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APSquery (Win-7+ Compatible V2022.12.1.34)
Last Update: Saturday 10th December 2022 at 2000 CDT

(Note: data is now included in APSquery - no separate data file downloads.)

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APSquery Version 2022.12.1.34 application and database (no Photographs)
UpLoaded: Saturday 10th December 2022 at 2000 CDT

for Win7, Win8.x, Win10, Win11 is FREE here!

Just click on this link: APSquerySetup.zip (4707KB) to commence download.
The installation process by default assigns a Sample registration, but detects and uses Registered User status if available.

NEW in V2022.12.1.34:
NEW in V2022.11.0.34:
NEW in V2022.10.2.34:
NEW in V2022.9.0.33:
NEW in V2022.8.4.33:
NEW in V2022.4.0.33:
NEW in V2021.6.1.32:
NEW in V2021.4.2.32:
NEW in V2021.4.1.32:
NEW in V2020.9.1.31:
NEW in V2019.10.1.30:
NEW in V2019.4.0.29:

APSquery is now supplied as a unified InnoSetup installation file, for both the application and database. Floppy disk format is no longer supported.

This download may also be used by any purchasers or downloaders of previous V2012.x or later versions for automatic updates to the latest version of APSquery application and database only, using your existing registration details.

Future updates will also be posted here.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are upgrading from a previous version of APSquery, you will need to:

If you receive a fatal error during the operation of APSquery, restart the program and perform a resynchronisation in the "File Menu|Resynchronise Tables" menu. On restart this should correct any problems.

This version combines both application and data in a single installation file. If you have any previous versions of APSquery you may need to uninstall both the application (APSquery) and the Data (APSdata) prior to installing the new release.
The entire folder structure has also been completely reorganised. System-level folders (e.g. "Program files") are no longer used so user access is easier.
If you have uninstalled versions prior to V1.10.0, some fragments will still remain in the "C:\Program Files\APS" structure and can be deleted using administrator access privileges.

This version of APSquery is similar the one used at the 2022 APS-SA Spring Plant Market on 29th October 2022.

Don't forget to revisit to check for updates of APSquery.

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APSquery Beta
Beta versions of APSquery with new features, or changes to current features planned for future release, are occasionally released here for Beta testing.
As such, they are likely to have more bugs than usual in APSquery.
There are no Beta versions available at this time. Check to see if there is a new release version available.


A wide range of photographs for many plants listed in APSquery has been released on DVD-ROM for the Full Installation (no expiry, free program support) version of APSquery.

For full details of the available options and purchase prices for APSquery, please:

Sample Photographs: You now have two choices for Sample Photographs:
  1. Purchase the DVD-ROM version of APSquery which includes a 400-photograph Sample set, with some photographs up to 1000x1000 pixel resolution.
  2. For those not intending to proceed to Full Install status, obtain a basic sample of about 100 photographs at 400x400 pixel resolution by clicking on this link: APSphoto.zip (3253KB) to commence download. This is a self-installation process which places the photographs in the selected folder. By default this will be "C:\APS-SA\Photos\Sample".
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