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NT Track Championships

Well what an unbelievable result for the Darwin Track team who came back with 9 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal between them. The trip to Alice Springs was sensational and whole team were treated very well by everyone in Alice as well as those who came from Melbourne for the 7 days. The boot camp arranged by Mandy Hargreaves of Cycling NT and Cam McFarlen from Melbourne was simply outstanding. They put an enormous amount of work and energy into organising both the boot camp and competition event and both should be congratulated for what they did. All the juniors we spoke to had a great time, made new friends and have become quite attached to one another. No-one wanted to say goodbye and everyone wanted to stay in Alice Springs. This obviously goes to show the level of commitment and organisation that went into the event.

In relation to the results for the Darwin team, we have posted them below. Unfortunately we don’t have the times for the “non-medal” events but as soon as we get them we will post them below:

Claire Marker (under 13 Females)

Gold - Scratch Race (6 Laps)
Gold - 500m TT (standing start)
Gold - Points Race (15 Laps)

Dominic Alcidi (under 13 males) (junior SG Member)

Gold - Scratch Race (6 Laps)
Gold - 500m TT (standing start)
Gold - Points Race (15 Laps)

Evie Marker (under 15 Females)

Gold - Scratch Race (6 Laps)
Gold - 500m TT (standing start)
Silver - Points Race (15 Laps)

Franck Alcidi (Masters Division 1) (senior SG Member)

Gold - 500m TT (standing start) - Also fastest overall time for the event.
Bronze - Points Race (30 Laps)

We should point out that both the Keirin and 2up Match Sprints should have been medal events but for some reason a decision was made on the last night to change the program and make them non-medal events. We hope to get clarification about this at a later date. That said we will post the results/times as soon as we obtain them. We know the team did very well in these events and would have potentially received further Golds and Silver medals if the program hadn’t changed.

In the non-medal events such as the flying 200m sprint, mystery race and unknown distance race the team also did very well in these. Again as soon as we get the times we will post them above.

All in all it was a fabulous 7 days in Alice Springs with many new friends made and a chance to ride on what Cam stated is still the “best outdoor track facility in Australia”. Although it was sad to say goodbye the learnings, experience and the friendships made from the trip made it all worthwhile. We hope the next cycling bootcamp will be held in Darwin and we hope that more juniors from Melbourne or other states will also attend.

Here are the medals won by our junior and senior SG Members:

2013 Track Medals_flared

You can also click on our Facebook button at the top of the page to see all the photos or click the following link to go directly to the photo album section 2013 Track Championship photo’s.

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NT Track Championships

Sorry for the lack of updates but if you’re not aware both our Senior and Junior SG members have been training extremely hard for the last few months. They have been preparing for the NT Track Championships being held in Alice Springs on 4 and 5 October 2013. Both SG members were selected as part of 4 man/female team who will represent Darwin at the track titles next week. We want to wish them and the rest of the team all the very best and hope they enjoy both the experience and competition on a fantastic outdoor Velodrome.

Incidentally the Alice Springs Velodrome happens to be an extremely fast concrete track and currently holds the fastest recorded times for an outdoor velodrome in the southern hemisphere. We do expect that the team will improve on the times they achieve here in Darwin by at least 1 or 2 seconds. The team representing Darwin include:

U/13 (male) - Dominic Alcidi (Junior SG Member)
U/13 (female) - Claire Marker
U/15 (female) - Evie Marker
Masters (male) - Franck Alcidi (Senior SG Member)

Below is a photo of the team kit worn by Dominic Alcidi which the team will wear during the championships:



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Rising from the Ashes

For those of you who haven’t heard there is a new feature length documentary due to be released on 2 August 2013 called “Rising from the Ashes”. Six years in the making this documentary is about the rise of the first Rwandan national cycling team. We here at Shifting Gears are looking forward to watching it and definitely waiting in anticipation for it to come out. Take a look at the official trailer below if you are interested. This is a good news cycling story which is sure to be very moving and inspirational at times. It will also make some of us realise how fortunate we really are in this world compared to others.

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Triathlon Boot Camp 26 & 27 June 2013

On the 26 and 27 June we attended a triathlon boot camp run by Tim Ellison, Manager of Junior Development for cycling and triathlon clubs in the Northern Territory (NT). A number of juniors and coaches from across the NT, Queensland and Western Australia attended the 4 day boot camp which turned out to be a real success. Unfortunately we could only attend the last 2 days as we were already committed to a 5 day school camp.

Our junior member participated in the activities and enjoyed himself. To see some of the action that went on over the 2 days that we attended take a look at the video below. Our senior SG member wasn’t actually participating however rode along in order to record the video:

Video recorded in High Definition 1080p with Sony action cam HDR-AS15. Still shots taken with Nikon D70s

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Helyett Bicycles

We came across an interesting article today about the Helyett company. Founded in France in 1919, by two Picard brothers, the company manufactured cycle parts including complete bikes right up until 1966. The reason for the interest here at Shifting Gears is that the following ‘1963 Helyett Speciale’ is almost identical, colour included, of that used by both Benito and Victor Alcidi back in the early 60’s. The only difference being that both the Alcidi boys had the gear shifters on the end of the handlebar drops instead of the down tube. The entire group set they used was Campagnolo record gruppo whereas the information on photo below (click here) indicates the bike has a combination of Simplex Prestige, Huret and Mafac group set.


In its time the Helyett was a gorgeous bike, magnificently crafted and used by many professional cyclists until the company was eventually sold to Gitane in 1966. Infact Jacques Anquetil (of which both the Alcidi boys raced against) used a Helyett in his 1957 Tour de France win. In 1962 one of its two manufacturing factories was sold to Griffon bicycles and in 1966 Helyett was merged with Gitane and the bicycles rebranded as Gitanes. Some even had the Gitane logo on the fork crown.

We were so pleased to find this web site about the Helyette because unfortunately there isn’t much information about the company on the internet. It provides us with insight of the bicycle used by both Benito and Victor during their cycling career. It is also wonderful to see a colour photo of the exact colour used by both Alcidi boys.

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