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Kihon Aikido

Melbourne Australia


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Interested in Japanese martial arts? Joining is easy:



There are no joining fees or annual fees – Just one monthly membership fee for unlimited training.


All new students receive a free uniform – Call us now to arrange your free introductory class.



Develop power, harmony and ki, your spirit energy, while learning effective throwing and pinning techniques

to empty handed attacks and attacks with weapons, from the front or from behind, by one or many attackers.

Improve your awareness, self confidence, coordination and fitness, all while studying an honourable martial art.

Learn self defence and one of the most difficult martial arts to master, traditional, precise, complete, Kihon Aikido.


We teach only the complete Aikido curriculum, with a short lineage direct from the founder.

Maintaining safety at all times, we offer a methodical and personalised approach to learning.


Anyone can learn Aikido. Know that your safety is our number one concern.

To watch or participate in a free introductory class, or for any enquiries, please contact us.




“It’s easy to see that Aikido is an effective martial art

and a system for better physical health. I also believe

that through the correct practice of Aikido technique,

it offers an alternative to our modern competitive

approach to life, business and relationships.”


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Michael Farrugia Sensei

4th dan Aikido - Aikikai Japan


0414 646 385