The Hundredth Monkey

The Hundredth Monkey byKen Keyes, jr. This book shows you how we have the creativity and power to change both ourselves and the world. You are introduced a radical new way of realizing the impact of your energy on the world around you - a quantum leap in consciousness, as inspired by the legend of the Hundredth Monkey. You'll find here the facts about nuclear armaments that some people don't want you to know. The failure of a 46 cents computer part could sound a false alarm that enemy missiles are on their way. An all-out nuclear war in the first few weeks can kill about half the people on earth - and cause leukemia, cancer, and birth defects in the people in all countries. Are you willing to live in such an insane world?
The Hundredth Monkey was written by a successful author whose books now total over 3.25 million copies. So urgent is this information that he has not copyrighted it. He feels that his survival and yours (is there any difference?) are more important than anything else.
Your life and well-being are at stake. This book tells you what you can do about it. It gives you hope and direction.
*This book is in 4 parts(all HTML): Part I(23K), Part II(19K), Part III(18K), Part IV(20K).
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