your priorities....

This does not necessarily mean leaving your work or your lifestyle.

It means giving an increasing energy and priority to expanding your own awareness, to communicate with other people who are now asleep, and to withdrawing energy from all thoughts and actions which create human alienation, separateness, destruction and death.

Do not wait until others around you are opening their hearts.

Instead, begin doing things now that are so desperately needed for the conscious unfolding of your life - and the survival of our species.

"Nuclear war is bad for good digestion"

Your dedication to saving our planet Earth will bring your own life to a level of satisfaction and well-being that you may never otherwise achieve.

You will become increasingly happier as you learn to love more.

And you will begin to discover the miracle of your full potential as a human being.

Your life will gain meaning and purpose.

Your energy can tip the scales when you add it to thousands of others' - merging, slowly raising our collective consciousness to the point of power when it makes the all-important difference!

"Nuclear war is bad for world peace"

This survival energy spreads far beyond those involved and touches every life on Earth!

The change in you is already taking place!


The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon points out our responsibility and our power.

It is up to every one of us to change the myths that say we have to depend on nuclear energy for power and defense.

We can no longer believe that the safeguards are adequate - or that we are helpless to change the national policies of the government of our world.

[monkey]"Nuclear war is bad for your personality"

We will replace the myths with knowledge.

Our persistence will relentlessly channel our positive thoughts toward peace and a harmonizing world.

And that starts right here - in my heart and yours - right now!

In this short book I can only give you a glimpse of the miracle of life you can experience...

This rapture of life is your birthright to create and enjoy.

This book can only hope to inspire you to take the next steps in your own development - for your sake and the survival of our species.

"Nuclear war is bad for Homo sapiens"

This is the most pressing problem we face today.

Everything else in our civilization is of secondary significance.

It is worthy of your full attention as an intelligent, caring, wise and wonderful person.

We can begin to lose the game of life when we play nuclear war games.

Like children our egos and minds create the illusion that the ideas in our heads and our desires for "marbles" are more important than feelings of human togetherness in our hearts.

"Nuclear war is bad for YOU"

We cannot afford to play such enthusiastic games with loaded nuclear pistols any more!



"The End"

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