Wisteria Crest

Adelaide Shin Buddhist Dojo

Pure Land Buddhism in South Australia


Sunday meetings

Our twice-monthly meetings - at 10am on the first and third Sundays - begin with the three refuges in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Then we chant a short sutra from the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. After the sutra we take it in turns to quietly offer incense.

The main part of the meeting is a Dharma talk. There is time for informal discussion.

The meeting ends with a reading from the letters of Rennyo Shonin (1415-1499) who was the eighth abbott of the Hongwanji.

The meeting lasts about three quarters of an hour. Members and friends are welcome to stay on for coffee or tea, and cake.

[There are also daily observances at the Dojo, in which members are welcome to take part. These consist of the traditional liturgy: Shoshin Nembutsu Ge with wasan verses and nembutsu.]

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