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Since that date I have continued to produce limited editions of commemorative envelopes for all of the major projects from the Woomera test range until the present day.These include all of the HShot, HyCause and HiFire scramjet launches. These are all all displayed on my web pages.


Projects from 1987 onward

Australian Space Commemorative Envelopes.

August 1987 onward

Activity on the Woomera Range slowed down for quite a long period.

In the August of 1987 it re opened for a Scientific Research Sounding Rocket $10 million dollar upgrade program. The first launch involved 11 sounding rockets and one British Skylark. These trials were to study Supa Nova 1987A. Mr. Jack Koch produced a small amount of commemorative envelopes for this project. No other commemorative envelopes for any other projects were produced from this date. So I decided to produce a small amount of these envelopes so that I could keep a more permanent record of any future launch trials. I decided to restrict these to limited editions of not more than 100 envelopes for some of those trials and 75 and 25 for others. This was mainly more for nostalgic reasons than for reasons of financial gain. I have since found of course that it costs more to produce these envelopes in small quantities than is really worthwhile. However the project was not undertaken for financial gain but to try to continue to record the activities on the Range where my family and I had spent a large portion of our working lives. I was able to record all of the launch activities by producing the only commemorative envelopes made from (1987).

These included the “Ausroc 11, Ausroc 11-2, Black Brant, the Hope Space Plane trials and the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Woomera Rocket Range.  All of these projects are now displayed separately on my web page. For the Ausroc project there were a limited edition of 100 sets of three envelopes in each set, 100 of which were placed in the nose cone of the rocket, the other hundred were placed in the fairing of the rocket. Batches of envelopes were also produced for this project but were not flown. The launched envelopes were all recovered intact as they were in fireproof packs when the rocket exploded on the launch pad. This set was marked with a rubber stamp stating (RECOVERED FROM ROCKET AFTER LAUNCH MALFUNCTION). A further 100 sets were made for the launch of Ausroc II-2 launched on the 26th May 1995. A limited edition of 100 envelopes placed in the nose cone of the rocket that was successfully launched but crash landed as per story in the Astrophile and my Home Page. I was only able to make up a limited edition of sixty seven sets of this envelope collection however as the remains of the crashed envelopes were too small to reassemble after being recovered from the buried rocket remains in the Woomera outback. I still have a box of the shattered remnants of the envelopes and some very nice photos and video clips to remind me of the calamity.

More recently as a result of requests made by my friends in the US I have produced a limited edition of fifty Woomera cancelled commemorative envelopes for the successful trial of Spaceship One the world’s first private manned space plane that was launched into space from the White Knight Aircraft in the Mojave Desert USA on the 21st June 2004. The Spaceship One Project is part of a ten million dollar Xprize competition for the successful launch of a three man crew into space (100 kilometres) and a safe return to a successful landing at the launch site, this project to be repeated twice within two weeks from the original flight. Spaceship One attempted another launch on the 29th September and this launch was successful so a further launch will be attempted on the 4th /5th October this year. I have to report that the 4th October trial was a great success and Scaled Composites took out the prize for the Ansari Prize.

The second successful launch of Spaceship Two from its mother ship took place on 22 March 2010 above the Mojave Desert. 

I have produced envelopes for the successful " Mars Expedition Two " that took place in Arkaroola in South Australia's Outback between the 2nd and 29th August 2004. These envelopes were post cancelled at the Leigh Creek Post Office, this being the only post office within the confines of the expedition site. This project was designed to test Mechanical _Counter Pressure suit analogy, social_ psychology and biology program and other scientific related items.