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Australian Space Commemorative Envelopes.

Woomera Rocket Range 60th Anniversary. 2007
Had its origins in the early days when the Range was set up for trial activities in 1947

Woomera is recognised as Historic Place by American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

ASRI WARP trials. Woomera Atmospheric Research
Payload. Flown covers. University of Kent.
Lockheed Martin announced the successful firing of the Hellfire II Missile.
Introduction to and explanation of these pages.

Co-operative effort between England, the USA and Australia in a Re-entry research program

Click the first link below for an introduction to this hobby. Each link describes a set of philatelic covers produced to  commemorate a space project, whether rocket or missile launch or any other event tied to space research. If anyone would like a better image for their records please email me. Also for those people who are interested in collecting these items I have quite a selection of all types of envelopes to trade or swap.

Hypersonic Research Vehicle 1966, 1968-1970


The Deep Space Network. Tracking and telemetry data from satellites

Independent product of WRE'S Aerodynamics Division. It was an upper atmosphere research vehicle.

Upper Atmosphere Research Vehicle


A more powerful Upper Atmosphere Rocket designed to supersede Aero High.

High Altitude Density. High Altitude Test. High Altitude Sounding Projectiles or Foils.

A launcher for small satellites based on Black Knight.


Hypersonic Research Vehicle launched in Woomera from 1960

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A NASA and Goddard Flight Center joint Australian project.