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The State Emergency Service (SES) is a voluntary organisation, established under an Act of Parliament, based at the community level and sponsored by Local Government and the Outback Areas Community Development Trust. SES Units respond to 'day to day' type incidents such as, vehicle accidents (country areas), searches, cliff rescues, flood and storm damage situations and any other incidents at which their assistance may be required.

The SES offers an opportunity for community involvement, the development of skills, the development of character and leadership qualities and meeting people with common interests.

The service is part of a National network and exists in every State and Territory of Australia. The Enfield SES Unit covers the northern area of the Port Adelaide Enfield council.

S.E.S. Needs Your Help

One of the hardest tasks that we in S.E.S. have to do is to raise funds required for equipment replacement and maintenance.

The State Government assists us with a budget for general running expenses but can only do so much. We always need extra funds for the replacement of worn or obsolete equipment used by the various sections of the Unit.

For example:
  Operations:  require updated maps, status boards, electronic equipment.
Rescue:  the main arm of the unit has the most equipment to be serviced, ie. ladders, ropes, stretchers, lighting, wet weather gear, pumps etc.

Without the support of the other sections, like the Communications, Welfare, Reconnaissance and Administration, the Rescue section could not function adequately, and those sections also need to keep their equipment updated.

Funds raised are not only used for replacement of equipment. When members are out on the job the vehicles used to convey them and their "tools of trade" must have maintenance, and the volunteer crew members need to be fed and have hot drinks, to do all this finance is required.


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