Kirsty Kitto | Welcome

I am a physicist currently employed as a Senior Lecturer at UTS
(University of Technology Sydney).

This website provides what is pretty much the definitive archive of my work (usually).


Most of my current research falls into the area of Cognitive Science. I am very interested in trying to develop dynamical models of cognitive processes, such as attitude change, memory and language.

These pages give an overview of these interests, along with some of my past interests (in which I am still quite interested :)

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A reasonably complete list of my publications, including links to freely available pdf files in case you want to read them!

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At UTS I teach into the Masters of Data Science and Innovation (MDSI), and am working to help people develop literacy about data, algorithms and analytics. These pages will give you some background to that work.

You can also find out about my current Research Students, and how to approach me if you would like to come and study with me.

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